The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 34


LOCATION: SENATOR AKINKUNMI’S HOUSE ASO DRIVE, ASOKORO ABUJA, NIGERIA . . Senator Akin and the team of gang he called yesterday are seen discussion in senator’s house, Their discussion based on how to kidnapped a boy who stand as obstacle between him and Madam Hadiza and took him to a hiding place in Suleja (Niger state) where he would be dealt with. Seated in a well furnished sitting room comprised about three guys which was Tugo,Spider and Student, they were served with a red wine as they were welcomed into the sitting room by one of senator’s house girl. Senator Akin came out of his master bedroom, he wore only short and white underwear with bathroom slipper, He sat opposite of his three visitors with mind full of anger, he speak out .

Sen.Akinkunmi: ***Speaking seriously*** welcome boys, I called you yesternight because I need your help urgently, there’s a boy standing as challenge in between me and someone in Osun state, I want him hidden in your custody for some period of time. The boy is just too small for me to deal with, listen I don’t ask you to kill him neither harm him, even don’t slap him, I just want him to back off, I think three of you are ok for the job? .

Tugo: (Gang leader) Baba Agbalagba, The small boy na cockroaches in front of you while you be fowl, Baba go just swallow him. How do you want the work to be? .

Sen.Akinkunmi: I want it as soon as possible, we are going to the Airport right now, we are flying to Ibadan, a hotel has been reserved for you guys .

Spider: (Second In command) So soon baba you never give us details about the small Rat nah .

Tugo: Na so baba we need hin picture and house address, give us the two and leave the rest for us .

Sen.Akinkunmi: The only problem I’m having with the boy right now is that I don’t know more about him .

Tugo: ***Faced one of his boys*** Student! you just dey on silent since, what do you have to say about this mohin? .

Student: Anyway have been thinking about it ever since senator had narrated it, kindly let me think deep I’ll surely come out with something useful .

Tugo: ***Hailing Student*** The only graduate among us in you I trust jare, Na God say make you go school all this brain for don waste .

Sen.Akinkunmi: So without proper information about him nothing can be done? .

Tugo: You know e no go dey easy make we go dey look for person wey we no know .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Should I call someone and ask for his details? .

Student: What was the relationship between him and the person you wanna put a call through? .

Sen.Akinkunmi: His boss thought I wanted to deal with him because of her, He does not let his boss have my time .

Spider: Call her baba let his boss direct us, I want to go visit Osun o .

Sen.Akinkunmi: ***He took his phone and wanted to call Madam Hadiza but Student stopped him*** .

Student: Senator Don’t, don’t call her, You wanna leave leap hole, If you call her now asking for his information and the guy went missing next day don’t you think his Madam will tagged you as number one suspect .

Sen.Akinkunmi: You’re truly a student full of intelligent I even fought her because of that boy yesterday .

Student: Can you see it now, so you’re not in the right position to call her .

Tugo: Wetin we go come do now? This work must not pass us by o .

Student: Don’t worry na we go still do am .

Spider: Let think of another way .

Student: Ok ok ok let do it this way .

Tugo/Spider: ***Hailing Student*** We trust you Baba, oya jawa si (Carry us along) .

Student: *** He adjusted his sitting position and felt like a King*** Sir we are in 21st century .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Honestly we are .

Student: You said you do not have his pictures? .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Yes I don’t .

Student: Do you know his full name? .

Sen.Akinkunmi: ***He flashed back to the first day he met him in Madam Hadiza’s sitting room, She Introduced him to him as Pesman her P.A that’s all*** Actually I dont know his full name but his Madam do called him Pesman .

Student: Just Pesman? .

Sen.Akinkunmi: That’s all I know about him .

Student: I want to search for him on the internet, can you recognize him if you see his pictures? .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Very well .

Student: (He took his phone and searched for Pesman on Facebook, Few people appeared which he clicked on the names till he got to the one he was searching for) .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Yes! This is the stupid boy, you’re so wonderful student, what next to do now? .

Student: Let me get his information first (He downloaded Pesman’s pictures and copy his number) am now having his phone number, I’ll have to communicate with him to get more info from him .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Can we still make it to Ibadan today? .

Student: Yes sir we can, but you’ll give us some times to get everything in order .

Sen.Akinkunmi: You have a little time, The dam and his boss are going to south Africa soon, I don’t want that to happened .

Student: Between two to three days everything will be in our control. .

(After few chat, All of them including Senator Akinkunmi headed to Abuja airport and booked a flight to Ibadan)

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****** PESMAN******

I just slept off after I received a call from Cnn, The atmosphere was just cool which made me slept to the extent of not waking up in the midnight, I wake up the next morning and sat outside of my house, I don’t have anything to do nor having somewhere to go. I began to think about Ade the guy is just too funny, he said I would be more useful in Fct than osun, but to me I don’t think am ready to leave Madam Hadiza and all of my chicks alone just like that, I was still on thinking mood when Tasker came and join me in the veranda. .

Me: Morning Tasker how was your night? .

Tasker: Morning Pesman You actually wake up late today .

Me: When did you started monitoring my sleeping? .

Tasker: Its not like of you to wake up late .

Me: Am going nowhere that’s why .

Tasker: Sorry for the stupid question I wanna ask you .

Me: Better keep your stupid question to yourself because am gonna give you stupid answer .

Tasker: Pesman don’t you think you’re fresh? Am in love with your skin .

Me: Have you join gay? .

Tasker: Let be serious I love your fresh skin .

Me: Is that your stupid question? Ok I don’t know I have fresh skin because mirror is my worse enemy .

