All That Glitters Episode 12


As soon as Mr Zaki left the class I walked over to discuss with Rita, she and alima were giggling and chatting some kinky stuff that I probably wouldn’t want to know about

“hmmn,,,I see the both of you have gotten quite close” I asked rita and alima looked up and smiled at me

“yeah,,,i just enjoy Rita’s company,,,she is more,,um lemme say more relatable” I raised an eyebrow at alima’s comment

“so are you saying I’m not fun to be with” rita revved

“come on kenna,,don’t be jealous now,,,girls just tend to understand each other way better” I didn’t want to get in an argument or scuffle so I just simply brushed off the convetsation

“fine fine ,,,anyway rita,,,i think we should start working on our project right now,,,as you can see Im not interested in having that biracial punk win me again” I stated firmly rita looked at alima and told her

“you see kenna,,reads harder than anybody in class,,,he has all texts and references,,,but still he always come second in class” alima revved and asked her

“so who always comes first in class?” rita used her head to point to the back

“that one!” they all looked back and saw Muna in a dazed state,,,Mike was still tapping him rita continued “you know the funny thing is,,,he hardly listens in class,all he does is listens to music or sleep and yet,,,the brat always scores higher than me” I added in a slightly annoyed voice alima simply stared at muna in admiration the way his hair fell on his eyes as he rested back was somehow riveting at this moment, Mike got tired of nudging him up and simply left him in annoyance, I was in a hurry to do some stuff so I said

“come on rita let’s go and discuss our project” : As I dragged rita away to the library Only a few people remained in the class, Tamuno walked over to alima and started a convo

“Hello ,pretty girl,,,my name is Tamuno ,,,I see we are in the same group huh ,,,” Halima looked at him and nodded slowly, Then Tamuno continued in an arrogant tone ” well consider yourself lucky to do stuff with me,,,cus I’m like the hottest guy around school” He had a snobbish attitude that irritated halima in a way

“Unhuh,,,I see” She replied him And he continued “Your name is halima right,,,a pretty name for a pretty lady, so,,,how about we skip the formalities,,,you see a girl like you need someone capable for her,,,so just-” Halima cut him off

“Hold on ,,,I thought you wanted to discuss about our project,,,so …” Tamuno revved up

“Relax,,,the project isn’t going anywhere,,,let’s just try to know each other better first” Halima folded her hand over her chest And replied him ghastly

“And what makes you think I want to know much about you” Tamuno let his eyes fall to her chest, She had moderately large b*obs He managed to reply her

“Well,,,um,,probably because I’m the happening guy around here and the smartest” He smiled in an arrogant manner, Halima scoffed and replied him

“Smart?,,*scoffs* ,,looking at you closely I’m not even sure if you know anything about applied physics” She looked at his face “Or didn’t mr zaki said he placed you with two other people because of your weak performance” Tamuno didn’t reply, Halima noticed his distracted state, She traced his gaze and saw what he had been staring at all the while He had a hungry look on his face as he stared relishly at her bossoms, Halima scoffed again She clapped her fingers at his face

“Hey!,,hello,, what are you looking at,,,up here pls” Tamuno shook from his reverie as he took his eyes away from the spot She asked him again “Huh,,,my face is up here,,,my lips are the ones talking not my chest,,,bozo” Tamuno gave an excusable smile

“Eh,,well ,,,as I was saying,,,so let me get your number so I can hit you up when I need to” Halima gave him a shrewd smile

“Nice try fella,,,but we see everyday in class so no need for my number to get to your clutches” Tamuno was taken aback but he revved up and said

“Alright,,,I understand you need sometime to think about it,,,but don’t worry,,,I’ll holla you again tomorrow,,,” He winked at her, That made halima roll her eyes at his obnoxiousness, He stood up to get going, Halima raised an eyebrow at him

“You are leaving,,when we’ve not even agreed on a topic yet” Tamuno seemed amused

“Aww,,I see you still need my company,,,don’t worry babe,,,I need to take care of business,,so just take care of the project business ,,,we’ll see tomorrow” He winked again at her And left the class

This was one of the guys that simply irritated halima, What is he feeling like, Does he think he is charming or something Judging by his looks he was probably a rich spoilt kid,,,who didn’t know anything upstairs Then halima thought

*but that means we are almost the same thing* She quickly brushed off the idea

*No way* She may also be a rich spoilt kid who always got what she wanted,,but unlike the usual Halima was very intelligent Which was an added advantage to her unbelievable beauty.

