Just For Laughs – Dear .MK


Dear .MK

  Hello my love, Hmm, I’m dying dead for your lovely face. Yesterday in the night after you finishing the atopa pɛ , and my heart become fooomm.
I want to asking you this question?

  Please don’t do it with another woman, it is for me alone because if you do it with another woman pɛ , that day is funeral Obituary or Kote dum dum for you, choose one you like. The late .MK is gone too soon or What a shock for you.

When your Penis is entering me pɛ then I become titiritiii, and I am feeling like frying like a bird but when you urinate pɛ my body become yiiii so I want you to do it with me again.

Ahaaa my Mother is travel and my Father is travel so I am waiting. This Friday, Saturday, Sunday is for you. Good bye.

Your Serious Girlfriend,
Christina Darkoah Frimpong
(Your Toffee).

Mr Pobs