The Unknown Season 3 Episode 9


Previously On The Unknown

“Nick, how was it?”

. “We just have to get it done. It was perfect.” He grinned.

“What’s all the romance you two were playing when the two of you ought to be working severely?”

“She was only congratulating me, Doc. Today is my birthday, Sir.

“Anyways, Stella, I have always known you for your laziness and promiscuity, you will never change, never!”

“I beg of your pardon, Sir. It was Ramsey that came to my office, by the way, whatever thing we were doing is none of your business

“Dad, what on earth are you searching for?” Beatrice asked Ashley.

“Daughter, you can’t just understand. By the way, the fool you told to prepare you a dish ran away.”

“Dad, why did Mike run away?” Beatrice asked.

“How would I know? I just thought someone was in the compound, that’s why we have been running an ultimate search.”

“Mum, why did you lie there?” Anthony questioned.

Vivian looked at him briefly. “What have I lied about, Anthony?” She enquired.

“The issue of Priscilla, Mum. Do you bear that name?”

“You ask too much questions, Anthony. I had to say most of all I said just to get us out their bondage. They were smart but we were smarter.

“Anyways, it’s nice we helped The Unknown. I’m happy he wouldn’t be caught through us.” He said.

“I think this meeting should not be limited to us alone, Ashley.” Benny said.

Ashley cleared his throat. “Why should we call the remaining three? I think we should get something finalized between us first. The question is- how do we bring The Unknown down?.

“Or.. I don’t even know, Benny! But, if we get the guy that ran away from my place, we will get The Unknown.”

“Which guy?” Benny asked.



Nicholas’ car halted some distance from the company. He looked at his wrist watch to check what time it was and raised his head again as he saw Ashley’s car drive into the company.

He swallowed as he waited for some minutes. He made sure that he saw Nancy step out of the company before he made his way in. He had planned with Henry to get her out of the building around that time because he wanted to pull some stunts first

He had called her on his way to the company that he would leave the hospital he had lied about because he wanted to see her. He had asked her to join him at the eatery she had gone earlier while he asked Henry to go on to the eatery to keep her company till he would return.

He prayed his stunts wouldn’t unlucky this time. He walked on to the company immediately Nancy took a taxi and he smiled in. He walked into the Secretaries’ office and smiled. “I have an appointment with Engineer Ashley.” He said.

“Go in.” One of them said to him. At least he had come earlier and they knew him. “Thanks.” He waved as he rushed upstairs and knocked on Ashley’s door severally but there was no response.

He just looked left and right before he pressed on the handle and entered into the office. He looked around and dashed out again. Ashley wasn’t there.

He walked back to the Secretaries’ office, knowing well that Ashley was with Benny but didn’t know Benny’s office. “He’s not on seat, ma’am.” He addressed one of the Secretaries.

She picked up the intercom and called Ashley’s office but there was no response. “Maybe you should sit down and wait for him here.”

He shook his head in disagreement. “I’ll call him, at least he told me to come and he’s around.” He said as he walked back and raced upstairs again. He kept on parading, trying to know where two people were having conversations so he could knock and storm in.

Luckily, he found Benny’s office on the third floor and he knocked softly. “Come in.” He heard another voice from inside and he walked in.

“Good afternoon, Sirs.” He bowed.

“But I told the director to tell you to come here by 4pm.”

He smiled. “Maybe he didn’t hear that or he needed the designs badly.”

He moved away from the door and moved near the shelf to stand there. As he stood there, he sticked a bug inside the shelf as he did as if he was holding on to the shelf. “First mission, accomplished.” He nodded as he muttered.

“Just go and get the designs on the table in my office. By the way, who told you I’m here?” He questioned.

Nicholas just smiled and shook his head. “I was looking for you when I heard your voice here.”

“Just leave.” Ashley sent him out.

He walked out too and got the designs from his table before he rushed to his vehicle. He had heard the conversations of Ashley that Frank should come for the remaining part of the documents, he needed to get there before Frank himself so he wouldn’t be gotten easily and he could plant the bug he wanted to.

He punched some buttons on his iPad and fixed the earphones inside his ears and began to listen to the conversations.

** ** **

“I think this meeting should not be limited to us alone, Ashley.” Benny said.

Ashley cleared his throat. “Why should we call the remaining three? I think we should get something finalized between us first. The question is- how do we bring The Unknown down?”

Benny swooshed out a long breath as he dropped his head down. “We have to get Jerry and his guys to start following us around, Ashley.”

“Following us around? Don’t they have any other thing to do?”

“It doesn’t matter. They’ll be following us around to know if another person has been following too. Then, they’d get the person.”

“That’s a nice idea, but to me, the idea is weak. I feel this guy has started working on me, do you want me to go to jail?”

Benny chuckled. “But who’s this guy? When Gary and his wife was killed, it was a neat operation Jerry and his guys told us they did, every operation done by the guys were done without leaving a print, Ashley! I have just been wondering where he got to know everything.” Benny said.

“Or.. I don’t even know, Benny! But, if we get the guy that ran away from my place, we will get The Unknown.”

“Which guy?” Benny asked.


