The Stalker ~Episode 9


I bit my nails as I waited for my supervisor to call me into his office. He was angry with me, that much I knew. I was weeks behind on my project. I had lied to him, I had avoided him and of course I blamed Creep for all of these. It was four days since I was supposed to meet with Creep and I was yet to hear anything from him. I should be happy but I wasn’t. Was he preoccupied with something else? Was he leaving me alone? Was he planning something terrible for me? It was better when he spoke to me, at least then I knew what he was doing. Maybe he moved on; unlikely but possible. 
My research on Mr Tunji only proved he loved sleeping with students, it proved no blackmail or setting up any other student. Dave had been asked to report at the security office every day and he did. Nothing was happening on that end too. Everything was quiet. 
“Come in.” Dr Korede’s voice cut off my thoughts. I whispered a silent prayer and entered his office. 
“Look who finally decided to show up. What’s going on with you? I’ve never known you to be this way.” He said as I sat.
 “I’m sorry sir.” I mumbled. 
“I have done what you told me to.” I said taking my laptop from my bag. He looked at the laptop and laughed. 
“You think it will just be business as usual? What’ll stop you from upping and leaving again?” 
“I promise I won’t sir. I had some issues before but I’m fine now.” I said.
 “Really, the school has let your boyfriend go?” 
“Well, no sir.”
 “This person you say is following you around, has he stopped?” I shook my head.
 “So, what are you saying?” I sighed and looked at him. 
“Sir, I promise I’ve put it all that behind me.” He shrugged and nodded. 
“Okay, bring out the flash drive I gave you, I need to show you something.” I immediately dug into my bag. I couldn’t find the flash drive. Of course I couldn’t, it was back in my room. I told my supervisor, he was not pleased. 
“You’re not doing yourself any favours here. How am I sure you will be back?” He asked. 
“I will be back in thirty minutes.” I hurried out of the office and almost as soon as I got out my phone rang. My heart skipped, I hoped it wasn’t Creep. It was Dupe. I wondered why she was calling. 
“Dupe, what’s up?” 
“That guy, Jones, I know how he outdid the lecturer.” She said. 
“You know how he told you get someone more connected to help against Mr Tunji? That’s what he did.” She said. 
“Okay, who helped him? Someone in the school?” I asked. 
“No, but guess what his surname is: Ogunsakin!”
 “Okay…” The name did not mean anything to me. 
“You don’t know the name? That’s the speaker of the state house of assembly.” It made sense then that he was able to circumvent Mr Tunji’s plan but why wasn’t Mr Tunji sacked? It was the expected outcome. 
“You know this Jones guy, right? Maybe you could talk to him about helping Dave.” I said. 
“I don’t think so.” Dupe replied. 
“Why?” I was surprised she was refusing to help. 
“I know the guy because he had a fight with Segun once.” She said. 
“What was the fight about?”
 “I don’t know but I don’t think Segun will want me talking with or ask the guy for anything.” 
“Are you kidding me? Segun broke up with you! Why do you care what he thinks?” I could not believe what I was hearing.
 “I don’t know, I just don’t think it’s right. And the guy might know I’m Segun’s girlfriend and not pay me any attention anyway.”
 “Dupe! I can’t believe you are saying this. Even Segun won’t refuse this on account of a stupid fight they had a long time ago.” As I talked I heard the sound of a car behind me, I looked back and saw a black Toyota following me.
 “Dupe, there’s a car following me.” I whispered.
 “Are you sure? Stop moving and see if it stops too.” It was good advice. I stopped walking and moved to the side of the road. The car kept coming; maybe it wasn’t following me after all. The car moved slowly as it moved past me then suddenly it stopped. Was it Creep? The windows were tinted, I couldn’t see. 
“Dupe, the car has stopped in front of me. What do I do?” Surely, I wasn’t going to be abducted in the middle of the school.
 “Is the car still there?” Dupe asked. 
“Yes! That’s what I just said.”
 “What are you waiting for? Run!” I wanted to run but I could not move. I just held the phone to my ear and stared at the car. I was worse than a sitting duck. 
“Are you out of there?” Dupe asked. 
“No.” I whispered back. And just then the windows of the car rolled down.Segun? 
“Get in.” He said, waving me in.
 “Dupe, I’ll call you back.” I said and ended the call. 
“Segun, what are you doing here?” “Just enter first.” He replied. I took a step to enter then stopped. I’d never seen the car before. 
“Where did you get this car?” 
“I stole it.” He said. I looked at him and stepped back. He laughed, leaned over and opened the door. I hissed and entered the car. 
“Where are you going?” He asked. 
“To my room, I need to get a flash drive for my project.” 
“Want to go for a ride first?” He asked. 
“No, I don’t want to. My supervisor is waiting for me.” I said. 
“By the way, Dupe mentioned that you know Jones.” 
“Jones?” He asked and turned away from me. He was suddenly uneasy.
 “You know him right?” 
“Why are you asking?”
 “I need you to ask him for a favour on my behalf.” 
“What do you want to ask?” He asked. He wasn’t looking at me, something was wrong. 
“Hey Segun, is there something you’re not telling me?” I asked and looked at him. 
“Just sit, you can ask questions later.” Maybe I shouldn’t relax in the car. Segun was acting weird. Did he steal the car for real? 
“Segun, where did you get this car?” 
“Don’t worry, I didn’t steal it. It belongs to a friend.” He said. I was not quite satisfied with that answer. 
“Which friend?” I asked. 
“Too many questions.” He said. Anyway, I can’t help you with Jones. He and I had a fight a while ago. Sorry about that.”
 “If you won’t do it for me, won’t you do it for your friend Dave?” I said. He didn’t answer. I want to get down.” I said.
 “What?” He asked. 
“Stop the car, I want to get down.” I repeated. 
“Come on, because I said I can’t help? Don’t be silly.”
 “Segun, stop the car!” I was so angry now, I was shivering. 
“Okay, calm down. I’ll stop now.” He said and looked behind me. He pushed a button and the doors locked. I looked at him and for the first time I began to panic. What was he doing? 
“Segun, what the hell?” 
“I’m sorry.” He said and turned away from the road to my hostel. I banged the door. 
“Let me out!” 
“I’m sorry.” he said again. 
“What are you doing?” He didn’t answer but looked behind me again. Was somebody there? I started to look behind but I felt a hand grab my neck. I closed my eyes and screamed. I felt a pinch on my neck. 
“Segun, help!” I screamed. He did not look my way, he just kept driving. My vision began to blur. 
“Segun, he…eelp.” My words slurred. Was Segun working with Creep? Why would he do that? Oh my God, was he Creep? My head drooped and I dropped into darkness. 
I opened my eyes and saw nothing. My head thumped and my mouth was dry. Then I remembered being in the car with Segun. I screamed but no sound came out, my throat was too dry. I tried to move my hand but they were tied. I stood to my feet but fell immediately and I began to cry. I felt a hand grab me and set me on the chair. And a voice said. 
“Welcome.” . . .