The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 31


I wake up very late the next morning, immediately I opened my eye my head was filled with the event of the previous day “So D.P.O Ibrahim went this far because of my friend?” “He wanted to arrest him in Abuja” “Huuuu Dupe said it, She said someone somewhere is planning for him” “Anyway thank God sha my friend has won the battle” “Its now D.P.O’s turn to pay” “But wait o, Pesman you’re a bad guy o” “What makes you adviced Cnn in that way?” “What if the plan failed?” “Forget it can never fail” “Moreover Ade happened to be the Doctor assigned to him” “Yes he should know how to perfect everything and makes it looks real” “Pesman!!! The bad guy himself” I hailed myself as I got out of bed went to bathroom to take my bath, I met Tasker (My neighbour) on my way to bathroom. .

Tasker: Pes Pes how far nah .

Me: Tasker I dey o and you? .

Tasker: Am fine, hmmm Ogbeni Pes it seems you lay low this days o .

Me: What did you see? .

Tasker: I haven’t come across any girl here this week, abi you’ve retired ni? .

Me: Are you serious at all? Are they giving me money? .

Tasker: But atleast they are giving you Pu–y nau .

Me: Do you have any other things to say? .

Tasker: Someone else is in bathroom so why hurry? .

Me: Because you’re so monotonous .

Tasker: Na you sabi, how far about that bae nah? .

Me: Which of the bae? .

Tasker: The one a lady stabbed here .

Me: She’s a nurse,she’s more than Ok now ***The person who has been taken bath in bathroom walked out*** .

Tasker: When next is she coming I wanna greet her .

Me: See you next time ***I walked into bathroom leaving him behind, some minutes later I’ve done with the bathing and walked out, heading to my room when I heard someone calling my name from afar the voice wasn’t too familiar so I have to stop and looked back to see who was calling me, I Totally felt disappointed because I was on only boxer and towel was hung around my neck, My half naked can be compared to the structure of Mosquito, my Chest is as flat as handfan without any single park (Parksless) and my buttocks couldn’t displayed in my boxer, Tasker on the other hand walked out of his room immediately he heard the voice who has been shouting my name*** .

Me: Haaaaaa who is this? Sandra is this you? What are you looking for in our area? .

Sandra: Oh my God! I couldn’t believe I would meet you today, I only saw your back side I firstly thought it wasn’t you, I just use one mind to call you .

Me: Hmmm that mean your mind is as clean as dove .

Sandra: Honestly Pesman you’re looking more handsome in this boxer .

Me: ***I began to feel uncomfortable, this girl is using style to make gest of me*** Oh thanks dear,How are you doing? .

Sandra: Am fine .

Tasker: Good morning sister .

Sandra: Morning sir! .

Tasker: I’m Tasker by name, Pesman’s neighbour .

Sandra: I’m Sandra,Pesman’s friend .

Tasker: Nice meeting you ***Stretched hand forward for handshake*** .

Sandra: Pleasure is mine ***Receiving his handshake*** .

Me: How is Jameelah and Madam Hadiza? And where are you going? .

Sandra: Pesman your madam and her daughter is fine but none of them is at home so,I decided to take a walk .

Me: Ha You’re taking a walk from Madam’s house to this area,is that not too far? .

Sandra: I don’t know have walked this far .

Me: What if your madam has returned home? .

Sandra: She cannot return anymoment from now, where is your room so I can be coming to greet you . Me: The first room by your right hand side .

Sandra: Do you know we have to talk? .

Me: Sure I do, we’ll see next time, you can see it that am just coming from bathroom .

Sandra: It ok dear let me be on my way .

Me: Are you still going to trek? .

Sandra: Offcourse Yes .

Me: You don’t have to, Just take a bike ok? .

Sandra: Ok bye ***She walked away*** .

Me: ***I was about walking back to my room when Tasker stopped me*** .

Tasker: Wait Pesman .

Me: What is it again? .

Tasker: Who is that girl? .

Me: None of your business ***I walked into my room and bolted the door from inside, My ringing phone welcomed me back from bathroom, I rushed to it and took it but before I could answered the call it was a bit late as the line went dead. Displaying on my phone was six missed calls from Powerline,I called him back asap***Hello Mr Powerline .

Powerline: Pesman where did you put your phone? .

Me: I was in the bathroom .

Powerline: Alright I just want to inform you that Oscotech form is now out it will be on sale for just two weeks .

