The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 8



The party got hotter, I started feeling uncomfortable when I thought about home and Mirabel. I started adjusting but the girls wouldn’t stop whining in front of me. The one in front of me did even more by pressing herself on me. She even whispered in my ear asking me if I would want to stay on the dancefloor all night long or get a room with her now (showing me a pack of condom) Chai! tempted to touch!!
I didn’t know what to tell her, but seriously, a part of me was giving in and the other part wants me to go home.

Girl: Come on, lets go am burning up (pulling my hand to follow her)

Skyly: Vickie V i dey see your hand oh… tha baddest nigga!

Lechessy: Vickie no dull o…

Those were voices of my home boys motivating me to go on with her

Skyly: Vickie V i carry extra if u need ‘am (Extra i.e Condom)

Me: No need, loaded tinz

Lechessy: Na so! (Laughing and dancing even harder)

I followed her with no intention of having s-x with her but in order not to fall my hands among my friends as i’m not that strong in my christian spirit yet, but i’m trying. I had handshakes with some of my guys i met on my way with her.

Shapiro: The rugged vames!

Me: Shapiro!

Shapiro: Unto which angle na? (Like where am i taking her to)

Me: Na away o… (She’s the one taking me out)

Shapiro: Abi? fine bwoy, me just arrive 360 na (Just came back s-x-satisfied)

Me: No be lie,,, I no see wetin fit kill u again

Shapiro: Na lie, i go repent after the thing kill u

Me: Dey deceive yourself na, guy later jare

Shapiro: Oya na, nothing do u

I left him and followed the girl to a dark corner, when walking I saw a girl and a guy having s-x against a wall, I even saw more set of people banging their selves. My phone started ringing, It was Nancy.

Me: Hello

Nancy: Senior bro where are u nau? Why didn’t u pick Mirabel’s calls?? She’s so worried bro!

Me: Really? Oh my god, I didn’t hear the call

Nancy: Where are u anyway?

Me: I’m I’m,,, I’m,,,I’m around, I’m coming in now

Nancy: Around? around where with that sound i’m hearing in the background? are u at that game house or what?

Me: Hey! I’ve warned u about jumping into conclusions of something u don’t know,,, tell Mirabel I’m coming.
*I hanged up*

I looked at the girl, she has already undressed herself waiting for me. Chai! tempted to touch. My mind couldn’t resist seeing a naked girl standing in front of me waiting for me to,,to,,, to… Chai! I felt like doing a quickie,,, I couldn’t take it no more, I rushed to pounce on her. Unfortunately but thankfully my phone rang again. I took the phone from my pocket not to pick the call, but to ignore it and put the phone on silent but the caller was my mother!

Me: Hello ma

Momma: Yes where are u?

Me: I went to buy something ma, its a surprise for Mirabel, please don’t tell her.

Momma: By this time?

Me: She told me that she’d be leaving tomorrow and I wasn’t aware of it before. So… I thought of getting her something fast.

Momma: Well, She’s listening to our conversation, its on loud speaker, because we’re worried.

Me: Oh… I’m on my way

Momma: Okay and be quick
*Hangs up*

Girl: Come on babyy, you’re keeping me waiting, just off your phone ‘Devil is a liar’ I said inner my mind.

Me: I have to go, something very important came up

Girl: what?! U want to leave me like this? are U for real?

Me: I’m sorry

Girl: Like seriously?

Me: It’s very important

Girl: Baby okay I understand U, but please even small, just once will do. Please don’t leave me like this,,, I need U inside me baby (trying to romance me and pulling my shirt)

Me: I will be back soon (making her to let go of me)

If I don’t go now, she will surely get me. I hurriedly left her and headed home.

Girl: Hey?! Hey?! Your Papa! Idiot fowl wey no sabi anything, mumu… msteeew

That was the insults she rained on me when i left her. So what do I get Mirabel now? and I don’t have enough money with me. Walking home, thinking hard on the kind of excuse i’m going to tell them. And even though i have the money now, what am i going to get her?
I immediately brought out my phone and placed a call on Promise… I told her everything after picking up, excluding the girl’s part.

Promise: Hhmmm….

Me: So what do u think i can get her?

Promise: Seriously i dunno o… me and her haven’t discussed about her past relationships to know the kind of material things she might want from him. But base on what we’ve discussed about u, I think she only needs your 100% love with care, understanding and honesty.

Me: So u girls do talk about me?

Promise: Before nko? dey there na,,,, abegi, so i think gifts from u will be extra things she’d be needing from u

Me: But what kind of gifts?

Promise: That’s what I don’t know biko, my life and her life no rhyme oh… all i know is that, wealthy girls like Mirabel only need your Love

Me: Alright, thanks for your help

Promise: You’re welcome

Me: Did u even help me? (teasingly)

Promise: (Laughs) What else do u want me to say?

Me: Like, I wish i was helpful

Promise: Bye bye jare!

Me: You’re sending me away?

Promise: Not like that na,,, hia, u were teasing me nau,,, and i don’t want u to make me blush

Me: Why?

Promise: Only my boyfriend is allowed to do that

Me: U have a boyfriend now?

Promise: Nope, just saying…

I don’t like where the conversation is heading to, so i twist it to escape from it

Me: Okay o,,, got to go and face my problem now,,, talk to u later

Promise: More like a week from now

Me: What?

Promise: Didn’t say anything,,,, byeee
**Hangs up**

The reason why i’m so worried to get Mirabel something is because i already told them about it and she’ll be expecting it.

One thing we should all know is that, once u have the spirit and resources of giving, u should give with good intentions. It doesn’t matter if the person is rich and able to provide everything for him or her self. U don’t always give to the needy, U give to the rich as well, especially to your close ones. If your father is rich and working, U can still buy him Biro or even recharge card and he’ll surely appreciate the kind gesture. U don’t need to have all the money u want before giving to your parents, give them from the little u earn for they’ll understand your income and appreciate your giving gesture for there’s blessing for giving.

To Be Continued…