Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 2 episode 10


I managed to convince Clara without letting her suspicious of my involvement with Jenny. As evening approached, she prepared supper and we both ate after which we later spent the night together on the bed with some rounds of s-x, she woke up the next morning and left promising to visit me later in the day.

I began to ponder on what Jaga had told me the previous day, Clara’s constant visits can really mess things up for me which i pray doesn’t happen. My thoughts was distracted by the vibration of my phone, i picked it up and saw one mumu text from mtn, shey na by force to renew call back tune mtcheeeew, i hissed and entered the bathroom to have my bath.

Having nothing to do as usual, i began to feel bored, this was when I realized the importance of Clara’s presence which made me wish she was here with me. I couldn’t just sit back at home and die of boredom so i gave jaga a call and informed him i will be at his place very soon.

Within few minutes, i got dressed up and headed to his place, i got there and met him at home busily doing some stuffs with his laptop which i had no idea about. We greeted each other and talked for a while after which he brought out some drinks which we both drank together, we emptied all the bottles and resumed our conversation which made us exchange series of laughter at intervals.

That when I saw one babe, she came out of his bedroom and went meet jaga after which she greeted me. *omo dis girl fine sha, but I no sure say she fine reach my own Jenny* i just fixed my gaze at her behind as she swayed her buttocks and walked into the kitchen before she came out again and walked back into the room, this is the 12th lady i will come across with Jaga in a month, chai this guy don get legacy for womanizing.

Jaga na who she be? I asked him, he just looked at me and couldn’t help but laugh at what I said.

Jaga: na which kind jamb question you dey ask me.

Me: but Jaga take am easy na, you go die of bleeping one day oh.

Jaga: hahaha, I dat one na story as far as am concerned, have got everything under control, shey you need more babes ni?

Me: more babes ke, that is the last thing on my mind for now.

Jaga: you go soon die on top jenny and Clara matter, he said which made me laugh. My phone began to vibrate which disrupted our conversation. I ignored it and thought it was another message from mtn again, but when the vibration persisted i later knew it was a call. I brought out my phone and checked the screen, it was jenny calling.

I was about picking the call when it stopped vibrating then one missed call appeared on my phone’s notification.

Jaga: who is calling

Me: na Jenny my love dey call

Jaga: lover boy, for your bloody mind you dey love.

Me: hahaha, wetin concern you. My phone rang again, this time i didn’t even bother checking who the caller was, presuming it was jenny i picked up the call.

Me: hello Jenny.

Clara: Jenny.

Who is Jenny?

Me: who am i speaking with I checked the screen and my heart froze at the name I saw. ewooooooo na Clara oh.

Me: hello Clara

Clara: So now you know who is talking. I heard you call me Jenny, who is that?

Me: No, I actually wasn’t talking to you, aren’t you coming to visit me again, i said changing the topic.

Clara: well, dats the reason why I called, i don’t think I will be able to make it again but I promise to be there tomorrow.

Me: okay, i have heard you.

Clara: hope you are not angry with me?

Me: no am not, why should I be.

Clara: thanks dear, I love you.

Me: yeah same here.

Clara: Daniel, i said I love you. *see me see wahala, na by force to love again*

Me: i love you too darling, i replied before ending the call. I had barely kept the phone back inside my pocket when it began to vibrate, it was ringing again for the third time, i checked the screen but this time it was jenny calling

to be continue