Officers Craig and Doris walked into the office. Frank was left inside the interrogation room with handcuffs in his hands. Craig had called Doris for them to flow in concert for a spell. He knew the medal behind whoever caught The Unknown.

“Do you believe all that Mrs Priscilla said?” He asked her as both Sat down.

“I believe her. At first, I thought she was the long lost lover of Nick, but now I see things that looked the same, not really the same.” Doris replied.
Craig heaved a sigh. “I called the hospital earlier and they said Frank’s accomplice was responding to treatment well. So, we charge them to court once he’s alright.” He said.

“And about Chief Sam, we’ve got to send the man to jail now too.”

“Sure, thanks, Doris. It’s high time he went to jail. At least there are strong evidences against him.”

“Alright, let me go and see the boss concerning that.”
** ** **

Henry smiled as he moved beside the beautifully dressed lady that just came in. He didn’t know Nancy, but from all inklings he could see then, he knew that was Nancy.

Though, Nicholas had described how Nancy looked to Henry before, so it was easier for him to get her. He sat down on the chair opposite to Nancy’s and smiled again. “Hey pretty.” He waved slightly.

Nancy looked at him and gave a not-true-to-mind kind of smile as she waved back.

“I presume that you came for Nicholas, right?” He asked her

Nancy threw a gaze at him. “Sure, but please who’re you?” She asked

“I’m his closest friend, a close one from childhood.” He replied.

“So, what of Nicholas?

“As he was about to leave the hospital, the Doctors called him back that the lady he hit would
be operated. So, he’s there.”

“He’s there? Will he be the one to operate the lady?” She rolled her eyes.

“As you can see, I’m not using a stethoscope, neither do I have a lab coat on me, only a Doctor can answer that question.”

“What’s the name of the hospital, please?”

Henry chuckled. “He said he wouldn’t like you to come over that’s why I’m here. He asked me to come and keep you company. He would come over soon.” Henry said.

Nancy swooshed out a long breath.“Alright, thanks.”

** ** **

Nicholas pulled in his lower lip as he rubbed his hand on his head and listened to all Benny and Ashley were saying.

“I actually needed a cook, so, the guy came around and occupied the post. You see Benny, after he occupied the post, I met him inside my room when I went back home to pick somethings.”

“You met him in your room? What was he doing?”

“I don’t even know what exactly, Benny! I suspected him and asked Jerry to carry him away, but he was ultimately saved by someone we didn’t know. I guess the person was The Unknown.” Ashley nodded

Benny chuckled. “So, how can you get the guy back? I’m very sure he’s a worker of The Unknown, we should strike before they do!”

“That’s the main issue now, Benny.How do we go about it?”

“By Jerry and his men for close monitoring as you have said, we gotta get them soon.” Benny said.
Ashley let out a long air from his nostrils.

Nicholas just laughed as he came down from his car and locked it up. The time was running fast and
he knew Frank that would collect the designs would come anytime soon, he had to hand it over to him so he could get an automatic clearance.

** ** **

Nicholas jammed the door and hastened into the eatery. It was some minutes to 5pm already and he knew he would be done for If he didn’t rush to the eatery. He kept Nancy waiting and who could tell if she would expose him soon?

He hadn’t gotten a good way he could use to freeze her out from his plans. She was a kind of kerfuffle and encumbrance to him. She had monitored him before, how sure was he that she wouldn’t do that again?

He didn’t even know if all he had been doing was the right thing, at least, she already knew he was The Unknown and he was still in hiding. If he would later uncloak the truth, wouldn’t she know him as the brain behind that?

He just swallowed as his eyes darted round the cool confinement and at last his eyes caught her on seat, discussing with Henry. He smiled for a while, how he wished the two just fell in love like that so he could be free!

He imagined as he cloistered near them and cleared his throat to gain their attention.

“How was the operation?” Nancy quickly asked as she sighted him.
He smiled again. So she even believed that he had been in the hospital? Thank God he decided to wait to give Frank the designs, at least she believed him. I have to know her house, he thought as he looked at her.

“Yeah, it was successful.” He said and took a glimpse at his partner in crime- Henry.

Henry just chuckled. “Thank God, Nick.”

Nicholas grinned. “Yes, Henry.” He said and faced Nancy again. “Hope Henry has been keeping  you company well?”

“Your friend is very funny.” Nancy chuckled. Nick smiled and raised his thumbs up at Henry with a wink. “That’s my boy.”

“Anyways, may I go now?” Henry asked. Nicholas dimmed his eyes. “No.” His mind wasn’t through at his going away, what if Jerry would get him then and kill him?

Nicholas began to talk with Nancy as Henry rested his back and kept looking at the two. He was wondering if Nancy could know Nicholas had been playing her. She deserved it, he surmised.

** ** **

The diary

Prince Harry’s love for Katherine started springing up. Though he knew he didn’t love her with all his heart and might, but he still felt for her.

Different thoughts just came flowing through his mind as he laid on his bed and fixed his eyes on the wall clock that was tickling slowly. He wished to take a revenge on Margaret for going with Dennis.

He had started thinking and trying to plan something. He didn’t like Dennis and he became the King, as if that wasn’t enough, he took Margaret with him. It was making him mad. Time will tell, he had thought to himself as he yawned and slept off.

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