Only seven people remained in class at this time, Two boys and three girls Were at the left side discussing loudly, Halima stood up and walked to the extreme end of the class to Muna, She stood in front of him, He still looked like he was sleeping

“Hey,,hello,,,are you awake, let’s talk” If not for the soft angelic voice Muna would have given whoever dared to disturb him a serious whack, He opened his eyes and saw a curvy shaped girl in front of him, He traced his eyes from her hips past her chest then stopped on her face, He flinched a little But revved and said to her

“Urh,,,is there a problem” For a teen,,,Muna had quite a deep rough voice when speaking, She wondered how he sounded when singing with such a voice, She stopped herself from staring then said

“Yeah uhm,,,Muna right ?” Muna nodded “I wanted to ask what you would like to do for the project ” Muna had a confused look on his face

“Project?,,,urh,,,what project?” He grunted out She squeezed her brows a little

“Um,,didn’t hear anything mr zaki said in class” Muna adjusted

“Well as soon as the bell was rung,,,he had no business in the class anymore,,so I decided not to pay any serious attention from then,,,,” Then Muna angled his head like he was trying to recall something He said “Although,,,it seems I heard something like huh,,,two partners,,,picking a topic, ,submitting by the end of the month or something like that” Halima seemed aghast

“Really,,,,I thought you were already sleeping by then” Muna scoffed and replied her

“My eyes sleep,,,but my mind doesnt” She revved

“Okay,,,anyway let’s talk about what we should choose as a topic” Muna looked at his wristwatch And started

“Well ,,,um,,,just choose whatever suits you and we would talk later” He stood up from his seat, Right then halima noticed how tall he was Considering the fact that she herself was very tall for a girl But Muna was still more than a head taller, He started towards the door

“But how will I get to you if I’ve found a topic” Muna turned and faced her

“Well we can’t see today again,,,cus I have to do some stuffs” Halima thought in her mind

*you too,,,* Does it mean that when it comes to work guys will lazily give an excuse of having something else to do

“So what do you suggest we do” Halima reached for her bag and brought out her phone

“Here,,,put your number in,,,I’ll call you later so we can talk” Muna hesitated at first, He contemplated giving his number Whenever his new number reaches the public it goes viral all of a sudden, He starts to get weird calls and messages from unknown individuals, Halima looked at him And grinned

“Whah,,, are you shy in giving me your number” She asked him, Muna looked at her with a raised eyebrow, He took her phone from her hands and typed his number in

“Just try to be discreet pls” he told her as he handed it back, She collected it and said

“Okay then,,,just expect a ping anytime soon” He revved at her Then she said “I just hope your girlfriend won’t pick the call and start quizzing me” Muna looked at her Not in the mood for kinky conversations He sighed and replied

“Like I said,,,just be discreet” And he turned around and left There was a coy smile on halima’s lips

*as if i’d let someone else rival me,,,don’t worry hottie,,,I’ll be very discreet* she thought in her mind ”’

::: :::

Tobi checked the window and saw his uncle drive out through The gate, He smiled to himself, He checked the time and it was 8:30 pm

*yea,,,aisha will be here soon* He left his room and walked to the parlour, His room smelled nice cuz he just cleaned it up, dressed his bed and scented it ready for the night, He was expecting aisha to come over, Aisha was a gorgeous looking lady he saw at the streets one day while coming back from school, He started a conversation with her And from there they exchanged address, It took sometime to convince her to finally come to his house But today she agreed to come and even spend the night.

He had everything ready, His uncle was going out and won’t come back till the next day The only problem was that punk in the parlour, As Tobi reached the parlour Mike was still engrossed with the naruto manga he was watching, By the way he relaxed comfortably on the sofa Tobi was sure this guy wasn’t ready to leave, Everyone else had left,,,immediatly it got dark,,,but Mike just sat down like as if he owned the house.

