The Unknown Season 1 Episode 6


Previously On The Unknown

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“Please tell me if Vivian has a son.” He said in a low tune, fixing his eyes on her.

. “Yes sir.” She replied.

Frank chuckled softly. “That almost took you eternity to say, go and get a sack letter typed as soon as possible.” He said.


I want to see Chief Sam.” He said,

“Alright, let me pull a call through, You can have your seat over there.”

“Can I help you?” He heard chief’s voice

Nicholas gave him the envelope and looked around the office again, there were the only ones inside that office then.

Chief Sam picked up his eye glasses and put it on, giving the C.V a long look. As he did that, Nicholas looked again before stretching his hand to pick his mobile phone that was before him.

Though, he was shivering because the papers that Chief had buried himself into could be removed anytime. How will I enter the code just now? He thought as he gave it a try, if his luck would have it.

As he picked up the phone to quickly put in the secret code, the phone buzzed. It was a call from one of Chief’s friends



If the ground could open and ingest Nicholas that time, it would have been best for him. Chief Sam took away the papers that had gotten his attention to reach for his phone and met it with Nick.

He gazed at him for a while before collecting the mobile phone and answered the call. Nicholas knew he was done for immediately after Chief had finished receiving the call.

Putting the mobile phone down on the table, Chief Sam stared at Nicholas who had kept his head down for a moment before he spoke. “Young man, are you alright?” He asked, wearing an angry look.

Nicholas summoned courage. If a man isn’t bold, to do this kind of thing won’t be easy! He thought as he raised his head quickly and smiled. “Nothing, I saw a dust that needed to be cleaned.” He replied.

“Hmmn… a dust..” Chief repeated as he sighed and dropped his  documents. “That can be likened to invading in my privacy because I saw you pressing the phone.” He said.

“Not at all Sir, my hand just hit the power button.” He smiled again, trying to make everything real.

“Okay, okay.. okay.” Chief nodded, shaping his lips down.

Thanks to you, God! He gave a long breath.

“I don’t think it will be easy to work with someone like you, if a client should come to this place and you start cleaning the dusts on their phones, how will the company look like? I should have referred you to the managers, I don’t even know why I have done this!” He hissed as he collated his papers and dropped it before him.

“S..sir?” Nicholas wore a worried look, pretending as if he was unhappy.

“This has to be done. Leave now that I have not called the securities, who knows if you’ve come here to fulfill a dangerous mission? I take no nonsense!”

Nicholas packed his things and walked out quickly.


Area F Station.

“I am so impressed you guys worked hard on this issue of the murderer of the chief, that’s a job well done.” The boss extended his hand to shake Craig and Doris.

Both smiled as they shook hands. “That’s what we should do, bringing down bad people is our work.” Craig said, smiling.

“Good, you guys deserve something nice.” The Boss smiled too as he patted Craig by his shoulder.

“Doris, a good job done.” He said to Doris too.

“Thanks sir.” Doris smiled too.

“Now that you are through with the issue of this murderer, I think it was a nice collaboration between you two.”

“I enjoyed working with Doris than any other detective here, she’s great.” Craig shone a grin at her.

Doris chuckled. “I should be the one saying that, if not for his intelligence, the criminal wouldn’t have brought down easily. It’s a surprise to me because I was still complaining yesterday evening, but now, we are on top.”

“That’s great, it means it will be nice for the two of you to continue with this collaboration. I’m appointing the two of you concerning the murder of the directors of Golden Ring Companies, I am sure you listened to news yesterday.”

“Yes sir, I saw it on the television.” Doris replied.

“I want both of you to start working on this issue, I trust you guys.” The boss smiled.

“Thanks sir.” The two chorused.


Moriah adjusted her skirt as she walked into Frank’s office with the letter. She had been praying Frank wouldn’t sack Vivian eventually. But why would he sack her? Because she has given birth to a son? Moriah kept asking herself questions until she found her voice again before Frank.

“It’s ready.” She stretched it forward.”

Frank collected it and read through it for some seconds. “Nice job, well done.” He smiled.

“So, what should I do next?” Moriah enquired, pressing her fingers together.

“What more? To your duty post of course.” He replied and dropped the letter on the table beside him.

Moriah felt cold as she walked out quickly.


Stella just finished attending to a patient when she heard another knock at the door. She sighed before letting the person in, thinking it was another patient.

As she raised her head, she saw Dr. Ramsey walk in, throwing his head in the air. What’s this man’s problem today? Only God knows what he has come here to do. She thought as Ramsey walked closer.

“Stella, I am here.”

