The Replacement Girl Episode 29


These days, things hadn’t been easy for me. Seeing Humairah around made me to think alot. Maybe I loved her too but how?? The more I compared her to my wife the more it was clear to me she wasn’t even beautiful at all. Rania was practically in every way more beautiful than her. I loved beautiful women!

Humairah started her I.T few weeks ago with us and now she was acquainted with how we did our things in here. I made her worked with my chief accountant since B.A Economics was what she was studying. She would come as early as possible and go home late at times.

Today, something tragic happened to one of our labourers. He was electrocuted by one of our machines. I didn’t know something of that nature had happened until he was taking to the hospital and the bill was passed – that was when my secretary called and informed me about the situation. I was dumbfounded!

When I went to the hospital, I saw Humairah there too. There was no way they could sign the bill issued by the hospital because the fee was very high. They were all counting on me to do that. I had to scold them for hiding the situation from me in the first place and, thus, warned them never to do such thing again. I was their boss and I practically ought to know whatever that was happening in the factory.

“He will be fine” The doctor assured us and left.

Just then, my eyes caught up with Humairah’s eyes. She quickly averted them and pretended as if nothing happened. We had only spoken few times ever since she started working with us. She didn’t like being around me and always liked being in the company of other female workers. She wasn’t that teen I almost raped before. She was now 20 and had grown up.

“Jemima, I’m going” She said to my secretary.

“Home or work?” Jemima asked.
Yes, she ought to be asked because it was already 4pm and today being Friday, the factory normally closed at such hour every Fridays.

“Home, but I will have to go back to the factory and get my things first before going” She said.

“Alright then, see you tomorrow” Jemima said.

Thus, they shook hands with each other and Humairah left. She didn’t even cared to say a word to me. Like seriously? Wasn’t I the boss?

I followed her with my car key dangling in my hand. She was walking so fast that before I reached her, she had already stopped a cab and stormed in. Thus, I followed her to the factory.

“Humairah, can we talk?” I asked.

“Wha… what do you want?” She answered my question with a question while paying the cabman. She was kind of, you know, anxious.

“I just want us to talk” I said.

Of course we needed to talk with each other. Firstly, why was she always running away from me? Was I a ghost or something? Secondly, why wasn’t she respecting me? I was her boss but she wasn’t giving me the respect I needed!

“About what?” She wrinkled a brow.

“See me in my office!” I said and left her there.

I went to my office and patiently waited for her there. Time wentby and she didn’t showup. Thus, I dialed her number to tell her to get her filthy ass into my office but when she picked the call she uttered something that baffled me.

“Who is this?” She asked.

I was dumbfounded. Like seriously? She eliminated my contact from her phone? No problem!

“It’s me, your boss” I said.

“Well, I am already home” She smirked.

“Home?” I puzzled. “Are you mad? Didn’t I tell you to meet me in my office? Are you sick???”

“Kai, kada ka zage ni. You told me to see you in your office but you didn’t specify when. How do you expect me to know?” She blamed me.

“No, you knew exactly what I meant!” I said.

“Maybe yes” She said and terminated the call.

Goddammit! I muttered a curse under my breath and quickly dialed her number again.

“Ahmad dan Allah kada ka dame ni. Leave me alone, please just leave me alone!” She squealed and quickly ended the call again.

I tried her number again but she refused to pick. Thus, I felt a strange pain in my heart. It had never happened before. What was wrong with me? Hypertension? Love? What? I didn’t really know. I kept trying her number but she refused to pick up. That really infuriated me!

Seems like someone is in love, hahaha! Well, it could mean love and it could mean nothing… absolutely nothing, but we don’t know yet. I mean you don’t know yet. Lol