Me: How much is it? .

Powerline: Just 8k .

Me: Can you please send me your account number,So I can transfer the money .

Powerline: No problem I will, since I have a copy of your jamb result all what you need to do is to send your passport,O’level result to my whatsapp or mail I’ll do every other things here .

Me: Haaaaaa Thank you brother am very grateful .

Powerline: You welcome .

Me: ***I hanged up the call, Cream my body and put on a nice shirt,I get ready all what he requested for and headed to a computer center to get it scan, I scanned everything and sent it to his mail address,I log out of mail and decided to surf internet small so,I log on Facebook. Nike message was the first to welcomed me. .

Nike: Hello Pesman welcome on board .

Me: Thank you dear,How are you doing? .

Nike: Am not fine .

Me: What happen to you? .

Nike: My daddy had accident .

Me: ***Pretending as if I didn’t know*** What did you just say? Your daddy? How come? What happened? .

Nike: It happened yesterday in Abuja .

Me: Eyah sorry dear I didn’t know your daddy is not in town .

Nike: We traveled together .

Me: Oh my God so you were in the same car? .

Nike: Yes dear .

Me: Hope you didn’t sustain any injuries? .

Nike: Nope, only my daddy wounded .

Me: Oh! Sorry dear how is he now? .

Nike: Getting better .

Me: Glory be to God, So when are you returning home? .

Nike: Don’t know yet, am with my daddy in hospital .

Me: Alright, erm how far about the school stuff? Oscotech form is now on sale .

Nike: Are you serious? .

Me: Even have purchased mine .

Nike: When? .

Me: Today .

Nike: How long are they selling it .

Me: Just Two weeks .

Nike: Only my daddy can delay me .

Me: I wish him quick recovery .

Nike: Amen thank you Pesman, I’ll feed you back on it .

Me: Ok dear later .

Nike: Wait .

Me: Ok what’s it? .

Nike: Your cell number? .

Me: 080xxxx ***We chatted for some minutes more before I log out***


Big Mummy,Tola,Nike and I were seated in the reception waiting for result of D.P.O’s chest, I buried my head on my palm as the event of the previous day occupied my head, Honestly Pesman is one of a kind friend with lot of benefits, the guy is just too much I love the way he used to think, you can never seek advice from him without giving you something reasonable, What makes him thinks of fake kidney operation was still a mastery to me, Anyway I pray to almighty to let the plan work out, Big mummy brought back my sense as she spoke out. .

Big Mum: Thank you for yesterday my son, I hope my daughter has discussed everything with you? .

Cnn: *** I looked at Tola who gave me No sign*** No ma, she hasn’t discuss anything with me ma, hope no problem ma? .

Big Mum: ***She wanted to tell him about the plan she had with D.P.O to get him arrested but she decided against it*** Nothing much I just sent her to greet you for me and thanks for everything .

Cnn: Am doing it for myself ma, you don’t need to thank me Daddy is also my daddy .

Big Mum: Its well with your soul .

Cnn: Amen thank you ma .

Nike: ***All this while she was busy pressing her phone probably she was on Facebook chatting*** .

Tola: Adenike gist me about home nah, tell me about what has been happening since I’m away .

Nike: Am not in the mood for talking .

Tola: What are you doing .

Nike: Facebook offcourse .

Tola: You’re chatting right? .

Nike: ***She nodded*** .

Tola: With who? .

Nike: My one and only guy .

Tola: Hope its not what am thinking? .

Nike: Whatever!!!.

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******DOCTOR ADE******

I was in my office going through some patients files and also thinking about Pesman’s proposal seriously I love the idea of the fake kidney operation only if it is not going to backfire me. A slightly knock sounded on my door that moment brought my imagination to halt “Come in” Walked in was a beautiful nurse holding a brown envelope .

Nurse: Here is the result .

Dr.Ade: Have you checked it? .

Nurse: No sir I just collected it from the lab and coming here direct sir .

Dr.Ade: You can take your leave .

Nurse: Ok sir ***She walked out*** .

Dr.Ade: I took the envelop brought out a white paper in it, I shaked my head as I glanced throught the result because there’s nothing wrong with his chest I was confused at this junction but I wanna help my brother but what if it backfire definitely I’ll lose my job and go to jail, But what gives me moral is that I’m the doctor incharge I’ll know how to perfect everything and make it looks more real, seriously family matter most, I must help a brother.

