The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 25


Mirabel and I stood dumb for many seconds to collect what our eyes were seeing,,, they were drunk and still having more, the place was smelling crazy, they’ve been smoking marijuana and other type of weeds, and substances like cocaine and all, they were smoking their lives out. I don’t even know any of them there. Lola, Cynthia, Dax, Vincent and those two friends of Lola’s weren’t there with them. We irritatingly walked passed them to the rooms.

Mirabel: Seems Promise left

Me: I guess so

Mirabel: But she didn’t inform any of us

Me: Was she even at the pool party?

Mirabel: I didn’t see her there

Me: It could be that she left during that time, She’ll never party like that

Mirabel: Decent girl huh?

Me: Very decent

The first room we entered was hell! we saw a real live hardcore pornography going on among about eight of them both girls and guys. They didn’t even care to noticed if anyone opened the door before we closed up to next room looking each other but remained speechless.

Cynthia and her boyfriend were already asleep completely naked in her messed up room.

At Lola’s room? I got the shock of my life,,, three in one with Dax, Lola with those two friends of hers… they were extremely high on drugs.

Dax: Hey, don’t you guys knock?

Mirabel: The door was left opened dummy

Dax: Oh… but s..

Lola: **Cuts in** You guys care to join the fun? Victor you can take on my girls, I don’t need yo little d!ck ‘coz I won’t even feel it anyway **Laughs out crazily** Mirabel how do you cope with that guy? girls… that dude is so so tiny **three of them laughed crazily, one of the girls had cums on her face and mouth**

Mirabel: You’re sick,,, let’s go Victor **walked out**

Lola got me extremely angry that night, I looked at them in disgust before walking out of the room. I was headed to Mirabel’s lodge before I heard her voice closed-by. I looked around and saw her at a corner talking with someone unfamiliar to me at that moment. I went closer and that it was Vincent.

Me: What’s happening here?

Vincent: Hey bro

Me: Hey,,, why are you sitting out by yourself?

Mirabel: He was actually sleeping when I saw him

Me: Why don’t you go inside?

Vincent: I’m ok here,,, here is more cool, inside there is hell even with all the AC’s… gosh!

Me: So you’ve been all alone all this while?

Vincent: And I’m very cool with it
(Hhmmmm… seems he’s really a good guy)

Mirabel: But Dax is your friend, why aren’t you with him?

Vincent: Sure I’m with him and that’s why I’m still here

Me: Alright get up let’s go to Mirabel’s lodge, its more comfortable there

Vincent: Yea it should, i can see it’s less noisy. Please show me in before I catch cold out here **Standing up**

Mirabel: Sure, lets go

Vincent: After you

(I was like hmmmm…. Lol)

She took him to a room where he’d spend the night.

Mirabel: We need to talk

Me: About what?

Mirabel: About what happened back there, what was she talking about?

Me: Lola?

Mirabel: Yes

Me: Forget about that sweetheart, she’s not ok. Lets just go to bed dear

Mirabel: I need to understand

Me: Sweetheart, there’s nothing to understand OK? trust me my love

Mirabel: I’m being serious Victor, tell me why she said that, she’s high but not out of her sences

Me: You listened to her? didn’t you see how high she was?

Mirabel: You can’t tell me that, Lola will never say such thing just like that. Yes she’s high and that’s exactly when she exposes stuffs

Me: Will you calm down? Now tell me, what’s your point in this?

Mirabel: I dunno, you tell me what she’s talking about

Me: Why don’t you go ask her yourself, go on… she exposes stuffs when she’s high right? go on and ask her as she’s still high… excuse me **I walked into the room**

I got into the room and was about to remove my suit before she stormed in

Mirabel: So this is how you want to treat me?

Me: Mirabel you better stop this, you’re irritating me already

Mirabel: Baby why can’t you talk to me?

Me: Answer this questions, she exposes truth when she’s high right?

Mirabel: Yea and it’s true

Me: Ok tell me what brought this issue?

Mirabel: She said you have a little tiny,,,,, d!ck

Me: Is that true?


Me: Why can’t you answer me? or you’re not sure?? **Smiling**

Mirabel: But…

Me: No but sweetheart…

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I went behind her and placed my hands around her waist

Me: I love you sweetheart and you know I won’t do anything to hurt you, not even a bit will I feel comfortable in hurting you. That which doesn’t please you, will never please me. What you hate, that I will also hate for your love is my love.

