The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 49


​The following day in the afternoon, I got myself ready and zoomed off to the apartment with my mother’s car. I called Nancy and told her about my coming, she said she’ll be at Vincent’s place so I can speak with Promise.
I got there; Promise received me in to the house. I noticed how she was trying to hide her bruises from me. I don’t want to do as if I already know about it, so I just played along with her as we engaged in conversation.
Promise: You didn’t tell me you’re coming; I would’ve prepared something better
Me: What did you cook?
Promise: Beans and friend plantain
Me: You like beans too much, just give me plantain jare
Promise: Is it every day one will be eating rice? (Walking into the kitchen)
I waited till she came back with a plate of fried plantain; she pushed a side stool in front of me and dropped the plate on it. I saw some bruises on her hand, but I didn’t say anything yet.
Promise: Should I bring water or juice for you?
Me: No yoghurt?
Promise: Nop
Me: Ok a glass of water will do
She went in and came out with a bottle of water and a glass cup and dropped it on the stool.
Promise: (About to go back to her seat)
Me: Pour the water for me na
Promise: Do that yourself na
Me: I asked for just a glass of water but you brought a bottle of it
Promise: That’s how it should be na
Me: Just pour it
The bruises on her became more visible when she was pouring the water…
Me: Promise? (Holding her left arm)
Promise: What?
Me: What happened to you?
Promise: **hissed** some hoodlums robbed and beat me up yesterday on my way back to the house
Me: Where?
Promise: On the street
Me: Which street?
Promise: Along that Masukwai crescent
Me: Hoodlums on Masukwai cresent?
Promise: Yea
Me: Promise are you lying to me?
Promise: Why should I lie to you?
Me: Because there have never been anything like that on that street, there are no hoodlums or criminals around here
Promise: Yea maybe those ones came from another area
Me: Ok Promise tell me the truth now, what really happened to you?
Promise: I just told you na
Me: I don’t believe that, tell me something else
Promise: There’s nothing else to tell, that’s what happened and I’m trying to forget about it
Me: Fred did this to you right?
Promise: What kind of question is that? Why will Fred beat me up?
What is wrong with girl??
Me: I did a background check on him and he isn’t what we think he is
Promise: Really?
Me: He is a bad guy, a very bad guy. He is on drugs and even owns a club where many ungodly acts takes place
Promise: What are you trying to say?
Me: Break up with him
Promise: I should break up with him now because you tell me to?
Me: Promise you have to, that guy is no good
Promise: Look! I’m sick and tired of you telling me what to do ok? What do you take me for?
Me: **Shock** Promise?
Promise: What?!
Me: **Speechless**
Promise: Not even my Father has dictated on me like this, what’s your problem? Why telling me who to be with and who not to be with?
Me: Look I’m very sorry I got you involved with Fred, I really sorry I made a very huge and expensive mistake; please forgive me and break up with Fred
Promise: No I won’t break up with him and stop telling me what to do! (walking out on me)
Me: Promise? Promise?!
Promise: **Out of sight**
Oh my God! Not again!! What have I gotten this girl into? No no no no no no… another girl’s life must not be ruined because of my mistake. Oh God forgive me, it wasn’t intentional.
(I dialed Nancy’s number)
Nancy: Hello bro
Me: Nancy the situation is now worse
Nancy: What happened?
Me: Promise is not listening to me, she’s so mad at me
Nancy: What do we do now?
Me: Is Vincent there with you?
Nancy: He is in the kitchen
Me: Please go give the phone to him
Nancy: Ok hold on for a sec
Vincent: Hello
Me: Vincent
Vincent: Yea?
Me: Promise is in bondage, she needs all the prayers she can get please I beg you
Vincent: Nancy just told me about what Fred is doing to her, that’s not good
Me: It’s getting out of hand; she’s not listening to me, the solution I seek for now is prayers
Vincent: Ok bro, we shall go on three days fasting and prayers for her
Me: That’d be great
Vincent: Don’t stress yourself, the devil will surely bow in defeat again
Me: A big Amen to that
Vincent: Later bro, lemme check what I have on fire
Me: Ok ok
**Hangs up**
I did a conference call with Mirabel and Cynthia to let them know what’s going on. They were also disturbed about it. They suggested we confront Fred but I impeded them from doing that, at least not yet. Once Promise agrees to break up with him, he won’t be a problem.
After the call, I slowly walked towards her room and entered without knocking; I saw her sobbing on the bed. I got on the bed next to her and tried to raise her up
Promise: Leave me alone (crying)
Me: Please Promise… I don’t want to lose you because of this foolish mistake I made I’m begging you
Promise: Why? (Siting up) tell me why? Do you know what I’ve been going through because of the love that I have for you? Do you have any idea on what I’ve been going through inside of me? As if not loving me back was not enough, you went ahead and hook me up with a beast! A tyrant!
Me: I’m really sorry; I never wanted all that to happen
Promise: What can your sorry do? Will it ease the pain that I’m going through? I accepted Fred in order to stop my love for you, thinking I will get to love him and forget about you, but what happened? I’m still at the losing end… Fred beat me like i deserve nothing but pain. He is jealous of our closeness that he deleted all the pictures of us from my phone. He first beat me up because of the position he met us with on the day of our second to the last exam. I never fell from any bike, he was the one that hurt me because of our closeness we’ve been having long before he came into the picture
Me: Promise you should’ve spoken out
Promise: How could I when the guy I love gave me to the beast himself?
Me: Promise you know it can’t work between us please I beg you, kill that love I beg of you. Mirabel and I are getting married soon; please don’t do this to yourself.
Promise: I have tried and tried, but I can’t help it
Me: Break up with Fred and the right person for you will eventually come
Promise: Do you love me?
Me: Promise…
Promise: Just answer me
Me: Please na
Promise: I know you do, you had the intention of asking me out back when we were in 100L but you couldn’t talk to me because I didn’t give you a “go ahead” signal
Me: I love Mirabel
Promise: You loved me first
Me: That can’t change anything now; you know I’m getting married to Mirabel soon please don’t make things difficult for me and yourself
Promise: It’s okay… I know I can’t do anything about that and I wish you both well
Me: Thanks, I really appreciate your understanding
Promise: Just facing the reality
Me: But you have to break up with Fred
Promise: It won’t be that easy
Me: Leave that for me to handle, I got you into this mess and I’m getting you out from it
Promise: **Tears dripping down from her eyes**
I wipe the tears off her cheeks with my bare hand and we both hug each other for many seconds… we broke off when we heard someone coughed out.