The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 22


Immediately I left the hospital I received a call from Abbey, definitely he has been set free, all thanks to my Godmother (Madam Hadiza) if not because of her Abbey might still be in cell .

Me: Hi bro .

Abbey: Thank you o Pesman am very grateful .

Me: You have been free? .

Abbey: Yes o, one lawyer like that came to bailed me yesterday am very sure he’s from your madam .

Me: He’s tall and dark with fat jaw? .

Abbey: Yes bro .

Me: It must be Barrister Adebayo .

Abbey: exactly he introduced himself to me as Barrister Adebayo from Madam something .

Me: Madam Hadiza .

Abbey: Yes, Pesman where are you? .

Me: Bro I just left hospital nio, that’s why I couldn’t make it to the station again .

Abbey: Who’s sick? .

Me: Powerline didn’t tell you anything? .

Abbey: No he didn’t .

Me: Na long story o, thank God say I never become a murderer .

Abbey: What really happened .

Me: Na two chicks dey fight over me in my house o, one come mistakenly stabbed the other .

Abbey: Yeeeee gbese re o .

Me: We rushed her to hospital that’s why you couldn’t see me .

Abbey: Eyah sorry o how is she now? .

Me: Still in hospital, Doctor said I should be going home that he will take care of her so far she is working in the same hospital we took her to .

Abbey: She be Nurse? .

Me: Yes the nurse that treat your wound .

Abbey: that fine nurse? .

Me: Yes .

Abbey: Bad guy, please let just becareful of ladies o, do you know Don and Jay set me up just because of Grace .

Me: ***Wonder*** how did you know? .

Abbey: I overheard it from a police officer that its a setup .

Me: Are they free also? .

Abbey: No they are still in the cell, police has started their investigations sha, they said I will be calling anytime my attention is needed, because I was bailed by a lawyer that my case is still fresh in station .

Me: Don’t worry ore, Madam Hadiza will finish everything .

Abbey: Thank you Pes am now at home, Powerline dropped some paper with me he said I should give it to you .

Me: I will come for it first thing tomorrow morning .

Abbey: Pesman I also want to see Madam Hadiza to thank her .

Me: No need for that, I will do that on your behalf .

Abbey: Alright please greet her for me .

Me: No lele .

Abbey: Later nah .

Me: Yeah ***Hanged up***

I made my way to my house to think straight about my life, I entered my room sat on the bed and was about to start thinking when I heard a soft knock on my door “Another bae?” I said to myself. I stood up walked to my door and opened it, standing before me was Tasker (My neighbour) .

Me: Haaaaaa its you Bro come in .

Tasker: ***He walked in sat on my bed*** How far bro? How did it go? .

Me: Thanks for yesterday, she’s in the hospital thank you .

Tasker: Hope she didn’t sustained too much injury? .

Me: Not much .

Tasker: But Pesman you be bad guy o, have been watching you for a long period of times now, girls are always running after you, one came to pass night here about two days ago, another two were fighting because of you yesterday what are you using? .

Me: You know everybody was created with a natural special gift .

Tasker: You mean girls are your natural special gift? .

Me: Yeah .

Tasker: I know you don’t have any girl about two years ago .

Me: You’re right, I haven’t discovered my talent then but now I’ve discovered it,. Even you too you have a natural special gift but you might not detected it yet try to discover yourself Bro .

Tasker: Pes Pes the supernatural man .

Me: What do you mean? .

Tasker: I’m greeting you .

Me: Thank you ***We are in the midst of our chatting when my phone rang, the caller was Jameelah*** .

Jameelah: Hello love .

Me: Yah yah? (How far?) .

Jameelah: Lets speak in English .

Me: Aah Aah mutiyare da hausawa (No let speak in hausa) .

Jameelah: Dammai? (Why?) .

Me: Bannaso kowa yaji magana mu (I don’t want a friend to listen to our conversation) .

Jameelah: Mace ce? (A girl?) .

Me: Aah Aah Namisi ne (No, its a man) .

Jameelah: Mamana tanajin na dan bantibachi ah gida pesman (Pesman my mummy was angry with me because I refused to sleep at home, she is now suspecting me) .

Me: Wato damu rabu da juna alocace kadan (That mean we’ll have to stay away from each other for a while) .

Jameelah: Aah aah baratayinba, inatunani ingayamata karkigata Mata (no I can’t do that, am planning of telling her the truth) .

Me: Yashe dammu gayamata (Don’t tell her yet) .

Tasker: ***Since he couldn’t understand my language again he made up his mind to leave*** see you later Pesman (He walked out) .

Me: You heard me right? .

Jameelah: Why did you switched to English? .

Me: The guy just left .

Jameelah: Ok so, when are we going to tell her, I want our relationship to be officially I don’t want to hide it anymore .

Me: You remember your mum threatened the first day we met at your house, she said I should stay away from you that you and I are Brother and Sister, she even said she can kill because of you please am afraid of her let continue hiding it for now .

Jameelah: ***Laugh*** I know how to talk to her .

Me: We just started this relationship not too long don’t let us make it officially yet .

Jameelah: Have heard you Pesman, love you .