I reached for my drawer took out a result of one patient who had kidney Disease some months ago, Thank God there’s an office system and printer in my office I changed somethings in the result and reprint it in Mr Ibrahim’s name,. Now with the new result on my table Mr Ibrahim is having a kidney disease. I pounced on intercourse botton on my desk which made the intercourse device in reception making horrible sound whenever such sound was heard in reception it means Doctor need attentions of a nurse or two, few seconds later a nurse walked in. .

Nurse: Am here sir! .

Dr.Ade: Call me Mr Ibrahim’s family, I mean all of them .

Nurse: Alright sir ***She left*** .

Dr.Ade: Another knock on my office door “Yes come in” Big Mum,Tola,Nike and my brother walked in .

Big Mum: Good morning Doctor .

Dr.Ade: You’ll have to forgive me I have only two visitors chair in my office, mummy have your sit .

Big Mum: ***She sat down*** My son come and sit beside me here (She was referring to Cnn) .

Cnn: ***He sat beside her on the other chair while Tola and Nike remain standing*** .

Dr.Ade: I sent for you ***I stylish looked at Cnn’s face*** Actually the result of the chest we conducted on Mr Ibrahim yesterday is now available, If you check on him this morning you’ll discovered lot of changes in him, but the result I’m having here is somehow not too good. .

Big Mum: ***With heart beating faster*** What happen to my brother? .

Cnn: ***He was feeling uncomfortable he couldn’t predict what Doctor Ade is going to say because they haven’t reach any agreement lastnight*** .

Big Mum: Doctor please talk to me, what is wrong with him? .

Nike: ***She is now crying*** .

Doctor: Your brother is fine we just need sum of “fourteen million naira” .

Big Mum: Haaaaaa am totally in trouble where would I get such amount from? .

Nike: ***She increased her crying tempo, with her reaction she loves her father so much*** .

Tola: This is how am going to lose my daddy ***She busted in a tear, Cnn moved closed to her to console her and give her shoulder to cry on*** .

Dr.Ade: ***I smiled to myself as looked at each and everyone faces, their faces are full of sorrows and regrets, at this moment my office is as quite as grave yard*** .

Cnn: Don’t talk like that dear, we are not going to lose daddy at this moment, he’s very useful to us and our state in general, let Doctor finish his statement. Please Doctor what do we need the money for? .

Dr.Ade: ***I faced Big mum*** Ma your brother is having a kidney problem which we need to operate, one of his kidney has damaged (I handed the fake result to her, which made everybody in the room busted into another rounds of tear including Cnn) The fourteen million is the amount we need to get him another kidney and we’ll need to fly him to India for the kidney operation, and anyone of you can donate for him if you wish .

Tola: Daddy why do you want to intentionally kill yourself .

Cnn: ***He looked at Ade and winked*** .

Dr.Ade: ***I winked back*** .

Big Mum; Why this is happening to us my God, I don’t have up to fourteen million in my acct (Continue crying) .

Nike: ***She just keep shouting oh daddy! Oh daddy!*** .

Cnn: ***Yes its now time to execute my mission, thank you Ade you did a nice job*** It ok everybody please you guys should stop crying, as you can see I love this family and I’m already part of you, your happiness is also mine, as this family is currently in sorrow am also not happy and I want this family to be happy so therefore I’m ready to give one of my kidney to Daddy. .

Tola: ***She couldn’t believe her hear*** You want to do what? No no its not possible, don’t worry about my Daddy .

Dr.Ade: I think you know what you’re about doing? .

Tola: No I love him, I can’t lose my Daddy and lose him at the same time .

Cnn: Yes am ready .

Tola: No you’re not .

Dr.Ade; Oh now I understand you, your man wanted to donate one of his kidney not his life, look here my dear, your man is going to be fine after the operation just that he’ll need to Stay completely out of any hard works, so it has no effect on him .

Cnn: Am ready to give him one out of mine sir .

Big Mum: ***She stood up and knelt down in front of him*** Please forgive me my son inlaw have wronged you and your creator please forgive me .

Nike: ***She don’t know when she shouted on top of her voice*** wow you wanna save my daddy’s life (She jumped on Cnn as she hugged him so tight) .

Dr.Ade: I smiled to myself its obvious our plan is 50% work out already, Cnn will soon be welcome to D.P.O Ibrahim’s families. I prayed we didn’t regrets it at the end of the day. .

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To be continued