Dear Mr President


This letter isn’t to play politics, or to lambaste.

I’m not taking sides – there is no side.

We’re Ghanaians. That’s our side.

I’m a young adult from a middle class Christian family, who like the millions in this country, keeps wondering.

I don’t believe that you are incapable of leading our country, as many have stated quite clearly.

Sometimes we get insubordinate in stating everything that’s gone wrong, but it’s the love – for we love Ghana, Oh so dearly!

It is this love that makes the masses mad when things get out of hand…

It’s this love that keeps people criticizing.

It is this same love that makes us hope that someday, somehow, something good will come out of Ghana.

So please don’t get mad. The masses mean well.

I believe you are very capable, for the Good book says that “…there is no authority except that which God has established…”

I cannot emphasize enough how badly things are going, for I know you see it all. It doesn’t make you incompetent, it only makes you a man challenged! A man challenged, I believe, stands up to the challenge, and beats it to the best of his call…

I know that you’re not sitting idle as we may believe, but I feel there’s a lot more you could do.

I don’t know the slightest thing about leading a nation. I don’t know how it’s done.

Yet I believe you took up this position because you have some idea at least.

When I was younger, my mother drummed in my head lessons on priority.

No TV when there’s homework. 

No naps when there are chores.

No breakfast when you haven’t prayed.

No Bible, definitely no breakfast.

Priorities differ, naturally.

We don’t all hold the same things dear.

We don’t all have the same needs.

But certain priorities are clearly universal.

Health above fame.

Quality over quantity.

Peace over war.

I think it was quite interesting that a few weeks ago Ghana was offered to host the African Cup of Nations, when we’re the most risked nation at the moment in this Ebola outbreak…

I don’t know what the intentions were.  Most of us don’t.

The rage that went up on the media was mainly because we were wondering if you were willing to sacrifice our health, for a little fame, and probably some sponsorship…?

I also find it a bit interesting that certain things seem to be going on unnoticed….

Security systems failing…. 12.6 kilograms of cocaine getting outside our borders somehow…. and after seven trips.

Money disappearing in the ‘system’, skyrocketing prices and cost of living, Parliament itself owing two years of electricity bills

Multiple Strike actions that seem to go on and on and on…..

A budget that makes us wonder…

For quite a while now we’ve been having these ‘dumsor’ problems.  And while we can’t blame you for that, we still have some questions..

Remember the uproar that went on when the power went out in parliament?

It just made me wish the speaker of parliament or his colleague MP’s could live in my public University room for just a day and attempt to undertake normal day – to – day activities.

Activities such as cooking, (the government hostels are only allowed to use electric cookers) washing (our water pumps are driven by electricity) and studying – the reason for which we are in school….

Mr President, the unity in the nation has dwindled beyond what should be. We cannot blame you, but I believe something can be done.

Kwame Nkrumah said once: “the party and the nation are one and the same…”

Today, people think political affiliation, before thinking national patriotism.

People will do all the wrong there is to accumulate wealth because their party is in power, at the expense of the nation
In Barack Obama’s words: “what holds this country together is this fundamental belief that we all have a stake in each other – that I am my brother’s keeper; that I am my sister’s keeper. And that must express itself not only in our churches and synagogues or in our personal lives, but in our government too.”

Mr President,  I believe that the good book also mentions that though Saul was appointed by God, at a point he lost the presence of God, and with that the power to lead.

Please don’t lose the presence of God.

It may not seem like it, but we’re solidly behind you.

We’re bound by a common love for our nation.

We pray for you.

We care about you.

We just wish that somehow, you could reassure us, make a few things right…..

We as citizens are going to try our best. We’ll take a cue from the Spaniards, who despite their economic trip to hell and back, stood behind their government and held on when they plunged to become the worst European economy.

Today, the story is different.

We’ll learn to support you while you’re in power…

We’ll try our very best!

With Love,


P.S. Where is our Vice President…..