The Unknown Season 1 Episode 7


Previously On The Unknown

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“I don’t think it will be easy to work with someone like you, if a client should come to this place and you start cleaning the dusts on their phones, how will the company look like? I should have referred you to the managers, I don’t even know why I have done this!” He hissed as he collated his papers and dropped it before him.

“S..sir?” Nicholas wore a worried look, pretending as if he was unhappy.

“This has to be done. Leave now that I have not called the securities, who knows if you’ve come here to fulfill a dangerous mission? I take no nonsense!”

“That’s great, it means it will be nice for the two of you to continue with this collaboration. I’m appointing the two of you concerning the murder of the directors of Golden Ring Companies, I am sure you listened to news yesterday.”

“Yes sir, I saw it on the television.” Doris replied.

“I want both of you to start working on this issue, I trust you guys.” The boss smiled.

“Thanks sir.” The two chorused.


Moriah adjusted her skirt as she walked into Frank’s office with the letter. .

“It’s ready.” She stretched it forward.”

“Nice job, well done.” He smiled.

“Stella, I am here.”

Stella cleared her throat. “So? What have you come here for?”

“I want you to take me to your place, at least maybe for dinner.”

Stella chuckled. “Not only dinner, why don’t you come for breakfast? “I won’t! You should even get going,.” She sprung to her feet.

“Alright, let’s start making it tit for tat. I am going to report that you said you’d like to lead that operation we are preparing for.”

. “Please don’t do that, it will be hard on me.” She thudded down the chair.

. “Why are you now acting this way? Will you now take me home for dinner, or not?”

Stella hissed again. “Okay!” She agreed.

“I came for job opportunity but I was turned down by Chief. I don’t know if you can help me with.. maybe his address so I can visit him at home.” He said.

Nancy giggled. “Alright, I’ll do that because you’re the one.” She grinned as she walked into the office to pick her pen and paper on which She wrote the address. “Here it is.” She delivered it into his hands.

“Thanks so much.” He said, beaming.

“You are welcome, but can I have your contact too?”

“Huh? Y..yes.” He dictated his mobile number

She smile and said “thank you, i will call you”.

Nicholas waved at her and left.



Harry, what’s your problem?!” The Queen shouted as she crossed Harry up in his house.

Harry smiled and stroke his beard. “Katherine, nothing is my problem but you!”

The Queen made a way to an empty sofa and sat down, taking her eyes off Harry for a moment before throwing him a threatening look. “You know the stuffs I am made up of, don’t you? Why do you like disturbing the Prince? Why do you always want him by your side? What is this problem of yours?”

Harry whisked to his feet. “Why wouldn’t I want to see him? Why would I just sit down here and keep watching when you never showed up as promised? Katherine, you should watch yourself well, you should! Before you try to make me impatient, I will make life miserable!”

Katherine sighed. She kept mute for a moment, looking down at the brown furnished tiles on which she placed her legs and looked at Harry exasperatingly. “What on earth do you want from me now?” She asked him.

Harry laughed out wickedly. “What else? I need you to pay the balance for this month, once you are done with that, we are both safe.” He replied.

Queen Katherine hissed as she tilted her head, making her anger known to Harry, as he stood before her with a proud mind. “Once I am done with that, hope you will not disturb the Prince again.”

“I keep my words, even when it is very hard. But, if you try to play pranks, you know me well. My brother who’s the King will pity both of us at the end.”

“It’s alright! Hold your peace!” She shouted at him and walked out of his house.


Nicholas drove his newly-bought vehicle into the compound and shut the door. He came down from the car and ruffled his hair, taking a walk round the car and scanning every part of it. It’s nice to have this, after many years.

One major problem is how I will keep this as a secret from Doris and Stella. He thought as he hit the front tyre continuously. “This should help when I need help.” He muttered and brought out the thin sheet of paper in his front pocket.

He stared at the written address and walked inside the house, smiling. The day had been interesting as he left Chief Sam’s place and withdrew money to purchase a small vehicle. He had been planning how he would spend the money he had been saving for years now, to suit the operation he wanted to risk his life for.

He fell on his bed and closed his eyes, his two hands on his grumbling stomach as he decided to take a nap. He was hungry, but after eating at the eatery, he had thought to himself that the next time he would eat would be his dinner, at Stella’s place.

He was trying to get some sleep when his phone buzzed and his eyes popped open. He felt as if his head was hammered then because there was strike of headache as he reached for his phone and picked up the call. “Good afternoon.” He greeted with his hand pressing his forehead, as if it would suppress the sudden headache.

“Really? Chief Sam’s Secretary?” He smiled. “Thanks so much for the  address, I appreciate.”

“Alright, but when will Chief Sam leave the office?” He enquired, rolling to the other end of the mattress. “6pm? Thanks.” He ended the call and gripped his head with his two hands.

“She just got me headache.” He hissed and sat up. “I still need to get some things.” He muttered as he walked out of the room and into his car.


