The Replacement Girl Episode 38


Few months back, my husband (Ahmad) told me he would start going on business trips which may last longer than I might thought but not forever. Well, I was yet to see the end of his business trips. He would spend 3 days with me and then the following 3 days in Abuja like he said. It was very annoying, I was used to spending every night with him plus the fact that I was heavily pregnant. This was the perfect time for him to always be around me.

My pregnancy was practically 9 months now, meaning – our baby would soon bounce into this world. Being pregnant means carrying another life inside you which only women are inclined to do that. Women, we are the mothers of this world. So, if any man try harassing or bullying us, lets tell the idiot only maniacs will hurt their mothers for every woman is one way or another the mother of every man…

Buzzz… Buzzz…. Over the horizon…
My smartphone suddenly began ringing and vibrating. It was Ahmad, so I rinsed my hands in the sink and dried them with a towel.

“Hey” I said as soon as I slid and received the call.

“Rania, please come to Baba’s mansion. It’s urgent!” He said and ended the call without even waiting for me to ask him what was wrong.

His voice was shaky and I could hear people mourning around him. What then could be wrong? I really had zero idea. Maybe I should just contact him and ask him. Yeah, I should!

I tried his number but he refused to pick hence, I left what I was doing and got myself prepared. My bump wouldn’t let me drive comfortably so I asked our driver, Faisal to drive me which he humbly did. As soon as I arrived at the mansion, I was welcomed by teary faces. What was happening was still a mystery to me. Everyone was just crying.

Just as I was looking around searching for Ahmad, a familiar face came to me. It was a young woman with a slight inflated belly. I guess she was 3 or 4 months pregnant.

“Come, lets go” She said as she turned leaving.

“Okey” I blurted out as I gently trailed behind her. She led me upstairs to Baba’s room and just then, I felt a very sharp pain deep inside my heart. The old man was laying motionless in his bed with five doctors, mama, Ahmad and few others around him in tears. It was obvious that Uncle Jaafar had passed away!