The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 9


While thinking seriously on what to do to have enough money to get something for Mirabel, I went to my hommies to lend me some money. I couldn’t find the trusted ones, they could be somewhere having extra fun. The few ones i met were so drunk, they denied having any money on them. I had no choice but to go home empty-handed then put up something as an excuse.

I got home 8:47pm, I discovered they’ve already eaten. I met Momma in the living room seated on the sofa, Nancy at one corner of the dinning chatting or so, but Mirabel wasn’t there.

Me: Good evening ma

Momma: Welcome,,, big boy

Chai! Am in trouble, she’s going to blast me this night…

Me: Sorry for coming late, its really becau…

Momma: Go and eat your food, its in the kitchen (She interrupted)

Me: Ok ma

One thing about my Mum is that, She doesn’t play with food. She makes sure everyone in the house have something to eat at the appropriate time. My Mum don’t starve anyone as punishment, she’s seriously against such acts.

I walked straight to the kitchen, Nancy was demonstrating her hands towards me but I didn’t look at her to understand what she was trying to say. I didn’t even ask of Mirabel. I served my self and ate on the kitchen’s dinning, the food was already cold. I didn’t really enjoyed it. I walked back to the living room to face the panel (Momma) that’s what I say when I know I’m going to be blasted for doing something wrong. I got there, met Mirabel seated not looking good.

Momma: Have u eaten?

Me: Yes ma

Momma: Oya come and seat down here.

(Blasting tinz, here we go…) I said in my mind. I sat down jeje let her say it, I dare not interrupt her speech.
Momma: (she lowered the volume of the TV) Nancy come and seat here

Nancy: But Mummy… (She squeezed her face and walked angrily to take a seat)

Momma: Good evening to you all

All: Good evening ma

Momma: U know as a Christian mother, I will always make sure I put my children in the right way because this is a Christian home. Which means I will never get tired of correcting them whenever they go wrong. Nancy drop that phone before i seize it! what’s wrong with u?!

(She put her phone away)

Momma: Now Victor, U know I no longer tolerate staying out after 7:40 without permission. Today U just went out without telling anyone where you were going to and just left everyone worried. I have said and kept saying that u always let someone know your whereabout to avoid unnecessary worries. And God forbid but if anything should happen, how do u expect us to know where u are? What if something bad had happen to u now? where do u expect us to start looking for u? This is wisdom we’re talking about. I have been telling u, even though we’re not with u at school, u should always inform your room mate or neighbours about where you’re going to. Besides, I don’t advice u to go out at night, I’m not comfortable with night out. What would u go out at night for? U have a girlfriend already,,, what else? Look at her, she hasn’t eaten because of u even when she knew u are ok when I called u the other time. U see what u did to this innocent girl? Now where is the thing u got for her that made her stay out late?

Me: Actually, I forgot to take some money because i was in a haste, I thought I had enough money on me

Nancy: So u didn’t buy anything at all?

Momma: Am very disappointed Victor, very disappointed. All this for nothing?

Me: Sorry ma, I didn’t know

Momma: U can tell her that, am done talking to u (she turns to the TV and put up the volume)

Nancy didn’t waste time to get to her room as its past Nine already, while Mirabel followed.

Momma: Mirabel

Mirabel: Ma

Momma: Come (She went to her)

Momma: Please go and eat

Mirabel: Yes ma

(I thought she’d decline, Thank God she didn’t)

Momma: Call Nancy to warm it for u

Me: I will do it

Momma: Okay…

I took her to the kitchen

Me: Mirabel I’m really sorry for….
She interrupted me with a cool kiss, she smiled and cleaned my lips. I stood surprised.

Me: Wow! easier than i thought (smiling happily) thanks sweetheart for your understanding, you’re the best! and I love U so much

Mirabel: I love u more

Me: It’s a lie, sorry,,, I mean ermmm,,, I love u more (smiling)

Mirabel: (smiling) Its a good thing that you’re save, and i appreciate your good gesture on getting me something

I drew her closer, we kissed passionately for seconds before interrupted when I mistakenly hit a plastic plate which fell off unto the ground and made a noise.

Me: d–n it!

Mirabel: (laughing slowly closing her mouth)

We warmed the food, She ate, I couldn’t eat again but I drank some yoghurts. We went to the sitting room to bade Momma good night before going to the room (Nancy’s).  And ofcourse she was still in there chatting,,,, what an addict like Promise aka Promzy, geez!

Nancy: I’ve been waiting for u Mirabel, U promised we’d continue our discussion later.

Mirabel: Yes I did promise, and I haven’t forgotten (smiling)

Nancy: OkaY

I drew Mirabel to a corner where Nancy wouldn’t hear our conversation.

Mirabel: What is it?

Me: I thought You’d spend the night with me in my room?

Mirabel: But we never planned on doing that

Me: You should know na, remember u turned me down last night?

Mirabel: So what happens to Nancy? I promised her but I didn’t promise u anything

Me: U came here for me and not for her na

Mirabel: Yes I know,,, Isn’t it a good thing that your sister likes me and enjoys my company?

Me: Well i’m not surprised that she likes u or even love u already,,, But She’s got all your attention since u came here more than me, we haven’t spend any quality time together. U both slept in the same room, went to the shop together instead of staying home with me,,, come on babe, Its not fair

Mirabel: (Laughs) You’re complaining? Instead of u to be happy that i’m getting along well with your family, you’re here being jealous of it (Leaning on me romantically)

**Phone rings**

Mirabel: Its Nancy, she’s been waiting for me for so long now

Me: Then let her wait, I want to spend time with my girlfriend!

Mirabel: Don’t be like that Victor,,, U and I have spent months together at school, and will spend more when we resume and even years to come that’s if u don’t screwed up. So why can’t u let me use this little time i got to know your family and your family to know me as well? You’re being selfish u know, this is….
(Momma shows up)

Momma: U guys are still talking?

Me: Ermmmm ma

Momma: No, u guys have spoken a lot already, I need to have a little conversation with Mirabel, If u don’t mind Mirabel?

Mirabel: No i don’t (smiling at me)

Momma: Okay, let’s go… (Taking Mirabel away)

I mind oh…. Chai! This is what U get for dating the President’s Daughter…