The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 17


The following morning, after our morning activities, i started getting ready to leave anything 11am. Momma arranged foodstuffs for me of which i declined the ones i don’t like such as beans. I only collected small quality of it so i can prepare it with rice.

After much preparation, i left some few minutes past 11 and arrive at my apartment about an hour later. Did i mentioned where i was schooling? OK, I was schooling at the University Of Abuja studying Business Administration.

I informed Mirabel of my arrival, she said she’ll join me shortly. I also informed my Parents. My uncle told me to call him when i get to school but i don’t want to,,,, I know he wants to give me money.

I was about doing some clean up before i discovered that the place is even tidier than the way i left it. I was surprised a little because i was relieved from doing the cleaning. So,,, who else could have done it if not my lovely Mirabel. But how??

*I quickly dialed her line*

Mirabel: Hello dear

Me: Sweetheart,,, how did u do it?

Mirabel: Do what?

Me: The house, its cleaned up

Mirabel; Oh yea,,,, I sent some cleaners with my guards to get it done. Hope they did well?

Me: Sure, they did great. Thanks dear,

Mirabel: Its okay… i think its my duty to clean for my boo especially when he’s too lazy for house chores

Me: I’m not lazy

Mirabel: I know, that’s why i said for house chores,,,, U re lazy on that

Me: No I’m not

Mirabel: Really?

Me: Yeah

Mirabel: Ok tell me, what do u do at your family house? And how often do u do your laundry?

Me: Well,,, there’s nothing much to do there and Mother and Nancy takes care of the few ones

Mirabel: There u go,,,, there are some little things that u should be doing at home sweetheart

Me: But i mop the floor

Mirabel: After Nancy sweep the floor right? Why can’t u sweep and mop alone? Imagine, u started washing your own clothes just last year

Me: What? Who told u that?

Mirabel: Oops! Never mind, I will be with u shortly,,,,, and I’m coming with food. Not fried rice though, love u…
*Hangs up*

Chai! Nancy is a traitress!

Few minutes later, I went to the gate to check who was horning,,,, The car doesn’t look familiar but i know it was Mirabel, she got another ride for another semester,,, cool. She drove in, parked, and then alighted from the car were Cynthia, Mirabel and Lola.

But she didn’t tell me that she’ll be coming over with them,,,, Chaai Mirabel!

Cynthia: Hi Victor?

Me: Hello Cynthia,,, long time

Mirabel ran towards me and gave me a cool romantic hug,,, I lifted her up and turned her around romantically and we shared a cool kiss while i was still holding her before i dropped her to her feet.

Mirabel: I’ve missed u so much

Me: I miss u too…

Lola: Hello Vames **Smiling**

Me: Lola, how are u? how’d u know that name?

Lola: Why don’t u usher us in? instead of questioning us under this scorching sun **helping herself in**

Cynthia looked around then joined Lola

Mirabel: Let’s go in na **pulling me**

Me: Wait

Mirabel: Why?

Me: I thought u were coming alone so we can talk alone

Mirabel: Yeah,,,, but they insisted on coming, that they would be bored at the lodge

Me: We have some serious issues to tackle,,,, so how can we get to talk privately?

Mirabel: Serious issues? what are u talking about?

Me: I will tell u everything when we get to talk

Mirabel: Okay uhmmm,,,, I will let them go while i spend the night here

Me: Ok good

Mirabel: Till then,,,, let’s go in

Me: Wait….

Mirabel: What now? They’re waiting for us

Me: **drawing her closer** Do u know how much i’ve missed your kisses?

Mirabel: Not now Victor

Me: Come on…

Mirabel: I miss u too but now is not the right time,,, I thought we have some serious issues to tackle?

Me: Yeah… but my mind doesn’t recognize the right time for kissing u,,, U should know that with u, every time is right…

She started blushing while i draw her and placed my lips on hers and she responded….

Lola: The food is getting cold,,, do u guys mind? **Went back in**

What will i do to this Lola sef??

