Martin seeing that Father Juan is about destroying his plan of revenge, he intentionally goes for secret confession to tell him that, he married the woman who caused the death of his brother so that he can take revenge on her. father Juan then asks him if truly he is sure that veronica is the woman who actually tormented Demetrio and martin answers him that she is, because no matter how he tries to resist her he can’t and always go crazy about her every minute and he thinks that, that is exactly what also happened to Demetrio that led him to kill himself. Also she owns the V necklace Demetrio left behind but father Juan challenge him that there can be a different person with that same name and martin concludes that after visiting the house of the Prado Castelo’s, he can actually confirm that, veronica is the woman he’s been looking for all these while. So father Juan advises him to allow heaven take its course if he claims that veronica has committed that great and supposed sin and allow himself to find peace in his heart but no matter what martin still insists on taking his revenge to make her suffer because he can’t forgive her.
Dr. Fernandez confronts Virginia to tell him that she doesn’t believe in love as she’s been telling him always because her auntie called him to ask if she is not in any bad condition to marry Emiliano and to have children with him. virginia tries to make him stop screaming but Fernandez will not listen and says to her that, if she tries making a fool out him, he is going to disclose the truth to her parents that she got healed at 16years after been operated on but only made them believe that she still carry the sickness just because she slept with him and now that he’s fallen in love with her there’s no way he will allow her to leave him even if it causes him to lose his job. Virginia then cunningly offers herself to Fernandez in the dark right that minute under a tree in their ranch and tells him not to be afraid because she is only going to get married to Emiliano for his money then after she will break up with him to be with him (Fernandez).
Ana Perla continues to shed tears over Pablo for hurting her deeply by telling her that he has a girlfriend and in that same vein Pablo also sits in his hotel room thinking about Ana Perla and stating that she is the one true love of his life and therefore should forgive him.
Father Juan gets so much affected that there is no way he can be able to tell veronica about anything concerning martins revenge again since he has shut his mouth with his secret of confession but he still prayed that God will give him the strength to protect God’s children.
No matter how hard veronica tries to let martin make love to her it is to no avail since his revenge always strikes in his mind during the mood. Martin then runs out of the house to get himself drunk and Nanciyaga tries to take chances to be with him telling him that, she is going to make him feel well, love him better than anyone and she is not bad and ambitious like the white woman (veronica) but martin quickly realizes and then comes out of his senses and then left to his room and seeing veronica lying on the bed, he begins to shed tears asking himself why must it be her the only woman he’s fallen in love with.
Early the next morning, martin leaves the house and veronica goes after him with two swords and she offers one to martin and confronts him to make them settle their difference with the sword for martin to disclose to her why he hates her so bad as to the extent of failing to make love to her. Martin tells her that if she still doesn’t know why he married her then she is a fool. Veronica insists that he tells her something about the wrongs she’s committed but martin will not spill the beans out of his mouth and only tells veronica that he is never going to allow her to ruin his life.
Magdalena goes to look for veronica but she met her absence so she leaves a message behind to Nanciyaga to deliver to her that she is leaving the capital to look for her daughter. After Magdalene left, Nanciyaga says to herself in an angry mood that she is not the messenger of the white woman.
Pablo tries every means to make Ana Perla to see reasons to give him the opportunity to explain things to her but no matter what; she will not listen to him and asks him to leave her alone. Blanca seeing how hurt Ana Perla looks, she also asks Pablo to leave her cousin and also leave Mina Escondida for good because he’s hurt her enough for not telling her the truth about his relationship before letting her fall in love with him.
Mariana finds it so difficult to concentrate on anything she does all because she misses pablo and it makes her to cry always so her mum assures her that the best thing is for them to go after pablo at mina Escondida to check on him since it’s been a long time they heard from him to make her daughter happy.
Veronica arrives home and Nanciyaga delivers Magdalene’s message to her and within a minute martin also enters and veronica enquires from him why he never told her that, Magdalene will be leaving to the city and martin asks her on why he has to let her know. Veronica then tells him that it is because she needed to give her letter to be given to her uncle. Martin then furiously tells her that if she thinks she can’t stand the hardship she is going through after marrying him and that is why she wants to write her uncle to inform him about it, then she can chose to go with Botel and his wife Magdalene to the city.
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