The Stalker ~Final Episode 10


Just as my face hit the cold floor, a hand grabbed me and set me on the chair. And a voice said.
 “Welcome.” I knew that voice, it was Creep. Was Segun here somewhere? I strained my eyes and looked around but I saw nothing.
 “Segun?” I called out and my voice echoed. The smell of petrol was distinct in the air, I wondered what that meant. 
“I’m sure you are dying to meet me,” It was Creep again.
 “Well, now is the moment of the truth.” I heard a click and light came on. My eyes were momentarily blinded by the light, I squinted and slowly opened my eyes. I was in some sort of garage but there was nobody. I tried to turn around but I could not. I heard a door creak open behind me and I heard footsteps behind. I froze and held my breath. The footsteps walked around me and I saw his face. Segun? 
“Segun what are you…?” I started to say but then it dawned on me. Segun, you are Creep?” I asked, my voice trembling with rage. 
“What did you call me?” He asked. 
“How could you? You were my friend!” 
“Like I told you earlier, I’m sorry. I didn’t have a choice?” He said. Anger coursed through my body like an electric shock. 
“You had choices and you made one. You ruined my life, ruined Dave’s life! And you’re sorry? You son of a…” I grinded my teeth and closed my eyes. 
“Look, I know you don’t understand but I promise you will be fine.” He said. 
“How about you untie me first?” I hissed.
 “Okay, but you must promise not to go crazy on me.” He said. I waited and stilled myself as he moved to my side. I could not wait to be free. Just as he placed his hand on the ropes, I heard the door open. 
“What do you think you are doing?” A voice said. Creep? I was confused. Segun wasn’t Creep? 
“Segun, what is going on?” I asked, my voice barely audible. Segun grabbed me, he looked desperate. 
“I’m sorry, I made some mistakes but I never planned to harm you.” He said. He looked behind me and kept quiet. I leaned towards him. 
“Segun, help me out of here and I’ll forgive you.”
 “I’m sorry he can’t do that.” The voice said and Segun walked away. 
“Segun, come back!” I shouted but I heard the door close behind me. I knew there was still someone behind me, so I waited. 
“Okay,” He said finally after an eternity of waiting. 
“Enough of the suspense, it’s time we met.” I knew the voice, it was Creep! I bowed my head as he walked around to stand in front of me.
 “Hello.” He said. I looked up and gasped. 
“You?” Jones was Creep? It did not make sense.
 “Are you surprised?” He asked, grinning from ear to ear. 
“You didn’t expect me, right?” I met the guy just once, by chance and he was the one ruining my life all along? But how? I stared at him, totally confused. 
“Okay, I’ll give you our quick history, okay?” He said and I just kept staring. Okay, here goes. I met you a few years ago. Of course I liked you from the beginning but then you were always with Segun so I looked into him – let’s say he isn’t a very good guy.” 
“What did he do?” I interrupted for the first time. 
“Nice, she talks. Well, you’ll have to ask Segun that yourself. Let’s move on. The incidence with Mr Tunji happened like you already know. But he kept his job on the condition that he owed me. When finally I approached you and I was rejected because of that silly guy, I decided I had to do something about it. Taking out Dave was made easy with a lecturer desperate to keep his job. But when you came to ask me about it, I had to move fast. It hurt to be rejected the way I was but I imagined it was because you never knew who I was. 
“It was a long speech. He paused and asked. 
“Now you know, so what do you say?” I looked at him with the fury raging in me, my eyes filled with films of water. 
“You…” I started to say but he raised his hand and stopped me. 
“You know I don’t handle rejection well and it’s even worse if you do it to my face. Consider that before you speak.” 
“Jones, why on earth do you think seeing you will make me change my mind. You were a freak before, you’re a freak now!” I screamed. He clenched his teeth and started to pace. 
Girls like me don’t date boys like you. Freaks don’t date ladies.” I knew I was pushing it but I continued. 
You stalk me, almost destroy my life? You can go to hell, freak!” 
“SHUT UP!” He screamed. 
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“If you repeat that word again…” 
“Oh, which word is that?” I said, smiling. I knew I shouldn’t have but I did anyway.
 “Freak?” His hand connected with my jaw with full force. For a few seconds I was disoriented and my sight blurred. When it cleared, he was standing over me, his eyes blood red. The door behind me burst open. 
“What was that?” It was Segun. He rushed at Jones and pushed him away. 
“Don’t touch her.” He rushed to me and gently touched my cheek- it was swelling fast. 
