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Your favorite series THE UNKNOWN season 4 will resume on this coming Monday on, I know how you guys can’t wait so am giving you just a lil bit of it to whet your appetite

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    “I feel a bad omen, Henry.” Nicholas’ car screeched to halt as he reached Vivian’s place. His car was at the other side of the road as he stared at the gate and saw Vickie with Anthony crying as they discussed with some men who were possibly officers.

    “What’s that, Nick?”

    Nicholas couldn’t answer. His eyes was fixed on those who were discussing as he listened attentively if he could hear them properly.

“Just get down and enquire what’s happening, Henry. Be quick!” He shouted as Henry came down and rushed to the other side of the road to enquire about what was happening.

    “My mum was taken away by some people.” Anthony said to him with tears on his face.

    “She was taken away?” He asked again.

    “Yes.” Anthony wiped his face and gripped Henry’s shirt. “Please help me tell The Unknown to save my mum, please.” He cried more.

    Henry felt his pain and dropped a tear too. “I don’t. .. I … later, Anthony.” He just waved and rushed to the vehicle.

    “Vivian has been taken away.” He said to Nicholas.

    “Vivian? Taken away? That Prince is a bastard!” He marched on the accelerator almost instantaneously.

** ** **

Craig, I think I have something to tell you.” She said.

    Craig who was still angry because Prince Edward had been released tilted his head as he contorted his mouth, ready to listen to her ‘somthing‘.

    “Are you there?” She asked when she heard no response.

    Craig cleared his throat. “I’m all ears, Nancy.” He replied.

    “So, why did you keep mute before? It’s about The Unknown and if you aren’t ready to listen to me, you can let me…”

    Craig squinted his eyes as he heard The Unknown. “What about him?” He interrupted her instantly.

    “Nicholas is The Unknown.” She let out without blinking.

    Craig sprung to his feet. “Could you please recapitulate?”


I’m sorry for intruding but I have something to say about the mark you just said..” The nurse said, moving closer.

    “What?” Vickie quickly asked.

    “Is this boy not the one you called Anthony?” She asked.

    “I’m Anthony.” Anthony himself replied.

    “You said he has the mark, right?” She asked again.

    “Sure.” Victoria replied.

    “Can I have a look?” She asked.

    Anthony pulled up his cloth to show her the birthmark near his navel. “This mark?” She squinted her face instantly.

    “You know anything?” Vivian asked.

    “In history, this is the mark on every product of the royal family.” She replied.

    Royal family? Vivian and Vickie echoed.


Doris pushed the door and walked out. “Hmmn.. interesting! Don’t tell me you want me to take you to Nick’s place. “ She raised her brows.

    Craig gave a faint smile. “Exactly, Doris.”

    Doris giggled as she tilted her head. “Seriously? What’s up with this Nicholas? Have you found anything against him?” She questioned.

    Craig chuckled softly. “Honestly, I just want to know his place. Though, he is on the suspect list for at least using the deodorant in question.” He replied.

    Nicholas is not a person that can do that kind of thing! I know him well! “Alright, Craig. Let’s get going.” She smiled.

    “Thanks.” Craig smiled.


There was a flat-out silence again for a while until Doris cleared her throat. “Nick, trust me. You should trust me Nick. I’m not a type who will go and betray you into the hands of Craig, I am willing to help at this point because I know you have been doing the right and not the wrong. You have been kicking out evil people from their hideout, things we officers couldn’t even do! Remember we are already one, just tell me..”

   “Doris, I am The Unknown.”

    “What!” Doris froze.


Sister, I want to tell you a very crucial thing that I really need your support over. I need you to first promise me you wouldn’t tell anyone about the issue on any ground.” She said.

    “What’s so delicate that you need me to promise for? Anyways, I promise, dear.” They both sat down.

    “I finally found The Unknown.” She said.

    “What?” Stella rushed up to her feet. “Are you being serious here?”

    “I can’t be joking with this kind of thing, Sister. I can’t.” She swooshed out a long breath.

    “Nice you found him. But is he someone you know?” She quickly asked.

    Doris stood up and smiled. She took some steps forward and looked at her sister again.

“Sis, it is Nicholas.” She finally said.


The Doctor chortled. “How did you know your bloods are compatible? Young men, there’s what we call agglutination in medicine, to prevent the clumping of blood that can cause her death; I think we have to carry out test on you.” He replied Nicholas.

    Nicholas smiled. “I know her blood group and I am a universal donor. You can carry out your tests, but I just want to let you know I also know her and she knows me.” He said.

    “Alright. Your name is..?” The Doc adjusted his eye glasses as he asked.

    Nicholas first looked at Henry before he spoke. “I’m.. Just write anonymous, Sir. I don’t want to let her know I did this, Sir.”

    “You have to tell me your real name, I am just the one who won’t tell anyone about it if you’d like to remain anonymous.”

    Nicholas smiled and nodded. “I’m Nicholas.”

    “Good.” The Doctor said. “Let’s go to the lab.” He added as he stood up.

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