The Prognosticator Episode 46



I woke as early as 6am in the morning, immediately i woke up i remember Dupe, Today is also a Monday, Dupe must be free today as promised by Madam Hadiza, i reached for my phone which was lying on my bed and called Madam Hadiza .

Madam Hadiza: Good morning pesman, how was your night .

Me: Splendid and yours? .

Madam Hadiza: Am fine .

Me: Glory be to God, today is Monday .

Madam Hadiza: Yea, are you going somewhere? .

Me: Nope, i want to remind you of your sale girl in police custody .

Madam Hadiza: Hmmm Dupe? .

Me: Yes .

Madam Hadiza: Am suspecting you .

Me: Suspecting me, what for? .

Madam Hadiza: You have something in common with that girl, tell me what’s going on between the two of you? .

Me: Nothing, just that i am pitying the girl, i want her to be free today .

Madam Hadiza: ok, i will call D.P.O this morning and talk to him .

Me: Please do .

Madam Hadiza: When are you coming to my house? .

Me: In the evening .

Madam Hadiza: What of this afternoon, i want to go and check the filling station site i told you about, i think we can go together .

Me: By What time? .

Madam Hadiza: 2pm .

Me: I will try to come then, but that girl must be release before then if you want me to be happy .

Madam Hadiza: I will work on it dear, you know your happiness is what matter most to me .

Me: If you want me to be happy free that innocent girl .

Madam Hadiza: It is too early to call D.P.O, pesman i will call him later in the day .

Me: Thank you love, love you so much .

Madam Hadiza: Love you too .

Me: Bye for now .

Madam Hadiza: Bye

***Hanged up*** …

Things are now working perfectly for me, “Dupe must be free today”

******JAMEELAH****** .

Jameelah woke up by 7am in the morning, the explosive s-x she had with pesman the previous night made her weak, she lay lazinessly on bed, she remembered her conversation with pesman, pesman had told her about Don (The notorious guy who keep threatening him) with the look on her face (Jameelah) it obvious she love pesman so much, she didn’t want something terrible happen to him. Don is not that violent (taught he’s violent but not as though as Jay) but with jay by his side pesman cannot go Scot free from the two. Jameelah had called his number (Jay) the previous day, but unfortunately for her his number was switched off, she picked her phone to call Don again, this time around his number went through. .

Jameelah: Hi don .

Don: Morning jameelah, how was your night? .

Jameelah: Am fine, what is it am hearing about you? .

Don: I don’t understand .

Jameelah: Why are you threatening my boyfriend? .

Don: Oh that flork, am gonna kill him .

Jameelah: How dare you call him names? .

Don: Jameelah, you broke my heart unexpectedly, you followed me to a party and break up with me there because of that cat and you want me to forgive him? .

Jameelah: Stay away from my man .

Don: ***Laugh*** i won’t, until i have you back .

Jameelah: You can’t, i don’t love you anymore, i am now with the man i love, please leave us alone, let us enjoy ourselves, pesman and i are destined together .

Don: I will not let that happen, i must deal with him .

Jameelah: No problem Don, i want you to know that your voice has been recorded and be waiting for your arrest, your voice will be use against you when we reach the police station, you will sign undertaken with police, if anything happen to him you’re in trouble .

Don: ***Laugh*** Jameelah you cannot fool me .

Jameelah: I want you to know that my mummy is involve in this, have told her everything, i believe you know how powerful she is? .

Don: Listen jameelah i have nothing bad against your new man, just want to scare him maybe he will back you out, you don’t need to involve police and your mummy, i don’t want your mummy’s trouble .

Jameelah: if you don’t want her trouble just leave me and my man alone .

Don: ***hung up*** .

Jameelah: Hello! Hello!! Hello!!! Stupid boy, what makes you hang up? Better leave pesman alone or you regret all your act

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Don came out of bathroom with towel hung around his neck, he was about sitting on his bed to apply lotion on his flesh when his phone suddenly rang, he look at the caller. The satisfied smile appeared on his face, the caller was jameelah, all his thought was maybe Jameelah is ready to take him back, but he was surprised and equally scared when he picked the call because jameelah called to threaten him, he’s now afraid of jameelah’s threat, she said she would involve the police and her mother, so therefore Don need to act fast and come back to his right sense. He was still on the call when his friend (Jay) walked in, Don didn’t want jay to know what’s going on about him and jameelah, so he hanged up the call and faced jay .

Don: Guy how far nah? .

Jay: I dey o, how was your night? .

Don: Fine nah .

Jay: What happened to you? .

Don: I don’t want us to pull that deal again .

Jay: ***Surprised*** Don’t tell me you don’t want to deal with the guy again, why sudden change of plan? .

Don: Jameelah just called me .

Jay: She want to have you back that’s very good, God save pesman .

