In a mixed SHS school, this is normally the characteristics of each class.


1. *Gen. Arts class(es)*
Normally got the cutest and sexiest girls in the school. Most of the wanted girls in the school are normally seen here too. Most dont love dining but flexing. The boys normally love gees and are cute.
2 *Science class*
The brilliant students are from this class. They don’t normally speak good English. Got most of the ugly students. They are most quiet and loves dining basaa. Shy guys.
3 *Agric class*
They got few girls. They got craziest students and are normally ‘I dont care students’. The only class students don’t miss dining.
4. *Business class*
Fat girls are here. Got few cute girls and mostly move in groups. Good Elective Maths and Econs students. Dining is their passion.
5. *Visual Arts*:
Few girls but very cute and spoilt. Usually school team players due to lack of seriousness in their course . If you fool with the guys, they will use and dump you. Got guys with swag and mostly attracted by girls from other classes. Late comers, troublemakers. This class, hmmmm.
6 *Home Economics*
Guys in this class normally become stupid. Not too brilliant girls. Got most nice girls with big boobs and big heads. They love guys a lot.
7. *Technical Class*
99% of their number is boys. A bit shy but  Do not give a damn if a negga mess up. Mostly united cos they are few. If they have girls,  “Kankpe body paaa”. To them, missing dining is like Missing heaven