The Unknown Season 2 Episode 1


Previously On The Unknown

“I was almost caught!” Nicholas slammed the door as he entered into the room.

He brought out his iPad quickly and the mp3 player he had. He unlocked the iPad and inserted a new  media card into the device. He copied the important voice notes on the memory card and he removed it and kept it in a small envelope.

“Tomorrow is the D-day.” He sighed as he started thinking on how he would get Chief Sam the very next day.

“I don’t want you or your friends to drink in a wrong manner, a good and reasonable man won’t drink excessively.” King Dennis told Prince Edward as he smiled beside him.

“The Prince isn’t that kind of a person too, he wouldn’t do that.” Harry cut in, exposing his teeth..

“I have a special gift for you on this occasion.” The King smiled at Edward, expecting him to ask of what the gift was.

“So, what Dad?” Edward grinned, anticipating to know what it really was.

“Alright, come in!” He said and a lady walked in.

Prince Edward was wowed as he saw the lady walk in, astonishing and beautiful. “Dad, is this?” He narrowed his eyes with a wider grin.

“Yes son. This is the daughter of Engineer Ashley, one of the directors of the consummate Della Companies.”

“This is a great gift!” Harry jammed his hands together, admiring the lady.

“The Unknown?” Chief Sam asked.

Nicholas chuckled. “I’m glad you know who you are dealing with.” He brought out his gun and moved closer.

“What have I done?”

“You can still ask me? After killing a lot of people to get this fame and popularity, you still can ask me?” He made his voice sound angrier.

“Please help me, I will give you whatever you want.” Chief Sam begged him.
“Engineer Ashley.” Nicholas repeated and picked up his bag. He walked to the back of the tree and ensured that Chief Sam was well tied up before he left.

He rushed to where he parked his car and was shocked to meet what he couldn’t believe



Nicholas never made a sound,having the believe that there was someone around. He kept rotating with his gun fixed to his hand, ready to shoot anyone who comes out of his or her hiding place. He was furious already, wondering who could have followed him to that point, but no one came out from the forest.

Should he believe there was no one or who could have placed a tree on his car? He couldn’t tell if the tree fell on it’s own free will or if there was someone in hiding or the person left after leaving a sign.

His heart raced so fast, he glimpsed at his cloth which had  different blotches on it, his whole self was out-of-the-way that minute. It might have fallen on it’s free will he thought in his heart as he rushed toward the car and got the small tree away.

He checked out the root and noticed it fell on it’s own free will, it wasn’t cut. He hopped into his car quickly, running away from the thick forest.


“Mum, why do you like this perfume this much?” Anthony enquired.

“There’s more to this perfume, you won’t understand.” Vivian smiled at Anthony.

Anthony smiled too, picking up the perfume from the small stool before his mother. “I’m sure this is Dad’s favourite, right?”

Vivian nodded, trying to force her tears back.

Anthony stared for minutes, he soon dropped it, snorting. He looked at Vivian and noticed her change in countenance. She might start crying any moment, Anthony hated to see tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry I brought this remembrance, Mum. I really don’t want you to cry.”

“No problem. I won’t cry.” She hugged him and curved her lips into a smile. “I’ll take you out for lunch, tomorrow.”

“Really? It sounds great. I’d love that.” Anthony grinned.

“Don’t worry, we should visit one of the best eateries tomorrow.”

“I’m anticipating, Mum.”


Craig and Doris walked beside each other quickly, glimpsing at each other and speaking at the rate both couldn’t understand. They were fast, maybe aiming to get somewhere at a particular time. They suddenly halted outside the gate where they met a brown envelope and both stared at each other.

They motioned towards it and picked it up. ‘From The Unknown’ was read out by Doris and looked into Craig’s eyes.

“What’s happening?” Craig asked, he noticed she was racking her brain, probably she knew something.

“Yeah!” She blinked. “It was this person that saved me from Chief Sam yesterday.”

Craig cleared his throat. “Really? This brave guy? He opened the envelope quickly. “This can’t be a bomb, I think this person is a nice one.”

He brought out the other envelope inside the brown one and handed the brown envelope over to Doris. Doris opened the envelope, perhaps something else might be inside the envelope.  She found a foolscap sheet that she read the description of where Chief Sam was.

Raising her head, she met two media cards lying on Craig’s hand. “What’s this?”

“From all indications, Chief Sam is the one that has been shooting at the light from his darkness. He must have kidnapped you, killed the innocent people likewise.”