Done: Nah, she called to warn me to leave her and pesman alone, and also threaten that my voice was recorded, she said she will go to police station to report, and if anything happen to pesman i will be in trouble .

Jay: And you’re panic over mere threat, do you truly believe she has your voice recorded? that girl is playing with your intelligence but you fail .

Don: She also said she would involve her mother, and you know her mother is powerful .

Jay: Her mother my foot, don’t you know what i did to grace new boyfriend .

Don: What do you suggest i do now? .

Jay: You’ll call jameelah and make peace with her, and we will strike 3months after, she would not suspect you that time .

Don: ***Stretch hand forward for hand shake*** Devil man, i trust you, you always reason big .

Jay: ***Shook hand with him*** Just leave everything for me, i will handle the guy mercilessly .

Don: Oya my guy .

Jay: Lets flex outside nah .

Don: Yea ***He quickly dressed up and left with jay***


She was battling with her thought as soon as she wake up in the morning, the thought of pesman occupied her mind she was in love with him the first time she set her eyes on him, she wanted to share it with her sister (Tola) maybe she can be of help, but her father (D.P.O) brought their conversation to an end when he surprisingly showed up and told them that Tola cannot continue living with them again. The poor girl was about to relocate to abuja to continue her life, Nike was so upset and don’t know what to do, assuming she has pesman’s number she would have call him but hell no she didn’t have his number, she later promised herself to hookup with pesman when next they meet


Time: 12pm location: Pesman’s Room . I came out of the bathroom and met my phone ringing, i quickly reached for it and answered the call .

Me: Hello dear .

Madam Hadiza: Hi pesman how are you doing .

Me: Am fine .

Madam Hadiza: Where are you now? .

Me: What happened? .

Madam Hadiza: I want you to follow me to police station .

Me: Police station? What happen again? .

Madam Hadiza: Have talked with D.P.O in the morning, everything has been settled Dupe will be released today .

Me: That’s good today is Monday too .

Madam Hadiza: He just called me now that he’s in the office that i should come and meet him, so i want you to go with me .

Me: Ok peslady i will be in your house in no time .

Madam Hadiza: Bring something for me o .

Me: Something like? .

Madam Hadiza: Anything i deserve from you .

Me: I think you deserve the whole me, so i will bring myself for you .

Madam Hadiza: ***Laugh*** you are all i care about, bring yourself for me dear, i will be waiting for you .

Me: Ok bye .

Madam Hadiza: Bye .

Me: ***Hang up*** .

Immediately i hanged up i reached for my wardrobe, i took my women ritual cream and rubbed small out of it, i put on a nice outfit and went to Madam Hadiza’s house without wasting anytime. I met Madam Hadiza well dressed in her sitting room she has been waiting for me, she stood up and hugged me as soon as her eye fell on me, together we went to the police station to set my one and only prognosticator free.

We made our way in to D.P.O’s office, i met officer Mic along the way and shook hand with him as madam hadiza and i went into D.P.O office, we met him (D.P.O) in his office, he was seated with alot of files on his desk, Emmanuel Johnson was inscribed on his chest .

D.P.O: Welcome madam .

Madam Hadiza: Mr Johnson longest time .

D.P.O: Yes o madam, i went to visit my mother in the village .

Madam Hadiza: How is she and everybody at home? .

D.P.O: I bless God everybody is fine, you’re here because of your sale girl? .

Madam Hadiza: Yes, my P.A keep disturbing me that i should forgive her .

D.P.O: We have interrogated her several times, what we discovered is that she know nothing about your lost money, the money was truly collected from her, you have to forgive her .

Madam Hadiza: That’s the reason why we are here, i want her to go home with me .

D.P.O: ***Calling officer Mic to come to his office, few minutes later officer Mic walked in, he saluted his boss*** Mic bring madam sale girl here .

Off.Mic: Yes sir ***He went out and came with Dupe*** .

D.P.O: *** faced Dupe*** Young lady, your boss has forgiven you and withdraw the case, so you’re free to go now, say sorry to your madam .

Dupe: ***crying*** Am sorry ma ***She went out*** .

Madam Hadiza: ***She gave D.P.O some money and left his office, we met dupe outside*** .

Me: Sorry dear .

Dupe: Thanks brother .

Madam Hadiza: Am sorry Dupe, i didn’t mean to hurt you, enter into the car lets go .

Dupe: Thank you ma, i can still walk with my legs no need of entering your car, thank you .

Madam Hadiza: Where are you going .

Dupe: You don’t have to know, for your information madam, my work with you ended the first day you locked me up, i give you my salary, i don’t need anything from you iya olowo (wealthy woman) ***She hissed and walked away, leaving surprise all over madam Hadiza’s face*** .

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To be continued