Me: Love you too ***Hanged up***

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I took a nap after the call and wake some hours by the ringingtone of my phone which happened to be Christabel, we talked for a while before I ended the call but I couldn’t continue sleeping again so, I decided to log on Facebook to wipe time, immediately I log in I saw Nike message .

Nike: Hi pesman .

Me: Hey .

Nike: Sup .

Me: I dey like Dele .

Nike: Nice .

Me: I saw your request? .

Nike: Yeah .

Me: What can I do for you? .

Nike: Don’t tell me you don’t know me .

Me: ***Pretending*** I don’t think I know you .

Nike: Check my DP then .

Me: Have done that before and I don’t think have met you before .

Nike: Alright this is Nike .

Me: I know .

Nike: Don’t insult me nah .

Me: Sorry for sounding rude, but I don’t think I know you somewhere .

Nike: Ok, let me do proper introduction .

Me: Ok .

Nike: Do you know brother Mujeeb? .

Me: ***Contemplating*** Mujeeb?? No I don’t know him .

Nike: You don’t know cnn? .

Me: Haaaaaa my 5 I know him even more than money, are you one of his sisters? .

Nike: No, do you know Tolani? .

Me: Tola? His bae ? .

Nike: Yeah his bae do you know her? .

Me: Why not? I know her very well .

Nike: So, you don’t remember me in hospital the day Cnn ran away .

Me: ***Still pretending*** so, you’re Tola’s sister? .

Nike: Yes her immediate younger sister .

Me: Oh my God what did you added me for?, infact am blocking you right away .

Nike: Calm down Pesman, am very sorry about the events of last time, daddy did not intentionally punished you it was because of his lost daughter, even daddy and I fought because of it am very sorry on behalf of him .

Me: If your daddy pass me im no pass God o .

Nike: Stop it nah Pesman, I want you to forget about it, can we be friends? That’s why I added you .

Me: I can never toy with my life as Cnn did .

Nike: What do you mean? .

Me: I don’t want your daddy’s wahala .

Nike: ***Smile*** You are not serious, are you on whatsapp? .

Me: No am not .

Nike: So, tell me about yourself .

Me: Ask whatever you want to know about Pesman .

Nike: Your Full name .

Me: My name is the same name am chatting with .

Nike: Ok o, how old is Pesman? .

Me: 24 .

Nike: Good, tell me about your education carriers, the school you graduated from? .

Me: Still seeking for admission .

Nike: what?? (probably she was shocked with what he just said, how could he still be seeking for admission at the age of 24) .

Me: Yes dear I wrote last jamb .

Nike: Which school are you processing .

Me: Oscotech Esa-Oke .

Nike: Do you know anybody that can help you there? .

Me: Yes I do .

Nike: ***I need to confused my daddy about this oscotech of a school*** Good I also love oscotech but I didn’t choose them in jamb .

Me: I also didn’t choose them .

Nike: But you just said you’re processing admission there? .

Me: Yes ofcourse .

Nike: Oh! You wanna do DPT (Daily Part Time) .

Me: No I will make use of my jamb result .

Nike: how can You do that when you didn’t choose the school .

Me: I bought change of institutions and have changed my first choice to Oscotech .

Nike: So, one can change the institutions after the result is out? .

Me: Yes and that was what I did .

Nike: Pesman be expecting me, am coming to Oscotech too just because of you .

Me: ***Omo this Nike is fun to be with o*** No problem I will be expecting you .

Nike: Thanks for your time .

Me: You welcome ***we chatted for a while before I logged out of Facebook, but what I failed to know was my friendship with her would nearly cost me my precious life.

Few hours after our chat I remembered Nurse Titi and I quickly dialed her number fortunately for me it went through*** .

Nurse Titi: Hi dear .

Me: Hello .

Nurse Titi: Pesman I nearly lost my life in your house yesterday just because of you .

Me: Am very sorry dear, I met the event at the back of my yard so, I rushed you to your clinic .

Nurse Titi: Doctor told me, he said you’re the one who brought me to the clinic .

Me: Yes am the one, I even wanted to stay with you but he said I should be going home that he would take good care of you since you’re one of his staff .

Nurse Titi: He told me everything .

Me: Am very sorry dear, so where are you now? .

Nurse Titi: Am home .

Me: I’m coming right away .

Nurse Titi: I wanted to quit this relationship but I don’t just know what comes over me, I still love you Pesman (sounded teary voice) .

Me: *** Eyah you cannot break with me so far as my cream is still working*** I love you most dear .

Nurse titi: ***Crying*** Imagine I was stabbed in the front of my boo’s house by another chick, its so irritating .

Me: Am sorry love, I will be there with you soon .

Nurse Titi: I missed you, I want to see you that’s why I came to your house please come to my house I need to see you .

Me: Am on my way already ***Hanged up***

******NURSE TITI******

I was in my room with only bumshot and inner wear (Underwear) I looked atat my reflection in the mirror and I discovered I was looking very pretty than before, little plaster was placed by my abdomen probably where that stupid girl stabbed me, I was busy examining myself when Pesman walked in, he had called me few minutes ago that he’s coming to my house, I let him in, but I haven’t allowed him settled in my room when I threw him the most shocked question of his life because I can see it in his reaction that he wasn’t prepared for my question


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