The Unknown season 5 episode 13


The officers set out as quick as they could. Craig and Doris with some officers were in a vehicle while some other officers are in another vehicle. They already divided themselves, ensuring that there’d be an uninterruptible communication between them all.
Craig and Doris headed to the company so that they would be able to arrest the three men once the Chief Engineer was saved at the other end.
The journey continued, all ready to face whatever it was.
** ** **
The Chief Engineer was successfully gotten by the officers and were already on their way back to the station when they called Doris and informed her. The assassins haven’t gotten to execute their plans before the man was saved.
Doris and Craig jumped down from the vehicle with some officers that stood outside the company. The gate keeper opened the gate as he sighted them and they stormed inside. They got their secretaries to lead the way each and went on to get them.
Successfully, they got the three men and off they went, to the station.
** ** **
The Queen walked inside the station. She went to the reception and demanded to see Harry. One of the officers on duty just lead the way and took her to where Harry was.
She was glad at least she could see him. “Harry, what’s going on?” She questioned as she saw him.
Harry looked around and saw that the officer already left and there were no guards around. “You have to save the Prince as soon as possible. He should be the first to save before coming back for me.” He said.
“I don’t know where he is, Harry.”
Just then, Craig and Doris arrived back to the station. Harry could hear the noise of the vehicle as if some people just returned from somewhere. “It seems those officers in charge of my case went out and are now back. Please, just make sure you give him the money so he can escape. He’s at a house of mine that is at Marex Estate.”
“You have another house in Marex Estate?” Katherine was shocked.
“That doesn’t matter now. It’s the forth house on the street, painted green. When you get there, you’ll even know the house because it’s the only one painted green around there. Edward is there with his friend. Give them the money for them to be able to escape.” He explained.
“Okay, I’ll do that now.” Just as she was saying that, Craig arrived.
“The Queen? Good day, your highness.” He smiled.
“Good day, officer. How are you?” She gave a fake smile.
“Good.” Craig squinted his eyes. It seems his brain just reflected what he heard before. Okay, I’ll do that now.. He remembered.
“Let me get going, Harry. Later.” She said as she turned around to leave. “Bye officer.” She grinned.
“Yes, your highness.” He bowed as she left.
Craig stared at Harry for a while. Immediately he got inside the station, he just saw his Boss and hurriedly left Harry’s cell. He didn’t even notice the Queen’s car outside.
The Queen too should know where the Prince is, at least, she’s a mother. Who knows if that’s what she came to ask? It’s better for me to follow her than to start asking Harry. What if he doesn’t talk and these guys escape? He kept muttering to himself.
He just glimpsed at Harry and turned back quickly, to follow the Queen. As he got outside, he saw Dr. Don, Engineer Davies and James there, already detained. He saw Doris speaking with the Boss and just tapped her. “I’ll be back now, I think something is happening.” He said.
“What is happening? Where are you off to?” Doris asked.
“I think the Queen knows something and she just came in to see Harry now. I want to follow her.” He replied her.
“Do you think it is right for you to leave alone?” The Boss looked at him with grimace. “Doris, follow him.”
“Okay, Sir.” The two dashed away quickly.
The Boss just stood at the same spot, he never knew the Queen even came there. He walked on to see the men that were just brought in and see Harry too.
** ** **
Craig and Doris started following the Queen from afar. Craig gave a reasonable space so that he would not be noticed at all. He had just been discussing with Doris as they were going, hoping the Queen was going to where the Prince was.
The journey continues until they got to Marex Estate. Craig continued following until he saw that the vehicle halted at the front of a building. He quickly applied the brake so he wouldn’t be noticed. He parked his car carefully and watched with Doris.
The Queen alighted from the vehicle and looked around before she went to the gate and knocked. She kept on knocking but there was no response. Some minutes later, the gate was opened. It was Prince Edward.
Craig and Doris couldn’t see the person who opened the gate from where they were, they just noticed the Queen was happy and entered with a Brown envelope. “Do you think that is him?” Craig asked Doris.
“No one knows. What do we do now?”
Craig scratched his head. “We have to confirm first. Let me get down and just move around to know what’s happening.” He said.
“Okay.” He alighted and walked on to the other side of the road. He walked pass the building till he got to the next building facing Harry’s house. As he was walking, he was staring at the Queen’s car to confirm if the driver was not looking at him. Luckily, the guy was busy punching his mobile phone.
As soon as he saw him clearly, he hid behind the waste drum of the house and was looking directly at Harry’s house. The Queen’s vehicle just blocked his view a little, but he could still manage to see the pedestrian gate well.
Soon, it was opened and the Queen came out. There, he saw that it was Edward that shut the gate. The Queen entered her car and the driver drove off. He just rose up when he saw that the car had gone and the Prince already shut the gate. He hurried to his vehicle and told Doris to call the station and ask for more men immediately.
** ** **
to be continue