The Unknown Season 4 Episode 15 Final


Previously On The Unknown

Credit Temitope Daniel.

. “So, any news?” Doris asked.

Craig shook his head. “None, ma’am. Did you go back to check on Nicholas yesterday?”

There was a brief silence. “Not at all. I was just busy with Stella and her fiancé.” She replied

Craig sighed. “I just want our focus to be on this guy called Nicholas. We already have our evidences, what we have left to do is just to confirm.”

“That is quite true. But it is still very hard to belief, to me.” She distorted her mouth, staring at Craig.

“The truth would be exposed someday!”

** ** **

. “Good morning, Sir.” She bowed.

“Pretty lady. You can come in.” He said, So nice having you here. What can I do for you, actually?” He enquired.

“I came for some contract deals, Sir.” She stated.

Mr. James rested his back and swiveled his chair a bit. “That’s cool. Sorry, I am James, what’s your own name?”

“Eunice, Sir.” She replied almost immediately.

She stood up. “We’ll be expecting you, or any representative tomorrow, Sir.”

Stella chuckled. She just dropped her mobile phone on his table as she saw that he wasn’t looking at her and they both walked out.

** ** **

As Stella got downstairs with Mr. James, she just shut her eyes and placed her right hand on her head as if she wanted to remember something. Mr. James was looking at her as she acted. “What has gone wrong?”

“I left my phone on your table. I hope the door is not locked?” She enquired.

“No reason to do that when I’m not going far.”

She smiled. “I’ll be right back, Sir.” She hurried on to the  office to start her work. As she entered the office, she locked up the door instantly and brought out her materials. She firstly inserted the media card she brought into his mobile phone and entered the code as she was told. When she was done, she made her way to various hidden places and placed the bugs.

“That can be done tomorrow, Sir. I still have few places to visit.”

“Ooh.. My phone is even in my office.” He smiled and waved at her. “We’ll see, then.”

She hurried out, thanking her lucky star!



Stella rushed to the vehicle to meet Nick as soon as she left the company. “Please, let’s hurry.” She told him.

Nick was filled with fear as he glanced at her. He kicked the engine and marched on the throttle instantly. “Are they after us?” He quickly asked.

“Who knows? I have done all I’m meant to, I don’t know if the man will know.” She told him.
Nick was confused. He just kept speeding up till he was sure all was actually well.

“Seriously, how did you go about it? Did you see Nancy?”

Stella rolled her eyes. “One question at a time, young man.” She smiled.

“As your lordship pleases.” He teased her, smiling back.

“It wasn’t funny, Nick. How on earth have you been risking all these? I almost got caught.”

“Wow! I’m so sorry. Anyways, hope the man won’t suspect?”

“Don’t mind me. It’s not that I almost got caught, but it was risky. I just let the man follow me outside till we reached his secretaries’ side, then I told him I left my phone in his office, or else!” She stopped abruptly and clapped her hands together.

“Thank God. Anyways, let’s just assume that one is gone. Get my ipad in the safe of the car and switch it on. Everything will be in place already.” He instructed her.

** ** **


“Are you not the Queen?” Larry looked at the back of the car and stared at the Queen again.

“You definitely are!” He nodded.

Margaret just bowed head a little and kept worrying. She didn’t even know what to say exactly. “Should I say I was the Queen or how should I put it?” She raised her head a little.

“Was?” Louisa and Larry echoed.

“I just got banished for a crime I didn’t commit. Someone had set me up and put the whole Kingdom into turmoil.” She explained.

“That is indeed serious! In the same palace? Did you let the King know you aren’t the one?”

“He knows. I couldn’t have taken the staff of authority that belongs to the King. That’s like taking eyes away from someone!”

“Staff?” They were shocked.

She gazed at them. “Have you been out of the Kingdom for long? That actually happened.”

“We have been out for a while. We never knew. What will happen now? Can we just take you off to our place?” Larry enquired.

“Please, I’ll be grateful. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

“This is serious! Let’s just go.” Larry kicked the engine and drove off.

** ** **

Osmond and Prince Edward had been working tirelessly to get The Unknown. They have set some guys around the hospital vicinity to be watching out for any guy who comes around frequently. The Prince had promised himself that he would definitely puff life out of who ever he caught as The Unknown.