Mirabel: I’m really sorry baby, I just…

Me: It’s Ok,,, can we go to bed now?

Mirabel: Yea sure

Me: Good **Removed my dress and about to jump on to the bed**

Mirabel: But only after shower

Me: What? No, You just go ahead I’m very very tired as it is right now

Mirabel: I didn’t ask for your opinion neither am I giving you an choice,,, get up and lets shower

Me: Look dear its very late already,,, let today’s shower slide by please

Mirabel: Not a chance, you will save yourself more time if you comply now because you will only sleep after shower,,,, we’ve spent almost five minutes debating on this when you can shower within just three minutes.

I was so weak, I didn’t eat well from the party, I managed to gather some strenth before I could have my shower that night. I first had my shower before she did.

Mirabel: Now how do you feel? (After I had my shower)

Me: Terrible! (Actually, I felt better)

Mirabel: Liar… Baby you should be taking your bath two to three times daily and also brush your teeth as well, you will feel free, more relaxed and feel cool when you shower before retiring to bed

Me: I’ve heard you, can I have my sleep now?

Mirabel: Nope

Me: You must be kidding yourself **rested my body on the bed to sleep** Goodnight!

Mirabel: No goodnight kisses?

Me: Mirabel please I’m very weak, I might even collapse if I should sit up

Mirabel: You’re refusing to kiss me?

Me: As I am right now? I will even reject $ex

Mirabel: Woah… this is serious. Sorry baby for bothering you, I didn’t know you’re that tired

Me: Its okay… **feeling somehow unusual** please switch off the AC its like i’m feeling cold

Mirabel: Ok,,, sure you’re Ok?

Me: Yea,,, goodnight

Mirabel: Goodnight, love u…

Too tired to say I love her too, I just slept off. During my sleep, I had weird and uncomfortable dreams, I only have such kind of dreams when I’m sick.
**The following morning**

Mirabel: Victor wake up **tapping me** wake up

I opened my eyes,,, I woke up feeling heavy

Mirabel: You’re burning up! we need to take you to the hospital. Please put on your shirt and trousers lets be going
I managed to stood up

Me: What about lectures? **feeling uneasy**

Mirabel: You need to get checked first, you’re sick and you’re talking about lectures we can easily catch up with

Me: I promised not to miss a single lecture, I have to go to school, I will be fine

Mirabel: At the expense of your health? don’t be sturbborn, You’re going to the hospital

I put on my shirt and trousers, she called on the guards and they took me to the hospital, the next thing was me lying on the hospital bed while the Doctor ran some tests on me.

Mirabel: I called Nancy and told her what happened, she requested to come at once but I told her to wait till later that the guards will bring her

Me: She’s still at your place?

Mirabel: Yea, I told her to remain there while we’re still here

(Then I remembered Vincent spent the night there and he might still be there)

Me: No, she has to go back to the house… She can’t stay close to Lola

Mirabel: Lola and Cynthia are on their way here, they will go to school from here

Me: They’ll make it to school today after last night?

Mirabel: This is not the first time dear, they will go to school if they want to

Me: Still I think she should go back to the house to,, to,,, to you know, freshen up, change her dress before coming here

Mirabel: **Laughs** So its true?

Me: What?

Mirabel: Don’t worry darling, Vincent left the lodge earliar with Dax

Me: Really…?

Mirabel: Yeapie

Me: Then what’s the truth about that?

Mirabel: **Smiles** Nancy told me everything dear,,, girls talk

Me: About what?

Mirabel: How you’ve been strict on her concerning boys

Me: She’s exaggerating

Mirabel: Really? is that right??

**Doctor walks in**

Doctor: Hello Victor

Mirabel: Doctor, are the results out?

Doctor: Yes

Mirabel: What’s wrong with him?

Doctor: Malaria and typhoid and also his sugar level is very high

Mirabel: Is he going to be admitted?

Doctor: That won’t be necessary, I’ll just prescribed some drugs for him

Mirabel: Ok, thank you Doctor

Doctor: I advise he should stop taking anything that contains more than 2% of sugar. Mr Victor what do you take much that contains sugar?

Mirabel: Doctor he takes yoghurt excessively

Doctor: I advise him to resist yoghurt for minimum of four months

Me: What?! four months?

Doctor: Wait, is he like addicted to it?

Mirabel: Doctor I really dunno, I only know he drinks it excessively

The Doctor started lecturing me on the implications of taking excessive yoghurt. My mind wasn’t with him, It was the four months exile that bothers me.