The Replacement Girl Episode 39


Last month, I was in the bed sleeping soundly with Humairah when a call woke us up. It was my mother. I hesitatingly slid and received the call thus, I heard the saddest news of my life. My father was unconscious. It was his BP, he had been battling with it for a very long time. I quickly changed from my night attire into a polo top and jeans hence, took my car key and then bade Humairah goodbye about to leave.

“Wait, Honey. I am also going with you” She said as she withdrew from the bed and unhesitatingly began changing her cloths.

“No, you can’t come!” I protested. “I don’t want anyone to know about us, we are yet to achieve our goal so lets keep on laying low until we…”

“But this news got me scared!” She squealed. I heaved a sigh and gently walked to her.

“You are pregnant, Humairah. I don’t want you to be involved in this, okey?” I said holding her warmly.

“It’s just 3 months, so just take me with you!” She said with a pleading eyes. “Please, Honey”

“Ugh!” I muttered. “Okey, but pretend as if…”

“I am still your cook?” She cut in.

“Okey!” I didn’t say anything to her. I only heaved a sigh and gestured for her to follow me. Thus, we both went out to my car and drove to my father’s mansion.

The guards told us he was taken to Victory Specialist Hospital which was few kilometres away. We reversed back and drove there hastily. As soon as we were taken to the ward by a nurse, we found out he had already passed away. That moment, I felt like the whole world was on my head. I broke down completely.

My mother and some of our relatives were also crying. It was a great loss. The news had already gone viral and it had been aired on both TV and Radio stations exclusively across the nation. Many journalists filled the hospital’s gate waiting to get more information. Thank God the hospital had two gates.

We left through the back gate with my father’s corpse. We took it back to the mansion to prepare it for jana’iza. My mother recited the whole Qur’an on him which took her hours. She was a hafiza (A memorizer of the Holy Qur’an). It was a miracle that no one noticed Humairah although she cried along.

“Alhaji’s doctors are here” My father’s personal assistant (PA) announced as soon as he entered.

“To do what?” My mother said in tears.

“They need to observe something” He said. Just then, the doctors bounced in and greeted us. I was weak, I didn’t even know what to say.

“It’s okey, Ahmad. Where is Rania?” One of my Aunts asked.

“And who’s this girl?” She added.

“Rania is at home. I haven’t told her yet” I said wiping off my tears.

“This one here is my…”

“Please call Rania” She cut in. “But don’t tell her Baba is dead. Just tell her to come, right now!”

“Okey” I said as I pulled out my phone from my pocket and dialed Rania’s contact. “Rania, please come to Baba’s mansion. It’s urgent!” I said as soon as she picked thus, I ended the call. Then I saw her call but I refused to pick it. Some minutes later, I told Humairah to go downstairs in case if Rania arrived she should usher her in. The sitting room was crowded, you know and Rania might not know where we were. And that was exactly what happened.

Humairah ushered her in immediately she arrived. She was so surprised to see what had happened. She bursted into tears as she ran to Baba and began shaking him to wakeup. I had to cuddle her earnestly.

My mother bursted into tears again, same as the rest of us… My father was buried Islamically an hour later. His death was so sudden, no one ever thought he would die at such age (65). He had the best doctors around him and he was always taking cared of by them. But, Allah has already made it clear to us that no one will skip his / her appointed time of death and everyone shall certainly taste death.

My undercover marriage went viral when Ka7 came to me and told me it was a shame that my father died without knowing I had a second wife. His words pained me hence, I broke the news to everyone. No one was against it because they were still traumatised by the death of my father. It was only Rania that was against it. In fact, she asked me to divorce her. I suffered for almost two weeks before she find peace with my unveiled secret.

She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy soon afterwards. We named him Jaafar – after my father. He was very fair and so adorable. Sometimes, happiness is something you have to create for yourself. Don’t wait for someone to do it for you. You can do it, just try and see.