Stella cleared her throat. “So? What have you come here for?” She questioned him, trying to get herself distracted with some test results on her table. “Is it a crime for a gentleman to come and greet you?”

“I heard someone’s preparing for a surgery, have you started the anaesthesia?” She enquired.

Ramsey smiled. “I am not the one in charge of it, the patient is with Doctor Henry.” He pulled out his tongue.

Stella hissed silently, making her feelings known. She had been trying to avoid Dr. Ramsey, but, he had been proving futile. “Don’t you have any patient on seat?”

“If I had, would I be here? As a matter of fact, I came for something different today.” He picked a seat and unbuttoned his lab coat.

“What is it that you are here for?” She asked quickly.

“I want you to take me to your place, at least maybe for dinner.”

Stella chuckled. “Not only dinner, why don’t you come for breakfast? Didn’t I tell you that I don’t want to have anything to do with you? Why do you always seem forgetful?”

“Seeing you as one of the most important surgeons around, won’t you answer me?”

“I won’t! You should even get going,.” She sprung to her feet.

“Alright, let’s start making it tit for tat. I am going to report that you said you’d like to lead that operation we are preparing for.”

That will be strenuous! She thought as she glimpsed at him quickly. “Please don’t do that, it will be hard on me.” She thudded down the chair.

I’m winning the game. Ramsey smiled as he sat too. “Why are you now acting this way? Will you now take me home for dinner, or not?”

Stella hissed again. “Okay!” She agreed.

Ramsey grinned. “If you don’t keep the promise, you know more of what I can do.” He waved and rushed out. As he rushed to the door, he looked back again and whispered. “I’m the one in charge of the anaesthesia.”

Stella flagged her hand and dismissed him.


Nicholas walked back to the secretaries’ office and smiled at them. He waved and proceeded out of the place. As he stepped out of the office, he began to think of the way he could use to get Chief Sam and halted.

He smiled and returned to the secretaries office. As he entered, he glanced at each of them quickly. I think this one has an exceptional smile to me, she should like me. He thought, smiling.

He pointed at one of them and called her. “Please can I discuss something with you?”

He stepped out, happy within himself that the Secretary would make the job easier for him. “I’m Nicholas.” He introduced himself as they stepped aside.

The lady smiled as she protracted her hand for a handshake. “Good morning, I’m Nancy.” The lady replied, still admiring Nicholas.

Nicholas knew what he was doing, smiling to make himself more handsome before the lady. No doubt, it was written all over her face that she liked him already, an opportunity to play and demand from her well.

“I came for job opportunity but I was turned down by Chief. I don’t know if you can help me with.. maybe his address so I can visit him at home.” He said.

Nancy giggled. “Alright, I’ll do that because you’re the one.” She grinned as she walked into the office to pick her pen and paper on which She wrote the address. “Here it is.” She delivered it into his hands.

“Thanks so much.” He said, beaming.

“You are welcome, but can I have your contact too?”

“Huh? Y..yes.” He dictated his mobile number

She smile and said “thank you, i will call you”.

Nicholas waved at her and left.


“To err is human, to forgive is divine. That one was written in the bible, not part of my own principles. I wasn’t really concerned when you pushed me away yesterday, but seeing you as an unrepentant fellow, have this letter.” Frank dropped the letter on the floor and swiveled his chair, blooming.

Vivian smiled. “Thanks so much, Sir.” She said and turned back, ready to leave his office.

“Wait, I told you to pick up the letter, won’t you?” He questioned her.

Vivian halted. “Of what importance is the letter when I know the content already? I have been expecting that, no need to pick it up. By the way, you dropped the letter on the floor, expecting me to pick it up, right?” She walked out and headed to her office.

“This lady! Anyways, you are fired already.” He muttered and hissed at her.


“Wisdom is one of the things a man needs to live in this world, a man without wisdom may not have the opportunity to get to the top.” Doris told Craig as both sat down and brainstormed.

Craig laughed. “Thanks to God for your intelligence and wisdom, or else!”

Doris smiled. “You just like  wheedling me, right? Anyways, the news broadcasted yesterday night was a very sad news. The family was just wasted that way.”

“No problem, we have teamed up, we will certainly get all the people behind this work. Now, we just succeeded, don’t you think we should eat together?”

“Yeah.” She chortled. “We need to celebrate! What of having dinner with my sister and I, tonight?”

Craig blushed. “That’s cool too.” He cooed and stood up. “We should start working on the murderers now, the boss believes in us more than before.”

“Sure, let’s get the data.” Doris stood too and both walked away.


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