He had also been visiting the hospital with Osmond frequently to watch out. He had been serious with the mindset of ending Nicholas life soon. He had gotten some ammunitions so the job could be easier for the guys. He just got to the hospital again with Osmond, and parked his vehicle some distance away.

“Prince, this method is really tasking. What if they aren’t even connected?” Osmond had asked.

“There’s no way they won’t be connected. I was the one who saw what happened back there, not you, Osmond. I have told you I won’t take a break until he’s caught. He’s just disturbing my life.”

Osmond chuckled. “ I pray it’d be easy this way, or is everyone that comes to the hospital the guys will be trailing now?”

“Sure, let them trail anyone. I don’t care. He has gotten to my nerves well enough.”


** ** **


Louisa and Larry ushered the Queen into the house. “Please, sit.” Larry stretched forth his hand.

“Thank you.” She sat down and removed the scarf on her head, looking round the house.

“Just feel free, Ma. I’ll go to the Kitchen to prepare food now.”

“I’m alright. I really don’t wish to eat anything.” She tried to stop her.

“No. You cannot stay here without eating now. You just have to eat. It is when you eat that you’ll have the strength.” Larry spoke.

“I’m just alright.” She replied him.

“No.” Louisa disagreed too and headed to the Kitchen to prepare the food.

** ** **

“Your highness, you cannot just sit down here without getting out of these thoughts. Life must go on.” One of the Chiefs told him.

“I should stop? Why should I stop? Why? At least you are now happy that the Queen’s gone!”

“No one is happy concerning that, your majesty. But, it just have to happen so that the Kingdom would be at peace.” Another remarked.

The King had looked at him with pain in his eyes, he hissed aloud. “Wasn’t she set up? She was implicated!”

“That has been written already and cannot be changed. We should be looking forward to changing things to come so that things that we cannot change won’t be a source of hindrance. Your Majesty, it is not a right thing for the seat of the Queen beside you to be empty for long.”

The King flashed his anger toward the Chief that just spoke. He rose from the throne and looked at them all, walking away in anger.

“You all must be crazy!”

** ** **

Nicholas and Stella sat close to each other at Stella’s place. Nick had set up the devices needed for them to listen to whatever was going on around Mr. James now. The two had headphones around their heads as they listened together to some conversations between him and his guards.

“I had no problem since you left, I told you The Unknown won’t dare come over to this place! He knows his limit!” He laughed.

Nicholas chuckled. “Foolish man.”

“A lady came here and I’m looking forward to seeing her again. The painful aspect is that she never dropped her mobile number for me to call.”

“Didn’t you ask her?” One of them asked him.

“Sure, I did. Why won’t I? Unfortunately, she couldn’t drop it because of a mix-up.” He laughed.

“So, no other person came around, is that?”

“Sure. So, there’s no problem.”

Then, the silence continued. Nicholas removed the headphone and looked at Stella. “That was a really cool job, Madam.”

“I’m blushing.” She waved her hand and chortled.

Nick shrugged. “You need it. Who knows if I would have been caught if I were to be the one who went there to do the job? I really appreciate you and Doris, Stella.”

“You don’t need this, Nick. We are friends, aren’t we?”

He rushed to his feet and pulled his trouser a bit. “I should be on my way now.”

“Why?” Stella looked surprised.

“Doris would soon be home and I can’t tell if Craig will follow her. You know I have been avoiding him.”

“Alright. Just keep me updated.”

“I’ll call you, dear.” He picked up his ipad and hurried out.

As he entered into his car, he looked sideways before speeding off. Straight to the hospital.

** ** **

Nick parked his vehicle. He was short in what to do when Henry wasn’t beside him at that moment. If I enter into the hospital now, what will I gain? Nothing! I should have branched at home to pick Henry and come right here.

He looked at the parked cars and swallowed. “Man, I just have to check the Doctor and ask him how she’s fairing.” He muttered and came down from the car.

As he came down and looked forward, he saw the Prince’s car also parked. “Damn! What’s this guy looking for! What!” He stood still and continued watching.

Suddenly, he saw a guy with Anthony outside as the two were walking hand-in-hand to the Prince’s car. To his surprise, the door was jammed and Anthony was taken away while the guy stood back and entered into one of the vehicles parked.

“What is happening?” He rushed back into his car and another adventure began.

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