The Unknown Season 3 Episode 8


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel

“You said Vivian, right?” Doris looked into Frank’s eyes.

Frank laughed. “What is it? Her name is Vivian. Let her see me and deny it before me!”

“Why did the lady lie to us? Why?”

“How would I know? I think we just have to invite her son and herself here for questioning.” She said.

I’m just not sure if she has a son already, I really don’t know.” He pulled in his lips.

Osmond thought for a while. “Did you see her with a baby?”

“No. She was with a small boy.” He replied.

“Nancy.” He called as he pulled over.

“It wasn’t funny, Nicholas. You just tried to play me, didn’t you? Anyways, you have succeeded.”

. “I’m presently in the hospital, Nancy.”

“Ooh… Nick, what’s the problem?”

“Ooh no, love. I’m really sorry, I never knew.”

. “Don’t worry hon, I’ll make it up to you.” He said.

“I just want you to kill any man you don’t even recognize, don’t spare anyone!” Engineer said to the guys in the car.

“He won’t, Engineer. He won’t dare to come into your house too.”

“Just remember my daughter and her friend also live in the house, study their faces well during your stay there and don’t do anything bad to them.” He warned them.

“Where’s that guy! Open that place for me.” He said to one of the guys

“Some people came here and locked me inside the house, Sir.” He explained to Ashley.

Ashley hissed. “Guys, let’s go inside.” He said.

“I think another person also came some minutes ago and entered into the house after locking the gate.”

Ashley’s eyes jacked up. The first thought that came to his mind was The Unknown?

“Is it through you aren’t Priscilla, madam?” Craig asked.

“I’m Priscilla and I changed my name after I left Mr Frank’s company. By the way, you heard ‘Mrs’, that means I’m married.” She replied.

“Mrs Priscilla, it’s rare for one to change one’s name just like that. From Vivian to Priscilla, is that right?”

“Priscilla is also one of my names, what if I decide to start bearing the name instead of Vivian?

“When did you change your name to Vivian?” Doris asked.

“When I applied for the post in his company.” She replied.

Craig chuckled. “Please, if I may ask, where’s your husband presently?”

“He died in a car accident,

He stepped on the pavement by the flower bed in the compound and hooked on to the fence as he jumped over. He packed Henry’s things and prayed there would be no dog in that house.

He rushed to the gate and opened it after he had removed his mask and fast-tracked to his car, speeding off.

It was a big relief.



Nicholas came down from the car with Henry’s bags. He walked inside the house swiftly with smiles on his face. “I’m back.” He said, making himself known as he opened the door to the room and grinned.

“Nick, how was it?”

Nicholas thudded down the chair. “We just have to get it done. It was perfect.” He grinned.

Henry gave a breath of relief. “I have been wondering and praying for your safety as well.”

He chuckled. “Engineer Ashley came back home as I was set to leave the house. Anyways, I jumped into Frank’s house.” He laughed.

“Frank? Who’s he?” Henry narrowed his eyes.

“The one that wanted to kill the boy.”

“That’s nice, Nick.”

“So, have you eaten? We have to get foodstuffs tomorrow. By the way, I have to prepare another stew.”

Henry laughed. “I got a call, Nicholas.”

Nicholas looked at him quickly. “The Prince is celebrating, so we have been called to perform.”

“Prince? He celebrated his birthday weeks back, Henry.”

“It’s not birthday, it’s just a get together party.”

“Get together? That’s why he needs us to perform? Anyways, it’s our money that matters.”

Henry laughed.

“I’ve got to start listening from my iPad, the planted bug.” He got his iPad and headphones quickly.

** ** **

“So, what is the problem of the lady, ?” Edward asked Osmond.

He chuckled. “The  lady will not give in because of Beatrice.”

Prince Edward looked down and thought on what his friend had said for a while. “Osmond, it doesn’t matter. The fact is that I want to take her home and will get married to her as soon as possible. That’s the exact reason I’m throwing party this weekend.”

“Wait, Edward. So, this party is not because you just want to get we your friends entertained but because of Vivian?”

Edward laughed. “I have to start showing her what true love is. I need to let her know how much I care for her.”

“The lady you met today, not sure if she has a child already, never dialogue with her, Prince!”

Edward laughed.

** ** **

“What’s all the romance you two were playing when the two of you ought to be working severely?” The head Doctor questioned Stella and Ramsey.

“She was only congratulating me, Doctor. Today is my birthday, Sir.” He grinned.

“And what’s my own business? That’s why you brought out a ring, right?”

“Ring?” Edward looked away, acting as if he was surprise at what the Doctor was talking about.

“Anyways, Stella, I have always known you for your laziness and promiscuity, you will never change, never!”

