The Replacement Girl Episode 24


“Who’s that woman?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know” I muttered.

“You mean Ahmad didn’t say anything about her to you?” She wrinkled one of her brows.

“No, he did not” I said washing the dishes.

Just an hour ago, Ahmad went out to God knows where and brought back with him a very beautiful lady. Her skin was very fair and she looked like all those celebrities. I thought Naziha was beautiful but this one was more beautiful. The moment I saw her I already knew I would never get Ahmad. Maybe he brought her to replace his missing wife!

It should’ve been me but he never loved me so he couldn’t notice me, after all I’m only his house worker and if not because I stopped him from violating me that day he would’ve turned me into his concubine too. God, please remove his love from my heart – I can’t take it anymore. I prayed silently in my fragile mind.

“Maybe she’s just a family friend” Sarah said.

“I hope so, Sarah” I said as I quickly rinsed my hands and dried them with a very clean rag.

We were done with our work for the day and it was time for home. Ahmad was upstairs with his visitor, they were busy and I didn’t want to disturb them so I texted him and told him I was going home. He texted back with a “Goodnight”. Like seriously? I thought he was going to take me home today too. I heaved a sigh and walked to Faisal outside. Sarah was living closeby so all she did was trekking.

“Seems like I’m the one to take someone home today” Faisal smirked and continued. “That woman is the perfect definition of beautiy. If oga boss married her, their children would be like arabs. He’s fair, she’s fair” He teased me.

“You are mad” I hissed at him.

“Madly in love with yo… no one!” He laughed.

“Insanity!” I said as I stormed into the car.

He drove me home and I quickly alighted from the car and ran inside the house. I had the most bored night, and the following day I overslept. I woke up so late, I had to rush to Ahmad’s house because I missed Faisal’s shuttle. The mad boy refused to call me when he came.

I paid off the cabman immediately he dropped me at the gate, thus I stormed into the house in furry – I wanted to strangle Faisal but then my eyes caught up with something. I was so terrified. What was police hillux doing in the house at such hour? What happened? I wondered as I quickly ran inside the house to see for myself.

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“Just like I told you, the car was intercepted in Kaduna. The driver said he ordered the car from Jumia but he’s still in our custody. We are trying our possible best to ensure that justice is practically served” One of the officers said.

“Thank you, Inspector Abiyamo. But how about my wife, Naziha? Any information about her please?” Ahmad wrinkled a brow.

“That too, we are trying our best” The officer said. “But sir, are you really sure she’s still in Nigeria? The bank told us she changed some Nigerian currency worth 5million naira into American dollars. Why would she do that?”

“You’ve got a point officer but, lets just keep searching here please. If you’re able to find her today or tomorrow I will make sure I change your lives, I promise” Ahmad assured them.

“Alright, we will try our best sir” The police officer said. Thus, shook hands with Ahmad and left with his men while wearing a smile.


Ahmad and his lady took their breakfasts on the dining table, thus they drove out to God knows where. I was now a garbage to him, he didn’t even have time for me at all – no text messages, calls, or hanging out. Well, who was I even to him? A cook and ex-best friend.

Sarah heaved a sigh as she helped me packed Ahmed’s cloths for laundry.

“He has changed” She said expecting a reply from me. “Isn’t it?”

“I don’t know” I gulped. “Lets just do our job!”

“Alright then” She shrugged.

We did the laundry and other necessary things too, thus we cooked launch but Ahmad and his lady didn’t come back to eat theirs. It was after magrib prayer that they came back, and by then we were done cooking dinner so we served them. They ate and went upstairs.

Sarah and I washed the dishes thus, prepared for home. We walked out of the house and I bade her goodbye as she began trekking home. Faisal ignited the car into action and, thus, drove to where I was standing. Just as I was about hopping into the car my phone buzzed.

•”Goodnight Humairah, sweet dreams!”

It was a text message from Ahmad. I smiled and huffed. Was there a need for me to reply?

•”You too, sir!”

I finally decided to reply him back and in less than a minute he replied me with this;

•”The new lady in the house, her name is Rania. I wanted to do a formal introduction but she won’t be staying long. She’s my cousin sister”
I smiled at his text and quickly typed back;

•”She’s beautiful!”

Thus, he replied me I know just go home its getting late.