Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 17


Rodelio: get ready, we are leaving by friday. 
Ella: i’m going nowhere, if ever i leave this hell, i’d go home to my mum!!! 
Rodelio: if you want, we can take her along, thats okay by me. 
Ella: if thats the case, then release me so i’d tell her about it. 
Rodelio: so what? You can run away and never return to me? No i won’t let you…. His phone beeped, it was a text message from to immigration commission telling him that his international passport had been banished by the police -till further notice. He stormed out of the room angrily. Ella kept wondering what was in his phone to make the ‘ever heartless Rodelio’ angry. Whatever it was, she hope it keep coming to prevent them from travelling, she really don’t want to. Her heart desire is to see Isaiah! To listen to his own part of the story, she was sure there are explanations to everything.
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About half the court benches were occupied already. They were all patiently waiting for the arrival of the judge. Some were happy while others were sad and scared, scared of the judge’s verdict. 
Clerk: court arise!!! She shouted at the top of her voice the moment she saw the jugde coming. Everybody in stood to their feet, they sat only when the judge was seated. The clerk stepped forward, she was clad in pink pinafoq and white shirt under, like a high school student. 
Clerk: case number 9,,,,Isaiah Guidotti versus the people of Manila. A case of attempted murder, and prison break. The victim of the murder attempt is still in the hospital as we speak.
 Judge: the plaintiff councel! He muttered hitting his gavel hard against the mahogany desk before him, the clerk stepped aside and fred stood up, fully clad as a lawyer, he re-adjusted his wig, which fitted his big head perfectly. 
Fred: my lord, i seek permission to ask the defendant some questions. Two guards were sent to get Isaiah. I was given a new smelly cloth, and driven to the court still handcuffed. I was led to a room where i’d have to be till my presence was needed. I guess the time is now! Two uniformed men came and dragged me forcefully to the court room, i stood in a wooden cubicle. My eyes roamed the room, i saw the pity faces of my family members including sam and Mark. A lawyer introduced himself as Fred, and continued…. 
Fred: Mr. Isaiah, why did you push Nikky to the floor,,,from the stairs? 
Me: i…it was a mistake….she fell by herself, i didn’t cause it.
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Fred: my lord, i believe Isaiah here is not telling us the whole truth. I believe he’s hiding something because the medical reports here shows her fall was beyond the average slip of the foot. 
Jugde: let me see the result
 Fred: here my lord. He gave him the result.
 My lawyer: objection my lord.
 Judge: proceed. 
My lawyer: my client is saying the truth, it was a mere slip of the foot, her fall was bad because the staircase was high. 
Fred: objection my lord. 
Judge: proceed…
 Fred: Isaiah is not only a lair, he’s also a criminal, we all know he had a bad record while in jail!! 
Mylawyer: objection my lord. 
Judge: objection overrule! Continue, barrister Fred.
 Fred: thank you my lord…… The legal battle continued, i wasn’t really concentrating, what i wanted to hear was the judge’s verdict. The judge struck his gavel angrily, everywhere went silent, everyone knew it was time for the Judge’s judgement. 
Judge: the court have proven beyond any reasonable doubt, that you, Isaiah Guidotti are guilty of two count charges. By the power vested upon me, i hereby sentence you to 15years imprisonment!!!! I tried convincing my self that i was dreaming, i pinched my skin hard but hell no its reality!!!!! 
😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