Victoria had just finished watching a movie when she laid on the sofa. She was punching some buttons on her handheld when Vivian dropped in, looking worried. “Vic.” She called her name as she rambled to a seat.

“Earlier than usual, what happened?” Victoria sat up, seeing the mood she was in.

“I have been sacked.” She informed, stretching her two hands and clenched her fists together.

“You don’t mean this! How come?” Victoria walked up to her and sat down, looking so concerned.

“Where’s Anthony?” She enquired, looking round.

“Inside, busy with the guitar.” Victoria replied. “But, did Frank really sack you?”

“He did. I didn’t tell you I pushed him away yesterday, so he bled.”

“What? That isn’t good too, you shouldn’t have pushed him. By the way, he sacked you because of that, right?”

“According to Moriah, I think it’s because I have given birth before. I wasn’t shocked when he threw the sack letter at me, I could see it coming already.”

“Some men are really callous! Just because of this relationship? But, the way you reacted too might have pushed him to the wall.”

“That won’t change my heart, no matter what. The only thing on my mind now is to start afresh. To leave his job doesn’t mean I won’t get another.” She smiled faintly.

“Anthony will be shocked to hear this.”

“I’ll put it in a reasonable way. It seems your leave will end next week, right?”

“Certainly. But, it’s not going to be a long one, since Christmas is on the way.”

“God will guide us.” Vivian stood up. “I have to see my son.” She walked on.


Nicholas smiled as he entered into his car. He just finished paying the men who were In charge of his driver’s license and car ownership registration.

He drove on, thinking if he should tell Doris and Stella about the vehicle or not. He just smiled as he glanced at the time. “I should buy the other things.” He thought and sped off.


“Now that I have covered up for you, shouldn’t we be getting set for the dinner?” Ramsey winked at Stella as he picked a seat before her, in her office.

“I will do this just because I hate it when someone fail to keep a promise. I am not doing anything, I know I’ll be on duty tomorrow, so I have to leave soon too.”

“You’re cool about that, Stella. I also don’t like it when one doesn’t stick to his promise, it makes me go wild!”

“Anyways, I’m leaving by six.” She informed, picking up her mobile phone to check what the time was.



Nicholas’ car screeched to halt behind Chief Sam’s building. His heart raced as he stared at the tall building. He came down from the car and called Nancy, the Secretary, to confirm if Chief had left the office.

He had gone to some shopping complexes to get some other things he felt he would need. He opened the back door of the car and brought out a black mask from the package on the seat. He wore it and approached the fence.

His eyes were looking round, if there was no one around. At first, he felt afraid to get it done, but, he had the feeling that if he died because of the revenge, it would be better than looking at lives, wasted by the chief.

He was sure everywhere was silent and reaffirmed his faith and strength before he jumped in. Looking sideways, he dipped his hand into the pocket and brought out a media card before advanced slowly.

It was the backyard and everywhere was illuminated. He stood by the tall tree and peeked but didn’t see anyone before he walked stealthily to the door he saw. This door should lead inside the house, he murmured as he walked closer and pressed the handle, still looking around. He entered and shut the door slowly. He looked around where he was, but it was all dark.

He could see an illuminated room some distance from where he was. He brought out his mobile phone to use the backlight as the support for him to see. He advanced, walking slowly until he got to another door with a glass frame above it.

He could see the kitchen from the place. He swooshed out a long breath. “God help me.” He muttered before opening the door, he entered into the well furnished kitchen, making his way to hide behind the refrigerator, in case anyone was coming.

After few minutes of hiding, he came out and reached for the knife that was left carelessly on the cabinet, then he approached more. “Where’s the man?” He wondered as he peeped through the door that led to the dining room. He could see Chief walking inside the house from there and put the knife inside his pocket.

Is there no guard here? He wondered as he opened the door slightly and peeped again. This time, some of the guards were  in front of the main door and others inside the compound, protecting the house.

He summoned courage and walked quickly to where Chief Sam used inside the room. He could see that a door was shut from where he stood and continued walking since he hadn’t seen any guard coming in.

There were no glass frames from which he could use to peep inside the room Sam walked into, but he stood by the door and listened to every sound. He started sweating profusely for some seconds until he heard the sound of water. “It seems he’s taking his bath.” He thought as he opened the door slowly and peeped. He found no one in the room but could hear the water flowing in the bathroom.

He walked in quickly and got hold of the cloth on Chief’s mattress. He brought out the phone and entered the secret password. He also searched for some numbers while he typed into his phone quickly before opening the case and checked if the phone had a media card.

He tried to wipe his sweat but the black mask had covered his whole face  leaving his nose and eyes. He inserted the media card and changed the phone setting to media card quickly before he tiptoed out of the room and to the dinning.

He was breathing heavily as he thought he would be caught. He rushed through the kitchen, handling each door slowly till he got to the door at the backyard and flipped it open.

He opened and met a huge, tall guy, that pointed a gun at him on sighting him

“Shit” he said

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