I went home with my sisters and Akosua after church. When they asked what was going on I asked them what daddy had told them. They said daddy said mum was going to our aunt’s place and would return in the evening:?.
So I confirmed that to be true and added some finishing touches here and there😐.
When we got home I called Monica twice📞 she didn’t pick up. I waited for a long while of about thirty seconds and called again:(. Then I called again, and again, and again. I realised she intentionally didn’t want to pick up. I feared she would even switch off her phone😰📵.
So I decided to go the illegal way to find her. I logged into my facebook account and searched through my contacts for the name Monica Acheampong. I have no idea why I didn’t do that earlier😶. Then her name popped up and her face too.
Now I was left with how to bring her online😬. She wouldn’t pick up, so I decided to follow on her check-ins😋. I realised the location she usually checks-in from. I knew that area and so I decided to go there.
Maybe it could be her house. But then I remembered there was no one at home, just my sisters, Akosua and myself. I couldn’t just leave.
Then again I remembered that my parents room was empty and this was a good time to go for that doll my mum had taken from my sister. I sneaked into my parents room and carefully searched the drawers one after the other until I finally happened upon the doll. It was not a very special doll😑. It was huge and all it said was ‘hello’, when you press a button at the back! I had wanted to go and show it to Julia but they had somehow realised that something was wrong after both my dad and mum hadn’t returned. My lies wasn’t holding up and they were looking afraid. My big brother had slept over at a friend’s place which was not something new:roll:. It was simply not a good time to follow my selfish desires.
So I took the doll to my room pressing the button as it said hello. Then the button got stuck. When I turned the back of the doll I saw a zip. So I opened it and fixed the button properly, at that same time I noticed a piece of paper inside the doll😯. This is what was written on it: “Edwin, I love you but I have to let you go. Your parents especially your mum, insists that I leave you alone after the accident. I hope you will survive to read this. Your love, Monica”😰😰


Watch out for episode 19. It’s ur man Eddy💫