“I beg of your pardon, Sir. It was Ramsey that came to my office, by the way, whatever thing we were doing is none of your business, Sir. You have been treating a guy with migraine for weeks now, we haven’t heard that you’ve succeeded concerning him. If I lay my hands on an operation, I do make it

Sir. I don’t know what exactly I have done to you to deserve this hatred. Anyways, I have nothing more to say. Ramsey, let’s go.” She said and pulled his hand as they stormed out.

“She just called me a failure.” The head Doctor muttered.

** ** **

“Dad, what on earth are you searching for?” Beatrice asked Ashley.

“Daughter, you can’t just understand. By the way, the fool you told to prepare you a dish ran away.” He informed.

“There’s nobody, Engineer.” One of the guys came back to inform.

“And you’re so sure?” He asked again.

The guys nodded. “No one, Sir.”

“Dad, why did Mike run away?” Beatrice asked.

“How would I know? I just thought someone was in the compound, that’s why we have been running an ultimate search.”

Beatrice looked at Lizzy. “Alright, Dad.”

** ** **

Vivian locked up the door and walked inside with Anthony. She plopped down the sofa and dropped her handbag. “These officers won’t kill one.”

“Mum, why did you lie there?” Anthony questioned.

Vivian looked at him briefly. “What have I lied about, Anthony?” She enquired.

“The issue of Priscilla, Mum. Do you bear that name?”

“You ask too much questions, Anthony. I had to say most of all I said just to get us out their bondage. They were smart but we were smarter.

“Anyways, it’s nice we helped The Unknown. I’m happy he wouldn’t be caught through us.” He said.

Vivian casted a gaze on him again and just shook her head. She couldn’t tell exactly how he began to speak like an adult suddenly. The memory of how she laid on the bed flashed back to her memory. She was on the mattress on the 26th of December that day, wondering If she would die or would live to take care of her soon-to-be born child.

She had beckoned on her friend, Vickie. Who could tell if she wouldn’t just go through a Cesarean Section or normal delivery. She had gone through a lot during Anthony’s labour, perhaps because of her father- The Pastor was a no nonsense man who had thrown her out. It was a great mistake made by herself and Nicholas, but she never regretted it because it was on the platform of love.

By the way, she still had a strong believe that she would see Nicholas again and her happiness would return fully. A great surprise it was to her, she never knew she wouldn’t go through the Cesarean Section that midnight until she gave birth to this handsome boy.

She let out a long breath after remembering all that had happened and her lips curved into a smile. She still had that strong believe that she would see Nick again, not as a married man, but as a man still waiting for her after ten years.


Ashley stormed into his room and sat down by the edge of his mattress. Why’s everything turning out this way? Who’s this called The Unknown? Who! He kept saying as he sprawled on the mattress gently.

He suddenly sat up again and looked around. Was he here? He questioned himself thoughtfully. No he wouldn’t! He shook his head at once as his eyes darted round the room again and he laid down.

He picked up his phone and dialed Benny’s number. Benny was his closest friend whom they run the company together with the other men. “I have the feeling that The Unknown is trailing me, Benny.” He said.

“Why would he? By the way, what’s wrong with the fool that thinks he’s got a power to send people to jail? He calls himself The Unknown whereas he doesn’t know he’s a soon-to-be-known guy.”

“I just don’t know why he’s been following me around, Benny. Though I’m not sure, but I have that feeling.” He replied.

“You left the company earlier than thought, why?”

“It’s because of this evil guy, Benny. I have been trying to figure him out of his hideout, Benny.”

“Don’t worry, Ashley. Come back to office because we’ve got to discuss about this.”

“Okay.” Ashley hung up as he stood up and his phone buzzed almost immediately. He picked up the call from the company he had sent the designs too. “Not complete? Tell Frank to come and meet me by 4pm, I’ll deliver every design left.” He said and stormed out of the room.

Nicholas chuckled as he dropped his iPad on the table before him. “Henry, this man’s not serious at all.” He began to laugh.

“Why, Nick?” He asked as he took his hand off his cuts gently.

“He wants to collaborate with one of their clique; Benny against me.” He chuckled again.

“What are you going to do to them now, Nick?”

Nicholas looked at Henry. “I’ve got plans for them. Now, not only Ashley would be jailed this time but I’ll use a stone to kill two birds.” He said and sprung up to his feet. “I’ve got to meet their schedule.” He said.

“What schedule? Should I go with you?” Henry asked.

Nicholas shook his head. “Rather than following me, I have a plan for you.” He said with a grin. “Get dressed in a nice outfit and let’s go.

“Where again!” Henry looked at him.

“You’ll know all of my plans when they start to unfold.”

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