The Unknown Season 4 Episode 11


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Credit Temitope Daniel.

“Nick.” She called again, scratching her head.

“Doris, why did you follow me? Were you the one at the door the other time?” Nicholas asked.

Doris chuckled. “You know yourself, don’t you? As a matter of fact, you know I was there with Craig, that’s why you deliberately locked up the door and kept quiet as if no one was at home. Nick, just answer my question and let’s know the reality.”

“Nick, trust me. You should trust me Nick. I’m not a type who will go and betray you into the hands of Craig, I am willing to help at this point because I know you have been doing the right and not the wrong. You have been kicking out evil people from their hideout, things we officers couldn’t even do! Remember we are already one, just tell me..”

“Doris, I am The Unknown.”

“What!” Doris froze.

** *

“Sir, we came concerning the lady that was shot and is in need of blood.  I don’t know if you have found a match for her blood but we are here to donate blood, Sir.”

“How did you know your bloods are compatible?

“I know her blood group and I am a universal donor.

“Alright. Your name is..?”

“I’m.. Just write anonymous, Sir. I don’t want to let her know I did this, Sir.”

“You have to tell me your real name, I am just the one who won’t tell anyone about it if you’d like to remain anonymous.”

Nicholas smiled and nodded. “I’m Nicholas.”

“Good.” The Doctor said. “Let’s go to the lab.” He added as he stood up.

** **

“Sister, I want to tell you a very crucial thing that I really need your support over it, I need you to first promise me you wouldn’t tell anyone about the issue on ground.” She said.

“What’s so delicate that you need me to promise for? Anyways, I promise, dear.” They both sat down.

Doris stood up and smiled. She took some steps forward and looked at her sister again. “Sis, it is Nicholas.” She finally said.

“He’s revealing the faces of those who murdered our parents. I feel he’s been doing the right thing, he’s been revealing the truth about these people everyone respected. If not for him, these men would still have been on their various high seats, doing bad.”

“Doris… We truly have to help him. But, I am just scared.”

“No need to be scared, no need.” Doris encouraged her.



“We found a donor already!” The Doctor said to the anxious Victoria as he stepped into the ward.

Victoria whisked to her feet as soon as she heard that. “Donor?” She questioned again as she felt she never heard what the Doctor said earlier.

“Sure. Please you have to leave for the reception so we can proceed as soon as possible.” He nodded as he spoke to her.

Victoria was still surprised. She kept staring at the Doctor until she was forced to ask the question that had been on her mind. “Please, Sir. May I know the donor?”

“Huh?” The Doctor gazed at her. “Em.. you can’t know him.” He replied almost immediately.

Vickie giggled. “He? A guy? Please, Sir, I just want to know who he is, that’s all.”

“Does it matter to know the donor? What should be your priority now is saving your friend, is that not?”

“It is, I’m just being worried concerning the blood too.You’ll tell me later, Sir. Won’t you?”

The Doctor faked a smile. “Sure.” He was already tired of her continuous questions, he needed her to go so he could think on the next lie he would tell her. Why did the young guy even say I shouldn’t disclose his identity? He wondered as he moved closer to Vivian and watched Vickie and Anthony leave the ward.

** ** **

Nicholas walked into the house immediately he parked his vehicle. He had spoken with Doris for a moment before telling her he would come and see her when he returned from the hospital so they could talk very well.

He had told her who he was and part of his reasons for being The Unknown. He wished she wouldn’t go ahead and betray him at the end by exposing him to Craig. He still hoped all was fine as he knocked at their gate and waited for a response.

Soon, Doris walked out and got the gate. He didn’t know if he should smile or just frown his face, being moderate will be good, he said within himself as he walked on.

“Wait.” Doris said as she was locking up the gate. She caught up with him and smiled. “Why didn’t you wait for me to lock the door? You do wait before.” Doris said to him.

He just smiled. He had been trying to be deadpan but Doris wouldn’t! “Doris, I hope Stella is not around?” He enquired.

Doris kept mute for a while. “She’s in.” She replied.

“Oooh.. How do we discuss what I am here for, then?” He asked, wondering on what to do.

