The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 6



After dinner, its our home tradition to remain in the sitting room till 9:00pm before anyone can go to his/her room.
There was total silence during and after dinner. Nancy sat on one corner chatting and waiting patiently for 9:00.

Mirabel and I sat on one side while momma sat on the sofa, looking at us from time to time.

The clock finally ticks for bed time, Nancy took herself from her seat headed to her room, not to sleep though but to chat and make phone calls comfortably.

Nancy: Goodnite mum, nite bro, let’s go inside Mirabel

Mirabel was about to stand up before momma speak up.

Mum: She will join u later Nancy, I need to talk to her

Nancy: Okay mum **walks out**

Mum then turn down the volume of the plasma tv. I became nervous because she only does that when she has something very important to say or to do. My eyes and Mirabel’s jammed, she seems to be relaxed.

Mum: I want to talk to the two of you. Firstly with some questions and i require sincere answers from both of u. You know, relationships is now something very common with our youths of today and there’s nothing we parents can do to stop our children especially when they claim to be in love, except for our honest advice. I wasn’t there when both of you started your dating or relationship or whatever it might be, and i know deep down my heart that i can’t stop your relationship, i might just turn out to be a wicked person and a bad mother. Are you both listening to what i’m saying?

Me/Mirabel: Yes ma

Mum: Good, so why are you both dating each other? Victor??

Me: Because,,,, we love and care for each other, we understand and trust each other, and we uhmm… we want to be with each other.

Mum: That’s why you’re dating?

Me: Y-e-s-s…

Mum: Okay, Mirabel?

Mirabel: We’re dating each other because,,,, what we feel for each other is true, we’re good friends that understands and help each other out, no one is influencing the other to do something bad so i think we’re compatible together. Our relationship is that of friendship hoping to make it to the future together.

Mum: I like that reply. That’s something i want to hear.

(Chai! I dunno why ladies like being with a guy hoping to end up together. Their mindset is far different from the guys oh… they would want to tie us down to be their husband,,,,, see how my momma likes her response).

Mum: Do you agree with both your replies?

Mirabel: Yes ma

Me: Yes ma

Mum: Good, have the two of you thought of being with each other in the future? As in, do you have future plans with each other?

Mirabel: Ma…

Mum: Victor

Mirabel: Okay

Me: Uhmmm… yea, yeeaah i do think about having a future with Mirabel, I love her. (Not certain)

Mum: Mirabel…

Mirabel: If a prophet tells me that i’d end up with Victor, I’d be extremely happy. He is the kind of man i’d want to spend my life with.

Mum: I guess that answers my question

(U can imagine how my heart was beating)

Mum: Now tell me what can make you break up with each other?

Me: I haven’t thought about that, maybe not yet

Mum: Miracle, sorry Mirabel *smiles*

Mirabel: For me, I can’t be with someone that will give me a reason for not trusting him. So, infidelity will end what i have for him.

Mum: Hhmmm…. okay, I’ve heard you both and I approve of your relationship **satisfactory smile**

Me: Thanks mum

Mirabel: Thanks ma, we won’t disappoint you or i won’t disappoint you rather

Mum: For my advice, first, both of you should abstain from s£x, God doesn’t approve of it neither would I approve it. Its not good for the unmarried. I’m not going to ask if you both have been having s£x before but if you have been doing it, stop it, it’s unacceptable,,,, do u understand what i’m saying?

Mirabel: Yes ma

(Nawa o,,, e don red o,,, am i going back to my root of not having s£x anymore? Nawa o…)

Mum: Do you both understand that? **her eyes on me**

Mirabel/Me: Yes ma

Mum: Good. Mirabel i like what you said about your relationship being that of friendship’ I will like you both to be friends. You know what friends does right? Sharing and communicating with each other your problems, happiness, ideas and of all that. Also trusting and understanding each other and be there for each other. Relationships doesn’t work out well if there’s no friendship, so be friends ok?

Mirabel/Me: Yes ma

(Mehn,,,, i feel like i’m getting married already, like i’m on marriage counseling)

Mum: That’d be all for now, its late already so u two need to have your sleep.

Me: Ok ma

Mirabel: Thank you ma

Mum: Lemme take you to Nancy’s room Mirabel, where u’d spend the night **switching off everything**

Mirabel: Ok ma

Mum: Ok let’s go

Mirabel: Good night Victor

Me: Good night, Good night mummy

Mum: Good night, make sure you pray before sleeping

Me: Yes ma

I departed to my room screaming ‘Nawa o’ inner my mind.

I took my phone and on the data sharply. Many messages from many different chats showed up but i ignored them ‘coz i wasn’t in the mood for chatting. I saw a message from Nancy, i opened it and we chatted a little …

Nancy: So wat do i get 4 helpin u?

Me: Yea tnx, wat would u want?

Nancy: I can ask 4 anytin?

Me: I dunno, lemme hear it

Nancy: Ok,,, can i have a boyfriend? *winks*

Me: Wat?! Are u mad?!!

Nancy: Heyy easy bro, i was only joking

Me: U better be,,, tell me wat u want

Nancy: I dunno yet, i will tell u when i think about it

Me: Ok

Nancy: But y don’t u want me 2 hav a boyfriend?

Me: Y do u want 2 hav a boyfriend?

Nancy: Haba bro, i’m matured already na,,,, most girls hav boyfriends, even all my friends except for Tonia dat has been crushing on u *winks*

Me: Wrong answer, no boyfriend 4 u

Nancy: Buh y nau? *sad face*

Me: I hav told u,,, u cant b doing wat ur friends and every else does. No boyfriend 4 u Nancy, good nite!

Nancy: Haba bro nau

Me: Bye!

I logged out,,, I sat restless on my bed trying to sleep buh sleep avoided me. I thought about something and got back online again. Good thing she was online, so i initiated chat with her….

Me: Hey babe *love eyes*

Mirabel: Hi love

Me: I cant sleep, just thinking about u, love of my life, the one and only tenant in my heart, my dearest, my most beautiful, you’re just too much babe

Mirabel: Tnks love, u’re dah best *blushing*

Me: Tnx babe…. u really don’t need to worry about all what my momma had said. She’s just being over protective, U know mothers na

Mirabel: Its okay, i understand her completely,,, she’s Okay

(In my mind i was like, what part does she understand).

Me: Please tell Nancy to help u sneak into my room, i really miss u

Mirabel: We’ll see tomorrow morning dear

Me: Wah about tonite? I want to feel u, Mum won’t know i promise

Mirabel: U know wat? I think your mum is right

Me: About wat?

Mirabel: About everything she said earlier

Me: U hav 2 come 2 my room babe, i’m going crazy here

Mirabel: Good nite Victor, Love U *kisses*

Me: Good nite?

Mirabel: Last seen 10:47

Me: Babe…?

Mirabel: Last seen 10:48

Me: My love?

Mirabel: Last seen 10:50

Me: Mirabel…?! are u 4 real??

Mirabel: Last seen 10:53

d–n it! She has really left.