“Are you okay?” He asked. Behind him, Jones was coming. 
“Hmm, beeehi…” I tried to talk but my mouth was too heavy. Jones grabbed 
Segun and in a swift movement, t—-t a blade in his belly. My eyes widened in horror as Segun fell to the ground, holding his stomach. Jones looked at me 
“See what you caused?!” He screamed. He hissed and walked away. I heard the door open and close. I immediately began to struggle in my chair, I had to escape. My pocket vibrated and I froze. My phone! It was still in my pocket and it was ringing but I couldn’t reach it. There I has to be a way. I started to swing my chair from one side to the other till it fell to the side and my phone slid out – out of my reach. The chair fell on my right hand and pain rushed to my head. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. I would escape, I had to. I dragged myself and the chair towards the phone, the chair crushing my hand with every movement. I was sobbing quietly now. I reached the phone but the call ended. There was no way I could dial number – or maybe there was. But the phone rang again. It was my supervisor. I stretched and used my nose to push the answer button. 
“Hello sir, hello sir, help me.” I stammered into the phone. I could hear him talk but I could not make out what he was saying. 
“Hello sir…he kidnapped me, Jones, Spea…ker of Assembly, he kidnapped…” The door opened and I heard footsteps enter. 
“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Jones grabbed my phone and smashed it. He dragged me with the chair and pulled it up.
 “You’re not going anywhere, you belong to me now.” He said with a smile. He headed for the exit. 
“Jones, please.” I whispered.
 “So now you beg, you pompous little…” He started then his phone rang.
“Hello Dad,” He said and exit the room. I looked at Segun on the floor, was he dead? Was I going to die too? The door opened and Jones came back in. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back. 
”Who did you call?” He asked. Well, you call just earned you a death sentence.” He said and began to untie me. He removed a towel from his pocket and blindfolded me.
 “Where are we going?” I asked. 
“To your burial ground.” He said and gagged me. The next ten minutes were a blur of movement and pain. I could not tell the distance we moved but I could feel like I was in a car. Somebody was stuck close to me, was it Segun? The car kept moving and I heard no sound except for an occasional car-horn. Finally there was silence except for the hum of the car. The car pulled to a stop and I heard the door open. Hands grabbed my legs and began to pull me off the seat of the car. He removed my gag.
 “Where are we?” I asked.
“Hear that sound?” He said. I listened, it was water! My heart raced at the sound. 
“See, the truth is if I can’t have you, nobody will.” He said.
 “I’ll throw you in first, watch you drown and throw in your friend too.” I dug my heels into the ground as he pulled. I was not going to die at the hand of this nonentity, especially not in a river somewhere nobody will find me.” He released me and I crashed into the ground. 
“Don’t make this difficult.” He said and grabbed me. I kicked as hard as I could. I don’t know where the kick caught him but he screamed! I rose up and began to run. My eyes were covered, but still I ran. I did not hear him follow me, maybe he was wounded. Then I tripped! I landed on my face and began to roll. I tried to break the fall but I couldn’t. There were a few seconds of stillness then I felt cold all over. I was in the water! I tried to struggle against the water but I couldn’t. My eyes were blinded, my hand was injured and I could not swim. I swallowed the first gulp of water and pushed against the water again. Then I swallowed another, then another. I could not breathe and I felt like my lungs were about to burst. My nose hurt, my eyes hurt and finally I gave in to the darkness.
 *** “Jane!” 
I heard a sound ring in the distance. “Jane!” The sound came again. I opened my eyes and saw people running around.
 “Jane!” I looked in the direction of the voice, it was Dupe. 
“Jane, oh thank God you’re okay.” She smiled. 
“What happened, am I in heaven?” I asked. 
“Don’t worry, you’re fine now.” She said. I looked around, and noticed the sirens. I was alive?
That was two weeks ago and I’m alive. I have since been filled in on what happened after I fell in the river. My supervisor had heard every word of what I said and being a politician himself, called Creep’s father directly. I wasn’t Jones’ first incidence so the father knew what to do – thank God. They found us before I died in the water. Segun did not die, but he will be in the hospital for a while. And somehow Dupe forgave him, I will too eventually, but I’m not there yet. Of course Creep was arrested, he would not be after me for a long time. His father disowned him. I hope karma strikes him hard. As for my sweet Dave – well, I’m taking a break from boys. He said he would wait, let’s see how that goes. For now I’m just glad to be ‘Creepless’.
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