MIND TUMOR(episode 6)



Diagnosis: Mind Tumor [Episode 6]
Presciption: MindSurgery


dALE: Excuse me, please whose Facebook profile is that?
lADY: My boyfriend.
dALE: And why are you going through his friend list?
lADY: None of your business.
dALE: Hmmm…  #ISeeMyFace.
She feels a sense of competition so she is studying her guy’s female friends to update herself.

Two years ago, I met another lady who attended the same program I was a speaker at. Then, she was in her 3rd year in the university and I really appreciated her personality and sense of identity. A year on, I had to renew my MIND when I met her again in the office she did her National Service, and was indecently dressed.

I called her after my appointment and told her I know she is under pressure to CONFORM and COMPETE for extra favor from bosses and deep within her she feels empty. She wept right before me and said ”you are right Dale, if you don’t show class nobody calls you here”.

My dear ladies, I know there are a lot more avenues of example I can give – from watching hairstyle and dressing in church to watching which baby looks healthy at the maternal care unit. There is an extreme drive to compete and show CLASS just as the lady said.

Just as some men competitively bet to get women into bed, some ladies also competively in a very isolated manner bet within themselves to get a particular man for further entrepreneurial ventures. I have come to know that, most ladies walk with a BUSINESS PROPOSAL MINDSET on how to attract men investors and so calls for extreme competition even amongst friends.

My pretty lady reading this, WHO TRULY ARE YOU? What brand have you created for yourself when your mouth is zipped? Who are you in COMPETITION with so much so that you are growing this MIND TUMOR of IDENTITY CRISIS? Think about it.

Don’t miss the next episode, we will talk about another type of MIND TUMOR called EMOTIONS. Keep broadcasting and love you.

The MindSurgeon