Tobi was so anxious he was staring unbelievably at Mike Who was busy laughing and making comments on the actions shown on the screen, At this moment Tobi regretted ever letting john know he had new naruto episodes,,,it was john who started calling everyone and also made the mistake of calling Mike too, Tobi walked slowly to the couch and sat down

“Gosh ,,,that hokage is so funny look at his silly dress,,,he’ll probably fall when running,,,don’t you think so Tobi” Tobi didn’t even answer he kept a stern look on his face as he stared at Mike, Mike gulped down another bottle of the juice Tobi had prepared for his date and said

“Mmm good juice,,,,Tobi I need more of this stuff,,,hope there is some in the fridge” Tobi clenched his teeth in anger, Mike decided that the sofa was not comfortable enough and too far from the tv So he stood up and went closer to the tv and sat on the floor He continued his ranting

“Yeah,,,man kick him,,,give him some flying punch,,,,deal with the idiot well.,,” He looked back at Tobi “Gosh that’s why I like kakashi sensei,,,he fights with purpose,,,just like me !!” Mike smiled at his comments, Tobi just simply kept mute and secretly wished he could bundle Mike into a sack and throw him out, The fool was going to ruin a perfectly planned night, He had decided to welcome aisha with a very lustful kiss then lead her to the sofa where he will put a very erotic film and try out some moves with her there before taking her to the bed

*but now she’ll come and watch this stupid thing!!* Tobi exclaimed in his mind While he was still seething in annoyance The doorbell rang, Tobi anxiously stood up and went towards the door, He opened it and was greeted with a deep kiss as aisha threw her hands all over him, She smelled good and dressed nice, he still stood at the door

“Well aren’t you going to invite me in or are you having second thoughts” Tobi regained himself But stuttered a little as he looked back at Mike who was still setlled comfortably on the floor

” No um,,,of course,,,well,,,,you know you look very nice” The girl raised an eyebrow at him

“Wait Tobi don’t tell me you have another girl over,,,cuz I won’t stand for rubbish tonight” Tobi took her hands and started

“Of course not,,,didn’t I tell you that day ,,,you are the only angel in my life,,,the only one who captured my heart,,,the only love I’ll die for” he boasted Aisha smiled and replied him

“So ,,,but why aren’t we going in now” Tobi couldn’t make out an explanation He simply led her in and closed the door, As they entered Mike looked up at them and said

“Ooh,,,you must be aisha,,,Tobi said he was expecting,,,sorry I cant stand and greet you poperly ,,I’m too engrossed with this ” Mike pointed to the tv and hastily tuned his attention back to it, Tobi led aisha and they sat on the couch behind Mike, Aisha had an accusing look on her face as she glanced at Tobi, Tobi stood up and brought a glass of water for her, She looked enstranged as she took the glass From him, Tobi thought

*manage it abeg,,,its not my fault,,,,one idiot managed to finish a whole bottle of juice I bought* As he was thinking he looked angrily at Mike who was too focused on his film, Minutes passed by but Mike still sat 30 minutes gone but he wasn’t moving at all, Tobi looked at the time 9:30

*ahn ahn* Aisha was already getting impatient as she kept hissing continously Tobi started

“Mike its 9:45 now,,,shebi you’ll start going now,,,you know how the streets gets dangerous at night” Mike looked back and replied

“Oh don’t worry my brother,,,my bike is downstairs and I trust that red devil,,,no hooligan can touch me when I’m on that speed machine so don’t worry about me” Mike smiled as he faced the tv again, Tobi fumed in annoyance

*who is worried about this idiot ,,,my friend leave my house so I can bl*ep this girl in peace* But Mike kept chanting and raking over the scenes in the film, Tobi sighed Why is this punk interested in spoiling show tonight, Then he tried improvising An old skill he learnt when he was in junior high, He placed his hands over aishat shoulder Then let it dangle over her chest, Aishat observed his movements and shifted closer, Tobi would touch and feel her boobs a little but he would get interrupted at times When Mike would rant out and look back at them like

“Wow did you guys see that,,,that kid just punched a grown up man through the window,,,just like me!!” He would smile then turn back to the film, Tobi was tired of placing and removing his hands from her shoulder because of Mike, He decided to try something else, He put his hands at her back and slowly unzipped her dress and moved his hands to wards her left boobs, he started fondling it carefully, It wasn’t noticeable because his hands were behind, Tobi smiled a little at his smart move but soon Mike started scratching his eyes and complained a little

