The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 33


I couldn’t believe who I saw… someone I knew that couldn’t even hurt a fly is now working with Marcus. What has happened to her? This is incredible!
Me: D’thy?
Dorothy: Awwww… I really miss how you call me that name; it’s super romantic
Me: **Stammering** Wha…wh…what what happened to you?
Dorothy: Why? Do I look sick?
Me: No; what have you turned yourself into? What are you doing with these criminals? I mean look at you; how will your mother feel when she finds out that her beloved daughter has become something else?
Dorothy: You have no right to talk to me that way! No! **Walks away**
Me: D’thy! D’thy!! Please don’t leave me like this D’thy! D’thy!!
She left the room without turning back, I tried to run after her even though I was tied down but one of the guys she came with knocked me down with a rifle; I screamed out from the hit.
Dorothy: **walks in** what just happened here?
Guy 1: (The one that hit me) He tried to go after you; so I knocked him down
Before I knew what was happening, Dorothy pinned the guy to the wall with a gun.
Dorothy: Don’t you ever lay your filthy fingers on him again! Don’t you ever!!
Guy 1: Yes queen
Dorothy: Do we understand each other?!
Guy 1: Yes queen
Dorothy: Get out! **Letting go of him**
**He bowed then walked away**
Dorothy: You leave us
**The second guy also bowed and walked away**
Dorothy: I apologize for walking away from you and what that guy did to you
Me: Queen…? What’s all that about? Or are you married to a king?
Dorothy: Nah…forget about that; what would you like to eat dear?
Me: I’m not hungry… where are you keeping the girls?
Dorothy: They’re save
Me: I want to see them
Dorothy: No you can’t
Me: And why is that?
Dorothy: Because… to them; you’re already dead
Me: What are you talking about? Who told them that?!
Dorothy: Well… they saw your lifeless body with their own eyes
Me: You see… I’ve always known that you’re stupid, but didn’t know you’re crazy too
Dorothy: Here! **threw some pictures at me**
I took it and saw myself with blood all over my body and bullet holes
Me: What! How did you do this?!
Dorothy: Don’t you watch movies? Of course it’s a make-up costume. You were deep asleep when all these were carried out
Me: You drugged me?
Dorothy: Yeap
Me: Why are you doing this to me? You even kidnapped my sister Nancy who you were so fond of
Dorothy: We freed her and the other lady the moment they brought you in. We held her as a bait to lure you in
Me: And you left Mirabel with Marcus? What if he tries to rape her?
Dorothy: I care less, she is his responsibility and you are mine
Me: And what do you want from me?
Dorothy: Just you, even if I don’t get to have your heart; having you here is enough
Me: You know I’m a final year student right? You can’t keep me here; I should be in school
Dorothy: That can be arranged; you don’t have to be there in person
Me: Don’t threaten any lecturer on my behalf
Dorothy: Okay…
Me: D’thy please stop this madness and let me go
Dorothy: Letting you go is backwardness for me. I can still remember what I told you three years ago that “No girl can have you if I don’t and even if you turn gay in the process, no guy will still have you”. You’re for me dear. I forgive you for what you did to me with that girl that claimed to be your girlfriend; while she’s just Mirabel’s friend or were you s——g her too?
Me: What do you think?
Dorothy: I don’t care; but I will soon get her and all her girl’s creed members
Me: What’s that?
Dorothy: You haven’t heard of the girl’s creed?
Me: I have but what’s that got to do with Lola?
Dorothy: She’s their leader helloooo…?
Me: What?!
Dorothy: I’ll soon get her
Me: Are you a cultist as well?
Dorothy: Yep you know I won’t lie to you
Me: Why did you join them? See what you’ve become
Dorothy: This is the life I chose dear and it’s because of you
Me: Me? How?
Dorothy: You did to me lots of wrong and you kept hurting me. I grew to hate you from that day you set me up with that b!tch. I set my mind to deal with you so severely for all what you put me through, so I left for Port-Harcourt where I told my cousin who was already a cultist to recruit me. I got recruited and became their member till I got admission and returned back here where I wasted no time in belonging to a confra. I scrolled past the ranks till I reached the second in command. The leader got killed during a clash with another confra then I emerge as the leader that’s why they call me Queen.
