The Replacement Girl Episode 30


Unity Plaza was where I started working after leaving Ahmad’s house three years back. The plaza was very close to my uncle’s house so I had no trouble in transportation. I started working as a full time employee there before school made me to switch to part time. My boss was no one but Mr. Ken Rosenberg. He was a very rich and wonderful man. He alone occupied 9 shops in the Plaza and had many employees. His shops were number 6, 10, 14, 17, 20, 25, 28, 30, and 31 – all in the first and second floors. We had the best and cheap mobile phones and their accessories. Those that worked full time were paid N28,000 monthly (28 days) while those that worked part time (Saturdays and Sundays) were paid N8,000 monthly (8 days). But you could also get much more through interests from the customers.
The Zaki Beverage Factory was always opened for the top officials and labourers, people like me had weekends as free days. Thus, I would go to Unity Plaza and earn for a living during weekends. I heard Zaki used to pay I.T students but I was in my second week so I couldn’t tell.

Today been Saturday, I was at the plaza as early as 8 O’clock. We normally used to have lot of customers during weekends and people loved buying things in our shops because of our trustworthiness and refundability. If the product you purchased got faulty, we could replace it for you. Our boss knew business!
“Hello, who is in-charge here?” A tall army officer bounced in looking around the shop.
“I am the one, sir” I cheerfully said. “You are welcome to Ken’s shop. How may I help you?”
“I need iPhone 11 Pro, do you have it?” He said.
“Let me check if we still have it in stock, sir” I blurted out checking the record book. “Gosh, all has been sold off but we have the Pro Max”
“Okey, let me call my wife and ask if she wants that one” He said as he pulled out his phone.
“Okey sir” I said as I took the sealed package of the phone from the shelf and put it in front of me. I knew the wife would definitely like it because Pro Max was practically the best of all the three variants of the Apple’s iPhone 11s.
“Sweetheart, they only have the pro max here too” He said as soon as he dialed her number and she picked up. “How about the shops you said you will check in?” He wrinkled a brow. “No any iPhone 11 at all?” He dropped his jaw. “Okey, I think we should just buy the Pro Max or what do you think?” He queried her. “Okey, come to shop 25…” He heaved a sigh. “I love you too” He hanged off the call and turned to me. “She said she’s coming” He apprised.
“Alright, sir” I amicably uttered with a smile.
Thus, in less than a minute she bounced into the shop. To say I was surprised was an understatement. “Naziha??” I blurted out.
“Humairah??” She rose her brows.
“You knew each other?” The army man said.
“It’s a very long story” she said as she quickly held his hand. “Lets go back home, honey!”
“How about the phone?” He asked.
“Forget about it, we will buy it another day” she said and, thus, they unhesitatingly left.
“Hmmm” I heaved a sigh of relief as I returned the phone package into the shelf. Thank God I didn’t unsealed it if not, who would buy an unsealed iPhone? But talking about Naziha, so she was still in Nigeria? I thought I heard she ran overseas? Did Ahmad even knew she was still in Nigeria? No, if he knew he would definitely search for her. But how about that Army officer? OMG, could it be that she had moved on with him? Enough of the exaggerations!
The day didn’t went well because I kept thinking about Naziha. She had changed totally. The beauty was gone and she had pimples allover her face. Like seriously?
I retired for the night immediately I ate dinner and took shower. Just as I was forcing myself to fall asleep, my phone began buzzing and ringing. It was an unsaved contact ending with 9816. It was definitely Ahmad so I hissed and declined the call. Thus, he called again. I did the same thing and just then, his text arrived.
•”Ignoring me is not the best solution to your problem. I know you love me, you told me that three years ago and I believe you still love me. I am sorry for turning your hands down. Please stop ignoring me, I want you around me…”
I couldn’t finish reading his text message when sleep overtook. I was practically tired after all!
Hmmm, sometimes you wish the person you love see things the way you see but that’s just a wishful thinking. Love is just unpredictable.