The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 21


D.P.O: Hello sister mi .

Big Mum: Hello Ibrahim .

D.P.O: Its been long sister how are you doing and work? .

Big Mum: Fine, Ibrahim so your work is now more valuable than your daughter? I called you about three weeks ago that I caught your daughter and that stupid boy in my house, you said you’re coming till now I haven’t see you shame on you .

D.P.O: Am very sorry sister mi, commissional of police sent me on errands that’s why I couldn’t make it again last week but before this week runs out I will be there with you .

Big Mum: Ibrahim please come we cannot just sit idle and be looking at this matter like this, do you want him to destroy the future of your daughter? .

D.P.O: Ok sis I wanna suprise you, am coming tomorrow by His Grace, but how do we go about the boy? You know he won’t come to your house again since he has been caught .

Big Mum: Ibrahim you met me in this life and am your big sister .

D.P.O: That’s the truth sister .

Big Mum: You maybe police officer but I have what you don’t have which is women’s trick .

D.P.O: Hmmmm And that women trick is beyond the police way of working .

Big Mum: Yes it is .

D.P.O: Agreed so, what is going to happen now? .

Big Mum: I have a plan ***She sounded so sure of herself that her plan will surely work out*** .

D.P.O: Am all ears ma .

Big Mum: ***She told him about her plan*** .

D.P.O: are you sure it gonna work? .

Big Mum: Sure it will, don’t you know your daughter loves him? .

D.P.O: Where is Tola now? .

Big Mum: I sent her on errand .

D.P.O: alright sister you have a good idea but it cannot work out tomorrow .

Big Mum: Are you not coming again? .

D.P.O: Am coming, but lets apply police wisdom at this point .

Big Mum: You mean women’s tricks has finished its work .

D.P.O: ***Laugh*** I don’t say so, women’s trick will still continue working but it needs police strategic to make it more beautiful .

Big Mum: Ok lets listen to police trick .

D.P.O: ***He told him about his plan*** .

Big Mum: Good Idea, I will be expecting your call tomorrow .

D.P.O: Ok ma bye .

Big Mum: Bye ***She hung up***


I was in the hospital next day when my phone suddenly rang, Susan also walked in that moment she came to where I stood, I looked at the screen and discovered the caller was Christabel .

Me: ***Faced Susan*** Thank God Christabel is calling am gonna report you .

Susan: Go ahead .

Me: ***Picked the call*** Hello love .

Susan: *** hmmmm man! So you can still call her dear after keeping another girl in your house*** .

Christabel: Pesman life is not like this nau, you don’t even bother to check on me since yesterday .

Me: Am very sorry dear .

Christabel: You’re always sorry Pesman .

Me: You couldn’t believe I was in hospital throughout of yesterday? .

Christabel: What are you doing in hospital? .

Me: Its Susan o .

Susan: ***She looked me with eye full of hatred*** .

Christabel: ***Panic*** What happened to my friend? .

Me: Your so called friend stabbed one of my female friend in my house .

Susan: ***Yimu*** .

Christabel: You mean she came to your house? .

Me: Yes, I don’t know what she was looking for, she came immediately after you traveled without even informing me but unfortunately for her she met my absence .

Christabel: Who she met? .

Me: She met Nurse Titi .

Christabel: *** With angry voice*** Who is Nurse Titi? .

Me: The nurse that treated Abbey when he was injured .

Christabel: Ok that fair nurse .

Me: Yeah .

Christabel: What was she looking for in your room Pesman? .

Me: Its not in my room but in my compound .

Christabel: You’re now leaving in the same house? .

Me: No and I don’t know what she came to do in our compound before Susan met her there and stabbed the innocent girl .

Susan: *** She switched off her phone she wasn’t ready to talk to Christabel at the moment, she knew Christabel would call her after speaking with me*** .

Christabel: Where is Susan? .

Me: She’s here with me in the hospital .

Christabel: Give phone to her .

Me: I cannot, you know she might smash my phone .

Christabel: Ok I will call her line .

Me: Better .

Christabel: She hanged up.

Few minutes later Doctor came out of ward .

Doctor: ***His mood changed when he saw me*** Haha my friend have forgotten your name .

Me: Pesman .

