The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 18


During the night, I felt something rubbing my feet up to my leg,,, I quickly grabbed my phone and switched on the light to the direction only to see Lola smiling at me by this time of the night **What a witch** I adjusted and laid back, this time holding Mirabel very closely till i managed to sleep. I woke up the following morning feeling a slight headache but kept it to myself not telling Mirabel. I was alone in the room when i woke up,,, I went to check if they were still around, I got to the parlor and heard their voices in the kitchen. I went back inside to brush my teeth and had my bath as well. Of course I didn’t feel good when Mirabel said I stinks last night.

Mirabel: Honey where are you?

Me: I’m in the bathroom

Mirabel: Ok hurry up’ Breakfast is served

Me: Alright give me a minute

Mirabel: Or may I join you?

**She wants to trick me again, once bitten twice shy**

Me: No need for that, I will be done in a minute

Mirabel: Are you sure you don’t want me to come?

Me: Yeah

Mirabel: Okay,,, I will be with the girls in the guest room

Me: Wait dear were you serious about joining me?

Mirabel: (Laughs) Of course not, enjoy your bath dear

*Hhmmmm,,,, bitten twice*
I had my bath, dressed up then went for breakfast. I got ready to leave, I told Mirabel to come back later in the day to talk on the matter at hand, She agreed to come before they left.

Home alone and you know what that means,,, thinking of what to do to while away time and other weird imaginations. First thing i tried to was to watch TV, I got bored and switched to video games before i realized something. That I have always wanted to use my laptop to surf the internet. Now I have the means with my Smile 4G wireless modem. I dashed to my room at once to get my laptop and wireless modem. I got them, switched them on, connected the laptop with the wireless modem and gained internet access in no time and i let out a satisfactory smile. I downloaded so many softwares that i have always wished to have in my system. They seized the power, I on the generator because I was so into the internet and can’t leave it not even for a minute. I was so in to it that i didn’t know when i passed lunch time, yet I didn’t feel hungry but I’m actually hungry

**Phone Rings**

Me: Hello Promzy

Promise: Hi are you at home?

Me: Yeah, what’s up?

Promise: I’m around, on my way to your place

Me: Okay,,, please do me a favour

Promise: What?

Me: Errmmmm,,, help pass by an eatery and buy me something to eat,,,, something simple like maybe meatpie and burger,,, don’t worry about drink, I have some

Promise: I haven’t even agreed yet and you’re already telling me what to do

Me: I know you can’t refuse me

Promise: Really? what if i don’t have enough money with me??

Me: Please Promzy, I will pay you as soon you get here,,, I’m very hungry biko

Promise: Okay,,, I will get it

Me: Thanks dear

Promise: And what have you been doing that you couldn’t get yourself something to eat?

Me: It’s a long story

Promise: What’s the long story on not having lunch again?

Me: *Laughs* You won’t understand,,, get here first

Promise: Okay…

**Hangs Up**

I continued browsing and downloading till she arrived a couple of minutes later. She gave me a cool hug when i opened the gate for her before i ushered her in to the house.

Promise: The place is looking really good, who did it?

Me: What are you insinuating now?

Promise: Come on,,, you and know that you didn’t do it

Me: And if i say i actually did it?

Promise: Then I’ll say you’re lying

Me: Please give my food, I don’t know what you girls take me for

Promise: So who did it?

Me: Its Mirabel! Can I have my food now?

Promise: **Hands the package to me** By Mirabel, you mean she did it manually or automatically?

Me: How do you mean?

Promise: As in, if she did it with her hands or she brought people to do it?

Me: Okay it was automatically

Promise: So, what’s the long story you talked about?

Me: **Chuckles** I was only exaggerating,,, just busy with the internet

Promise: I see,,, and who were you chatting with that kept you busy?

Me: Not chatting,,,, just surfing the internet and downloading from the clouds

Promise: Okay oh,,, too much Mb, so you are on subscription?

Me: Yap

Promise: How many Mb

Me: Promzy I want to eat oh please,,, care to join me?

Promise: Tell me jhoor

Me: It’s 10Gb data plan

Promise: For how many months?

Me: For 30 days

Promise: Is it not too much? what would u be doing with it?

Me: It hasn’t been up to a week, I have consumed about 3Gb

Promise: What? with this your phone?

Me: Yea and my laptop

Promise: Okay U connected your phone with your laptop,,, cool

Me: Not really, I’m using a wireless modem that can connect both of them and even more together. Look at it **Showing her the modem**

Promise: Woah,,,, its nice

Me: Yeah,,, I’m coming

I went in to get some drink, the one Mirabel brought yesterday with two glass cups.

Me: Let’s eat

Promise: No thanks, I’m okay

Me: Not even a glass of juice?

Promise: Ok that will do

I offered her the juice while i helped myself,,, We gisted on so many things while eating till she finished her drink and boldly asked for more. While talking, a part of me wanted her to go so I could continue surfing the internet.

Me: Or should I connect you?

Promise: Yes oh,,, I need to do some things,,,, hope you won’t mind if i download?

Me: I hope its not large files?

Promise: Yes

Me: Okay then

I connected her thinking i would be free to focus on the internet but I was wrong, She kept asking questions upon questions.

**Phone Rings**

Me: Hey dear

Mirabel: Hey,,,, where are you? I’ve been horning out here

Me: Really? sorry dear I didn’t know, I’m coming out now

**Hangs UP**

I rushed to open the gate for her,,, She drove in

Me: I apologize sweetheart, I didn’t know **Hugs her**

Mirabel: Its okay,,, and what have you been doing all day?

Me: Just been surfing the internet

Mirabel: And what did you have for lunch?

Me: Some snacks,,,, Promzy is even around

Mirabel: Inside now?

Me: Yeah

Mirabel: Why didn’t you tell me?
Me: But I just did

Mirabel: How long has she been here?

Me: I think for over an hour now,,,, what’s this about?

Mirabel: What do you mean by what’s this about? She’s my friend too and I miss her soooo much **Running inside** Promzy!!

I was like “pheeeeww” I let out a sigh of relieve.