“I am sorry, but I already told her.” Doris said.

“What?” Nicholas was shocked. His eyes were wide open with surprise as Doris said the words. “You… al..alrea…” He began to stammer.

“I told her so that the two of us can team up with you and your friend and help you overcome these evil people. We cannot talk so much here, walls have ears, Nick. Let’s go inside.” Doris pulled him.

Nicholas was still in shock.

** ** **

“Did you see anyone around, Anthony?” Vickie asked Anthony.

“Do you mean the donor?” Anthony enquired.

Vickie nodded in response to his question.

“No.” Anthony replied her.

Vickie sighed. She took her seat and placed Anthony beside her. “All will be fine, alright?”

“Sure.” Anthony grinned.

** ** **


Harry had been making his moves up and down to get the staff of authority and keep it in Margaret’s belongings so as to implicate her. He had sought for the assistance of some guards in the palace by paying them off to get the staff for him and standing to implicate her when the time came.

It was his day already. He had already planned all he wished and was in the palace, drinking his wine when he heard noise from inside. He wondered what had gone wrong and thought it might be that what he wished had clicked already. He just smiled and continued drinking until the King came around, shouting.

“Harry, do you have the staff with you?”

“Staff?” He sprung to his feet and acted as if he was so shocked at the question. “Staff of authority?” He asked again.

“Which other staff is in the palace? Which other one? Where is it?” He accused him.

Harry chuckled. “How come you are facing me? How will I steal the staff when I am not the King? What do I want to use it for? Your Highness, I am with no staff.” He stated and sat down as he continued drinking.

“So all you are not with it, right? You all know the implications, don’t you? Guards!” He exclaimed.

“Your Highness,” they echoed as many guards came out of their various points.

“I won’t spare anyone because I have already asked everyone. I swear by the throne of this Kingdom, anyone found with the staff will be banished from this Kingdom. I don’t want to know who he or she is! Get all the belongings in each room outside and start searching.” He commanded.

They all went into various rooms and the work began.

** ** **

“Have your seat, Nick.” Doris said as she finally pulled Nicholas inside the house.

Nicholas was quiet, still looking around the living room, wondering if he had not been set up.

“Nicholas, you have to trust us, we have been friends for how long? We can’t get you into trouble!” He heard from behind and turned around. It was Stella.

Nicholas smiled and sat down. “I never knew this would happen, honestly.”

“Now that is happening, what do we do? There’s much to talk about, The Unknown.” Stella winked at him.

Nicholas grinned. “Stella, please don’t put me into trouble.”

“No trouble anywhere, boy. At least an officer is here with us.” She laughed.

“So, what’s up? How was the blood donation?” Doris asked as she took her seat beside Nicholas.

Nicholas nodded. “It went fine.” He replied. He had already told her that Vivian was the one he had always talked about, he had just been pretending for long.

“So, was it anonymous as you told me?” Doris enquired.

“Sure.” He replied.

Stella adjusted herself on the seat and cleared her throat to gain attention. “So, let’s go into the real discussion. Nick, why have you been hiding things from us for long?”

Nicholas chuckled. “I just haven’t been able to predict how I would like before you guys if I told you. By the way… just forget.” He waved his hand.

“What is that thing you wish to say? You better complete your sentence.” Stella said.

Nick laughed. “See, ladies. There’s nothing much to discuss. At least you now know who I am, don’t you?”

“In what way can we now help you?” Stella enquired.

“Stella!” Nick exclaimed, laughing. “I wish to start Mr. James’ case tomorrow and I don’t even know how I’d go about it. But, I don’t wish to involve you ladies, it is a very risky and dangerous game. A game of life and death.” He said.

“Cast all cares upon him, ‘cause he cares for you. Have you forgotten? Nick, I can help you concerning that Idiot you wish to finish tomorrow. That is if you’ll involve me… you don’t even have a choice.”

Nick laughed again.

“As a matter of fact, I am on two weeks leave presently and I think this is the best way you can use to finish them. If you want to finish a powerful man, you either use money or a lady.” Stella said.

“Hmmn…” Nicholas sighed. “So?”

“I have a plan.” Stella drifted forward. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

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