“But, is that what this man called The Unknown just did? Are these evidences?”

Craig pulled her. “Let’s go.”

They both rushed inside the office to check the content of the media card.


Finally, the boss had listened to all the voice notes too. He removed his gold-rimmed  and dropped it on the table. “So, they kill because of contracts?”

“There’s nothing that can’t  happen in this world. A world where a son cuts the head of his father, what else?”

“But who’s this Unknown in the dark? He should be arrested too.”

Craig and Doris hurtled gazes at each other. “Arrested?” The chorused.


“Guys, where were you looking? How could you have let The Unknown to take boss away!” One of chief’s men shouted.

“He was furious, pointing the gun at us while we tried to take away a fallen tree from the road. See, he didn’t take it lightly .” Another one spoke.

“You should have called us instantly! Who knows where Chief Sam is? Are we not in danger too?”

“That shouldn’t be the talk of this place now, we should be thinking of the possible places Chief Sam could be. We can’t sit like this, I’m sure he’s planning to kill him.”

“We should start searching for him quickly, we should.”

“I suggest that we start the ultimate search from the forest.”

“Yeah, we should go into that thick forest some distance from here to start. Something tells me they should be in that forest.

“Okay, let’s get going.” They concluded.


“He’s on our side, making this case easier.”

“What’s my own business with the fact that he’s making it easier? Is he an officer? What right does he have to kidnap? Don’t you know that’s wrong under the law? You must also get him.”

“Yes sir.” Craig and Doris chorused as they walked out quickly, heading to the forest described.


“I’m Prince Edward, as you know.” Prince smiled at the lady by his side as they walked on.

“I’m Beatrice, the daughter of Engineer Ashley.” She introduced herself with a smile.

“That’s cool, I never knew anything until today. What really happened?”

“I’m sure the King and my father must have met and concluded everything. My Dad just informed me to get dressed because you’d be celebrating your birthday today.”

Prince smiled. “Anyways, I can’t refuse this precious gift when I don’t have the type.”

Beatrice chuckled. “Keep teasing me.”

“Why would I? I head the headquarters of King’s Companies, what job do you do?” He enquired.

“I own Bibie Computers.” She replied, flashing her teeth.

Prince jammed his hands together. “I know that place.. never knew you own it.”

“Now that you know, will you start patronizing us?”

“Sure! Why won’t I? The party starts soon, let’s sit somewhere and discuss better.” He smiled.

“Alright.” Beatrice followed him.


Gregory rushed inside Moriah’s office. “I want to see Frank.” He told her without waiting for her to call Frank.

He rushed into Frank’s office and sat down. “Why did you call me as if something terrible was wrong?”

“Is this not terrible too? I don’t know why I can’t get my mind off Vivian, seeing her again just made me feel like holding on to her.”

“So you made me leave my place of work because of that.. wait, she told us she’s married, don’t you understand?”

“She isn’t married and I know. She just used that to scare us away.”

“Really? If that is the case, I have something to tell you.” Greg stood and walked to Frank’s side to whisper into his ear.

“Do you think that will be easy?”

“Sure, why not? We just have to arrange guys that will get it done, then she will be yours.”

Both laughed.


The officers rushed into the forest, walking at a fast rate. They had met a car parked by the entrance of the bush and noticed probably some people were there already. “Be vigilant!” Craig shouted from behind, all holding on to their guns and swirling in dissimilar directions.

“Keep going straight!” He ordered again.

They were all felicitous to face whoever was inside the forest, either with the Chief or came on his or her free will.

Some minutes after the walk, they started exchanging gunshots with some set of men. They were Chief’s men.

It was getting tougher. It seemed Chief’s men had gotten him already. There were just four officers, Craig, Doris and two other junior officers that were in the forest.

They all divided as the battle was getting tougher. Each of them hid behind a tree, shooting at Chief’s men. Craig had missed Doris, they parted ways when they noticed Chief’s men weren’t taking it easy.

Doris’ heart was racing so fast, thinking on what might have happened to Craig and the others . Craig was also concerned about Doris but no one else, still shooting at the men who also hid themselves behind the trees.

He was sure they must have gotten Chief Sam, if not, it wouldn’t have been   tough as that.

Doris was moving, rushing away from the tree where she had hidden herself. She knelt, closing  eye and pointing the gun at one of Chief’s men she could see. Then, a gun was hit on her head from behind and she fainted

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