Doctor: Pesman of Samaritan, are you the one helping my nurse this time around too? .

Me: Something like that sir .

Doctor: ***Shocked*** are you for real? .

Me: ***Smile*** Yes sir .

Doctor: Where are you coming from this time? I guess its not viewing center? .

Me: ***Mentioned of viewing center remind me of our cooked lie when we brought Tola here for treatment*** I’m not from viewing center sir .

Doctor: How come you helped my stabbed nurse yesterday? .

Me: Actually Titi and I became friends after the event of the D.P.O’s Daughter and she was stabbed somewhere closed to me yesterday, please how is she? .

Doctor: Its aminor injury, the knife did not reach her intestine .

Me: That’s good news, how much is my bill? .

Doctor: Your bill? .

Me: Yes! .

Doctor: Have you forgotten Titi is my staff? .

Me: I know just because am the one who brought her here .

Doctor: Thanks for that, erm your bill is 1billion .

Me: Haha you will have to put all my families up for sale .

Doctor: ***Smile*** .

Me: Thank you sir .

Doctor: What of that your run away friend? .

Me: Cnn? .

Doctor: I don’t know his name, where is he? .

Me: ***You wanna get information from me abi?*** Since he ran away I haven’t hear from him o, but I heard D.P.O’s daughter is now in Abuja .

Doctor: Ok

Me: Sir when are you going to discharge her? .

Doctor: You have noting to worry about, Titi is my staff so I will take good care of her, you can be going home when its time we’ll discharge her .

Me: Alright sir .

Doctor: ***Face Susan*** Is this your madam? .

Me: I Ignored him and left the hospital but not after I sent text message to Nurse titi

“Hi dear, I met you lying in your own pool of blood in my house, I took you to your clinic but doctor said I should be going home that he’ll take good care of you since you’re one of his staff, hope to hear from you soon love you”

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******INVESTIGATION ROOM****** Jay and Don were led to different rooms for questioning, they tried their best to answer the questions the best way they could. But they refuse to give police any useful information so, they were taken back to their cell .

Police2: Oga what are we going to do about this two guys now? .

Police1: Before tomorrow we would have seen another way of making them confess .

Police2: Do you believe they know about the robbery issue .

Police1: Yes they know about it,. You know when we went for house searching there is no sign of robbery in their house and that of the other guy (Abbey) .

Police2: What are we going to report to D.P.O now? You know he said we must give report today? .

Police1: Yes its true .

Police2: What is the way forward now? .

Police1: What if we track that man’s phone .

Police2: Its Good idea .

Police1: And during my interrogation with Jay they were the one who robbed that man they just want to implicate the other guy .

Police2: That guy has just been suffering for nothing here .

Police1: The guy has been bailed yesterday .

Police2: Who bailed him? .

Police1: One Barrister like that .

Police2: Am happy for him .

Police1: What next to do now .

Police2: Something is telling me we should go and research that man house, we might find something useful there such as fingerprint and any other useful things that may help this case .

Police1: I don’t think its necessary, afterall we have already went there yesterday .

Police2: My mind is telling me we should go again .

Police1: I don’t want to argue with you afterall you might be right, let me put a call to the Man that we are coming over .

Police2: We’ll give report of anything we find there to D.P.O .

Police1: ***He called the elderly Man and told him police team are coming for second house search, few minutes later about 5 policemen stormed his house and started their work

*** . Clarification: ***

The team leader would be tagged police1 while his assistance would be tagged police2 for better understanding of this episode*** .

Police1: ***He called the elderly Man to come closer for better questioning, while police2 and others went for searching*** Sir you said they jump in through this fence (Demarcation with fence) .

Man: Yes, and I opened the gate for them after I was robbed .

Police1: Do you lock your gate with padlock? .

Man: No I don’t .

Police1: So you were asked to lie down here .

Man: Yes this is where I was asked to lie down .

Police1: After you were robbed they escaped through the gate? ***He pointed at the gate when something white caught his attention by the edge of the gate, he moved closed to it and saw an old I.D card on the ground, he took it and checked it carefully*** Are you the owner of this I.D card? .

Man: No am not .

Police1: This I.D card might belong to one of those guys we’ll have to work on it . The I.D card making their second found in the house The sim park and the I.D card!!! .

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To be continued