No one has monopoly over beauty but when you see one, you recognize it.
Oh yeah time ⌚ decides whom u will meet in life. And this time, destiny brought me closer to not just an ordinary girl but a LADY, a WOMAN, a DIVA (latent function of my national service) – The ultimate girl in my office who sat in the upper west direction from my desk, full of fun and a magical sense of humour. Her laughter even so contagious (ajeeeiii), for your ears only – “mui!!” Lol . She’s intelligent and outgoing, courteous and morally wealthy. Never sat under the anointing of your powerful voice but the little I heard early mornings at the office is enough for me to conclude your voice cannot only make a baby sleep soundly for a month but can also send me into coma for a whole year. #sweetVoice….. 
A typical example of an entity who flouts the popular saying “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”! kam on, I think you will bear with me that true beauty every eye beholds and not the beholder alone!! Isn’t she cool?(rhetoric)….lol Sosket!!! 😳😳 beauty captured in HD perfection….by all standards!!!!
The criterion of true beauty is dat it increases on examination;if false, then it lessons. Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.😭😭
If I had my life to live again, I would find you sooner 😛 . A beautiful woman pleases the eye, a good  woman pleases the heart. The first one is a jewel and the  2nd is a treasure. You are fortunate to be both… You go beyond a one in a million kind of girl to once in a lifetime kind of woman.. I bless my stars for crossing our paths . 
Our deepest fear is not dat we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Who are u (Rhoda) to b Brilliant,Smart, Awesome, Gorgeous, Diamondeous, and Legen…………..wait for it………………..dary!!!!!!!!!!!!, if not for God’s glory in you!!!
As today marks a very memorable millieu of your  life cycle, I just wanna tell you that your future is too bright u might need a safety lens to see it. May u continue to rise in the ministry. May wisdom and knowledge be your brother and sister respectively(by “wisdom” n “knowledge ” I’m not talking about Ewe names oo.. Lol , yeah I noe sam twins be like that though).
Thy wil be done in ur life. May u never b disappointed, may all other things be added on to you in Jesus name…..I WISH YOU A VERREEERRRRYYYY BIIIIIGGGGG H⭐️A⭐️P⭐️P⭐️Y⭐️B⭐️I⭐️R⭐️T⭐️H⭐️D⭐️A⭐️Y  Rhoda……(mui) go forth n shine bright like a diamond!!!!!
(Saturday, 27th August happens to be her wedding 💒 day. All are cordially invited. Venue: Winners’ Chapel Ghana.  Avenor (Circle)  opposite OA Travel and Tours)