Tasker: Which type of work are you doing sef? .

Me: I’m working as clearing and forwarding agency I work with Nigerian Custom .

Tasker: Hmmm you say wetin? .

Me: You heard me clearly? .

Tasker: But I never for once see you in a uniform .

Me: My department is like CID we do hide our Identity .

Tasker: No wonder! Please is there any available vacancy in your office, I need work badly .

Me: One senator work it for me am not in position to hire or fire *** My phone rang that moment and the caller happened to be Christabel*** Baby mi .

Christabel: Don’t babe me, When last did you called me? .

Me: Am sorry dear have being busy this days .

Christabel: Always busy don’t you miss your bae? .

Me: I miss you badly .

Christabel: I miss you more, I’m coming back tomorrow .

Me: ***Happy, another pu–y is on her way*** wow so am seeing my beautiful angel tomorrow? .

Christabel: Yes love,can’t wait to see you .

Me: Me too dear, what will you bring for me? .

Christabel: I want to take you by surprise,So I won’t tell you till we see tomorrow, Pesman what are you reserving for me? .

Me: Samething applicable to me, I won’t tell you until we see .

Christabel: Do me and do you abi? .

Me: Its 50/50 .

Christabel: Be expecting your bea tomorrow then .

Me: Tomorrow is here already .

Christabel: Sure, When last did you see my friend? .

Me: Susan? .

Christabel: Yeah .

Me: Its been long I see her since when she stabbed my friend we haven’t seen each other .

Christabel: Have being calling her line for the past four days now it couldn’t connect .

Me: I do not hear from her either .

Christabel: Can you please go to my house and check for me? .

Me: I don’t want her to stab me .

Christabel: You’re not serious .

Me: Susan is now drinking blood .

Christabel: Na you sabi, see you soon dear .

Me: Same love .

Christabel: Thank you bye .

Me: Bye ***Hanged up, once I hanged up the call another call came in from Nurse Titi*** Hi Titi love .

Nurse Titi: Pesman how are you doing .

Me: I’m doing fine .

Nurse Titi: So you won’t call if I do not call you? .

Me: (Having too much girlfriend is not good, one cannot even have Freedom) Haaaaaa babe have being trying your line for a while now but not going through .

Nurse Titi: Maybe its network error .

Me: I thought as much .

Nurse Titi: Where are you? .

Me: Am home and you? .

Nurse Titi: At work .

Me: You have resumed work? .

Nurse Titi: Yes nah, sebi your girlfriend wanted to kill me but I thank God she failed .

Me: You have started again,How many times will I tell you I have nothing with that s–t .

Nurse Titi: I’m pulling your leg .

Me: Better

Nurse Titi: When are we seeing? .

Me: ***Christabel Is coming tomorrow so I need to see Titi first*** We can see tonight or what do you think? .

Nurse Titi: What of tomorrow evening? I want to pass night with you .

Me: ***Na lie, my bed is rather reserve for Christabel not you*** Am not available tomorrow, I’m going for an occasion in Iwo I don’t think I’ll sleep home .

Nurse Titi: If I didn’t call you now you won’t mind telling me you’re traveling .

Me: I believe before end of today your line would be connection .

Nurse Titi: We’ll see next week then I’m also going to be busy tonight, I will be at clinic .

Me: Ok dear love you,I will make it up with you .

Nurse Titi: Dont promise what you can not fulfil o .

Me: Don’t you trust your guy anymore? .

Nurse Titi: Sure I do .

Me: That’s my bae Love you .

Nurse Titi: Love you too bye .

Me: Bye ***Hanged up*** Tasker faced me as soon as I hanged up .

Tasker: Pesman two girls at a time hmm you be boss o .

Me: Its none of your busin– but before I could finished my words another call came in from Powerline, He told me that the date of post utme has been fixed and I’m going to write on Monday, I thanked him and hanged up, Few minutes later I received a message from school telling the samething that the date of post utme has been fixed and am to write on Monday as well. I called Nike and explained to her she said she’s coming back to osun on Sunday and school is yet to send her reminder message.


I spranged up from my sleep, Have being sleeping for an hour now, I began to sweat profusely, My heart beat increased to 100km/sec, Before I could say jack tear has gathered in my eye. I love him I don’t want something bad to happened to him he’s my everything, Oh lord which kind of dream is this? Is something bad going to happen to him? No I won’t allow that, Please who are those people I saw in my dream? I started this bad dream immediately I slept and all what I came across in dream land was nothing but disaster, I saw a Man and other three guys discussion on how to kidnap pesman, Yes I knew the Man very well he used to come and visit Madam Hadiza when I was working with her,I saw everything as if I’m watching a movie, it would be highly difficult for Pesman to go Scot free from him because the man I’m talking about isn’t ordinarily person but top personality in our society. I’ll try all my best to safe my man from this trauma. I took my phone and dialed his number but the system won’t let the call connect I think I don’t have airtime on my line, I speedily borrowed airtime from Mtn and re-dialed his number yet I was disappointed by the replied I got from network

“The mtn number you’re trying to call is currently switched off,Please try again later thank you”

I began to cry and thought of what next to do at the same time when Cnn came into my mind Thank God he should be with Pesman I was about calling his line when I remembered that the dude is no more staying in Osun state, I busted into another round of tears as I couldn’t figured out another way of saving my love, I’ve being trying his number for more than 10times now still switched off, Oh my God! So Pesman is going to be kidnapped just like that? I thought with myself as tear drooped off my eye simply because my instinct never failed me. .

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To be continued