The Replacement Girl Episode 31


“Goddammit!” I cursed under my breath as I hit the steering wheel of my car. The engine had refused to reignite and that was what made me furious. Thus, I stormed out of the car and hit one of the front tyres with my foot.

Today was Sunday and I had just finished shopping for dinner in Kure Ultramodern Market, Minna. When I came with my car it was fine but now I didn’t know what was wrong with it.
I pulled out my phone from my pocket about calling my mechanic when a man in dark blue caftan appeared with a Salam. He was very fair, just like me but was more taller in height.

“AsSalama Alaykum” He greeted me.

“Wa’alaykumu Salam” I responded.

“Your car, what is wrong with it?” He asked.

“It doesn’t want to revive” I complained.

“Can I help?” He rose a brow.

“Are you a mechanic?” I asked because he didn’t look like one. He looked pampered.

“No, but I studied Mechanical Engineering in Federal University of Technology, Minna” He said proudly while wearing a broad smile.

“Okey” I said as I handed him the car key.

He stormed into the car and tried igniting the engine several times but his efforts were abortive. Thus, he stormed out and opened the bonnet. He began touching things and as soon as he was done he returned back to the car and like a miracle the engine revived after two consecutive attempts. He turned it off and turned it on again, it was fine. Thus, he turned it off and stormed out.

“You’re good to go” He said handing the key back to me. I was so happy!

“Thank you” I collected the key. “How much is my payment?” I asked as I gently pulled out my wallet from my jeans pocket. “Tell me, please”

“You think I did this for money?” He smirked and extended his hand for a shake. “My name is Kamal Suleiman, but you can call me Ka7”

“Ka7?” I puzzled as we shook hands.

“Yes, the ‘Ka’ stands for my name while the ‘7’ stands for 7th born. I am the 7th born in my family” He said and continued. “And you?”

“Ahmad Jaafar Zaki, the sole heir of Zaki Company” I proudly introduced myself.

“Wow!” He dropped his jaw. “Hmm, I know your products. They are allover our house”

“Really?” I giggled.

“Yes!” He responded. “Nice to meet you, sir”

“You’re welcome” I said as I swiped through my phone to the dialer. “Say your number”

“Okey” He said and, thus, gave me his contact.

I flashed him and asked him to save my contact. He looked younger than me and appeared to be from a wealthy family too. We talked for some minutes before we finally bade each other goodbye. I drove home late and hopefully, Rania wasn’t angry with me. I helped her cooked dinner and, thus, we ate, observed our magrib and Isha prayers before retiring for the night. It was a great day!


The following day, after taking my breakfast, I bade Rania goodbye and drove to work. I didn’t normally go to work at such early hours but I had a meeting to attend in Zaki Headquarters which my father was the one in charge. It was about the expansion of Zaki Group. Many shareholders would be there too.

I took some valuable files from my table and summoned my secretary through the intercom.

“Jemima, I’m ready” I said and in less than a minute she appeared before me.

“Help me with these files, the meeting is about to start” I said extending the bulky files to her.

“Okey, but…” She hesitated.

“But what?” I rose a brow.

“I am kind of, I don’t know, feeling feverish” She said as she gently took the files from me.

“Feverish?” I said as I placed my hardel on her neck. Her temperature was somehow high. “Sorry” I heaved a sigh and collected the files from her. “You should go home, Jemima”

“Okey sir, but who will go with you? Should I call Sophia, Shuaibat or Humairah?” She said.

“Call Humairah” I said without a second thought. Yes, and I knew she must come.

“Okey sir” Jemima said and left.
After almost 5 minutes, Humairah arrived with anger written allover her face.

“What do you want again?” She fired a question to me.

Actually, she looked so beautiful in that angry face. Wait, did I just admired her? Like seriously? I smirked at my own self.

“I want you to help me with these files” I said.

“That’s Jemima’s work” She snapped.

“Yes but, Jemima isn’t feeling well” I said.

“Should I call…” She was saying when I cut in.

“Silence!” I exclaimed and that made her jolt. Thus, I heaved a sigh and took the files to her. “Follow me with this and if you try anything selfish I swear to God I will… I am going to…”
I couldn’t even find the right word so I left her there and walked out of the factory to my car outside. I knew she was definitely coming so I patiently waited for her in the car. It was quarter to 9 and the meeting was holding by 9.

One thing I still didn’t understand was my feelings for Humairah. Was it love or normal feelings? I didn’t just know. Hmm, maybe she was my soulmate but how was that even possible?

“Open the door, sir!” She said as soon as she arrived. She was standing by the back door.

“Come to the front, I need you here” I said.

“Huh!” She squealed. “But I… I thought I was only going to convey these to your car, sir”

“No, you’re following me to our headquarters!”

“But why me of all people, sir?” She said.

“I also don’t know” I said as I unlocked all the doors of the car by pressing a button. “Drop the files in the back seat and come sit in the front seat” I added like the boss I used to be.

“Okey then” She said, and guess what? She dropped the files in the back seat and sat close to it. “Lets go, sir” She rudely uttered.

“Hey, Humairah!” I turned to her. “Are you not supposed to be in the front with me?” I asked.

“Sir, I didn’t hear you well” She rolled her eyes at me and began operating her phone.

“Fine!” I angrily said as I turned and started the car. “Make sure you fasten your seatbelt”

“Don’t even pretend as if you care” She said in what seemed like a whisper but I heard her.

“You say?” I asked to be sure.

“Nothing!” She squealed.