Me: You went through all this just to get back at me right? So why am I still alive?
Dorothy: My anger and quest for destroying you subsided when I found out who was your real girlfriend; I got extremely envious of her then changed my quest. Instead of destroying you, I chose to have you all for myself. And you know how much I love you; I can’t even bear seeing you get hurt. Sometimes I ask myself, how I got to love you this much that I can’t let go… I just dunno.
Me: For how long will you continue this madness?
Dorothy: As long as you’re with me
Me: D’thy I’m begging you to let me go; you’re already ruining my life
Dorothy: Sorry babe, I can’t do that
Me: Please don’t let Marcus touch Mirabel I beg you, he might do something stupid
Dorothy: I can’t do that either; we had an agreement. He’s got Mirabel and I gat you; no trespassing. Talking about doing something stupid **getting closer seductively**
Me: Stop it!
She started romancing me
Me: D’thy please stop this
*Note: I was tied up on a wooden chair*
Dorothy: I’ve missed you… It’s you alone I want; I want to feel you this minute baby
Me: Is this what Marcus is doing to Mirabel?
Dorothy: I dunno and I don’t care **removing her dress exposing her cleavage**
**I turned my face away so little vame won’t get excited.**
Voice: I can see you guys are having fun
**I turned to see Marcus**
Dorothy: What are you doing here? **she backed him while wearing her dress**
Marcus: Just came to see how you guys are catching up
Me: You ba$tard! What have you done to Mirabel?
Marcus: Hey don’t get upset ‘coz I interrupted your little fun **Smiling**
Me: Don’t you dare touch her!
Marcus: And why not? See Dorothy is touching you
Me: You both should leave us alone! Is it by force to love? Why won’t you let us be?! Leave Mirabel and I alone!
Marcus: Coward! You want reap from where you did not sow; haven’t you gotten enough from her? She got you a house with two cars and all her money you’ve been using, isn’t it enough for you?! You greedy ba$tard!
Dorothy: Marcus that’s enough!
Marcus: No let me talk to this f*ckin’ ingrate
Dorothy: Marcus!
Marcus: Bullsh!t **walks away**
Me: You see who you’re working with?
Dorothy: Don’t start with me **walking away** I will send you some food **Walked out of sight**
D’thy is now the leader of a cult group? That innocent and stupid girl I used to know that couldn’t even stand a cockroach is now something else. I still find it very difficult to believe. Wait a minute…Lola is also a leader of a cult group? What’s going on? I do hope Mirabel isn’t among them.
No wonder Lola got guts and influence. Maybe those two girls she used to intimidate Dorothy are her members; Hhmmm… it’s now making sense.
A guy brought food for me, I ate while thinking.
Now I need to start planning my escape. I’m going to create a problem between Dorothy and Marcus.
**The following morning**
When one of Dorothy’s boys brought breakfast for me, I asked if Dorothy was around but he said no. Marcus came, mocked and laughed at me then left. That was when I came up with a plan. I threw myself to the ground still tied to the chair; I started hurting and injuring myself till I heard footstep closing in. It was Dorothy; she ran towards me as soon as she saw me on the floor grunting in pain.
Dorothy: What happened to you?
Me: Leave me alone!
Dorothy: Tell me who did this to you
Me: Like you care
Dorothy: Of course I care… just tell me who did this to you
Me: Can’t tell you
Dorothy: Why?
Me: He’ll kill me
Dorothy: What? Not after I kill the ba$tard first!
Me: Just leave me alone! It’s all your fault! You brought me here to die
Dorothy: That’s not true!
Me: Then look at me; see bruises all over my body. Only God knows what he’d do to me when next he attacks
Dorothy: Tell me who is the ba$tard that did this to you!
Me: Who else if not your partner Marcus
Dorothy: What?
Me: He threatened my life
Dorothy: I warned him of the implication of breaching our agreement… anyone who touch you; touches me. Anyone that touches me; touches the queen of the phantoms and anyone that touches the queen of the phantoms; toils with his or her life!
*She briskly walked out of the room in anger*