The Story Of Tejumola Season 1 episode 10


“Akpanu oooo, where are you?”I yelled as I sauntered towards his room at the gate.

“Akpan bo si ta ooo, I say come out here!”

The unsuspecting Akpan rushed out holding his shorts loosely.

“Wetin happen na?”he frowned.

I didn’t reply, instead I drag his shorts down leaving him unclad except for the singlet he was wearing.

He stood rooted to the spot, too astonished to speak.

“Oshi! Omo olori buruku! Shameless ! How dare you prey on my daughter?”I screamed and clapped my hands.

“Rubbish!”he replied pulling his shorts up.

“What did you just say?”

“I say rubbish! Carry your bastard pikin comot ma see road jare!”he retorted.

I landed him threw slaps in quick successions.

“You called my daughter a bastard abi? You must show me you weren’t born a bastard too! Agbero!”I said as I rushed towards his guard room

I emerged with a stick and kpo! The stick landed on his head. He screamed and fell down.

“Oshi!”I charged at him

a car’s horn blasted at the gate. I knew too well it was Lina.

Akpan crawled to open the gate, holding his head.

I pounced on him again after he opened the gate.

Lina rushed out of her car towards us.

I was sitting on Akpan, feeding his face with slaps and fists.

“Stop that!”Lina shouted.

I didn’t oblige, instead I took hold of Akpan’s balls.

He screamed loudly.

I didn’t let go, he started speaking in tongues.

“What’s wrong with you?”Lina pulled me off him.

I didn’t reply, I was breathing heavily.

“the both of you should meet me inside.”she instructed before walking into the main building.