“Uhh,,,its like I’m too close to this thing,,,” He immediately got up and went to the couch as Tobi and aishat detached themselves and adjusted, Mike went to their middle and sat sepearating them in opposite sides, Aishat was clearly annoyed as she gave a loud hiss, Mike turned and said to her

” Aunty hope I’m not disturbing you o” She looked at him with a frowned face and shook her head “Ehen, ,,cos me I want to enjoy my film” Mike added, They sat like that for some minutes, Tobi suffered in silence as Mike sat in between them still watching the “stupid naruto” Aisha soon grabbed her purse and stood up in annoyance

“Tobi pls I’m leaving,,,I have better things to do at home” Tobi almost jumped as he went after her

“Aw now aisha,,,you can leave like this,,,let’s spend more time together” She looked disbelievinly at him

“Spend time doing what here,,,or watching what with that guy” she pointed at Mike, Tobi was disheartened As he thought

*but how can you leave when I’ve not even bl*eeped you small* Tobi wasn’t ready to waste his efforts, He managed to convince her to stay After much pleading she agreed not to leave, They decided to go to Tobi ‘s room and left Mike at the parlour, When they entered They sat on the bed but Aisha still seemed annoyed

“I thought we agreed that ,,,when I get here your uncle or anybody else won’t be around,,,but just two of us” Tobi explained to her

“It wasn’t my fault ,,,all my other friends had already left but I don’t know why that one doesn’t want to go” She replied him

” you promised that only the both of us would spend the night together,,,and you broke that promise ,,,how I’m I sure that you won’t break your promise of love to me” She asked him emotionally, Tobi saw this as a chance to hit the jackpot, He took her face in his hands and said to her

“Baby don’t think like that at all,,you are my all in alll,,,my greatest jewel,,,the voice of my songs,,,,the pick to my guitar and the inspiration to my music ” Her eyes twinkled at his sweet words

“Do you really mean it,,,Tobi be honest do you truly love me and only me ,,and no one else” Tobi held her waist and pulled her closer

“I mean it baby,,,you are my only love,,,my eternal love” He lowered his head and kissed her passionately, She responded and pressed on him, Tobi was a born player, Its hard to tell how many girls he had proffesed love for and dumped later (Even I can’t count) They were still stuck in a deep embrace as Tobi slid his hands under her dress to slowly tug at her undies, As he one hand slowly undid her zip the other one was under her dress Then suddenly Mike pushed open the door and stepped in

“Hey Tobi um-” They broke off and adjusted themselves

“What !” Tobi asked with a stern face

“Uh ,,, I need the second season ,,,that one has finished” Mike said Tobi eyed him for a while then said

“Its in the tv drawer” Mike smiled and said

“Alright thanks,,,” As he left Tobi stood up and locked the door He turned and said to her

“Don’t worry its locked ,,he won’t interrupt again”

“Are you sure” she asked him

“Trust me” She stood up and stepped towards him, She took his head and they started kissing again, Tobi grabbed her by the a*ss and lifted her up, He placed her on the bed and layed over her, He decided not to waste more time, As they continued kissing She slowly unzipped her dress, he took his shirt, She was working on his belt, he almost took out her undies When all of a sudden Mike pushed his head through the door and said

“Yo tobe,,,the remote is not working ” Tobi jumped up from the bed and almost screamed

“Just press it !!,,,press the button it will work!!” He quicjly went and shut the door again, As he turned around Aishat was already gathering herself ready to leave, How would he explain to her that locking a door made no sense when it comes to Mike, He could crack the toughest safe and open it, Tobi was frustrated as he started pleading with aisha again

::: :::

Muna poured milk into a cup and mixed it with sugar, He turned half into a bowl and placed it down for bills Who happily wagged his tail and licked Muna


Muna drank and digested with a loaf of bread, That was all he would eat for the night and he wasn’t really interested in eating more, He remembered one time sonia once teased him that he was so skinny because he didn’t eat much, After the meal he went straight to bed, The night was too cold so he wore a jacket to sleep, As he closed his eyes To sleep A message entered his phone, He lazily reached for his phone to check it It read

°°hello handsome,,how is your night,,,°° He had a confused look on his face, Soon his phone started ringing again, He checked the caller iD It was an unknown nlumber He thought in his mind

*who could this be*