Mirabel: Sorry dear, we’re coming in now…..   Victor i’m going in now

We went in together, Mirabel served the food. I don’t know why she’s the one doing it while Cynthia and Lola were there. The food wasn’t fried rice and the drink wasn’t hollandia yoghurt but the food was irish potatoes with egg and fried chicken with some kind of spice I’ve never seen before,,,,, with one nice orange juice like that which i later discovered that it was imported.

Cynthia and Lola ate on their own, while Mirabel and I ate together but not in a romantic way because i wasn’t comfortable with Lola’s presence
After eating,,,, she (Mirabel) took all the dishes to wash. Her humbleness surprised me a lot,,, how can she, being the leader of their friendship and the President’s Daughter be doing dishes for her friends?? I really can’t understand why.

I helped her in the dishwashing of which she tried to decline but i superseded her. We wouldn’t had completed the dishes without some cool kisses initiated by me…. we were yet interrupted by that Lola again!

Lola: **Clears throat**  Do u have Korean movies in this house? I’m bored

*This girl is annoyingly funny sha*

Mirabel: Lola, there’s no Korean movie here

Lola: But he lives here, let him answer,,, he might have, who knows…

Me: Mirabel answered u correctly Lola,,,, I don’t even watch Koreans

Lola: What? Why?? they’re really good, U will love their movies just try it and see

Me: Okay,,, maybe I’ll try it out some time

Lola: Yeah u should,,,, first u should try City hunter, Coffee prince, Playful kiss or Personal taste, Sea god or even Fugitive: Plan B it’s awesome.

Me: Okay…

Lola: OMG! Please try as much as possible to watch Boys Before Flowers,,, I love the movie like crazy

Mirabel: Lola follow me let’s talk

Lola: Talk about what?

Mirabel: Follow me

Lola: Okay, alright

Mirabel: I mean now**walks away**

Lola: I’m coming oh…..

Vames sweetheart,,, long time no see
I boldly brought out my phone from my pocket and start recording,,, I did it boldly so she won’t notice my real motive.

Me: What do U want from me?

Lola: **laughs** Is that a question?

Me: Yes it is a question and i demand an answer

Lola: I don’t need anything from U dear,,, wake up boo

Me: I don’t understand

Mirabel: **cuts in from distance** Lola!!!

Lola: Hey I’m coming!    got to go handsome,,, your girlfriend needs my attention *she winked at me and left*
That’s how the witch left without leaving any evidence for me to hold against her.

I didn’t know what they talked about…. Later in the evening, Mirabel and I lay on the couch together waiting for Lola and Cynthia to get going but they seem to be very comfortable.

Mirabel: Don’t u girls have any where to go? No party? No clubbing No dates and all?

Lola: Since when do u care about that? Or aren’t u the one preaching change on us?

Mirabel: Ok now U have changed?

Lola: Errrmmmmm,,,, I just don’t feel like going anywhere. We just arrive on campus na, we’ll rest for today
**58 minutes later**

Mirabel: U girls can go,,,, I will spend the night here. Lola? Cynthia? Cynthia? Lola?! Lola wake up jare! **Hitting them to wake**

Lola: **Sleepy** allow person to sleep na

Mirabel: U should go to the lodge then, before it gets too late. Lola? Lola!

Lola is really a witch!

Mirabel: (Whispering to me) What should we do now?

Me: We’ll leave them let them sleep here while we go inside the room

Mirabel: Okay….

We went inside the room, Mirabel had a shower. She told me to join her of which i jumped up to feet before she declared that she was only joking. I told her that i will only shower that night if only i join her,,, She told me to suit myself.

She came out after a few minutes

Mirabel: Its your turn

Me: Did we arrange for that?

Mirabel: Alright, go and shower

Me: I’m okay….

Mirabel: But u stinks

Me: I told u that, i won’t shower if not with u,,,, so I’m keeping to my word

Mirabel: Okay,,,, but u will keep your distance oh,,, and we’ll only talk

Me: (Seductively) Are u sure about that?

Mirabel: Hold it there, don’t even think about it…

Me: Really?

Mirabel: I’m very serious (boldly)

Me: Okay,,, its alright, i didn’t intend to do anything anyway

Mirabel: Says your mouth but can that thing down there attest to that? (Using her face to point at my private area that is nodding on its own)

Me: Hey stop looking at it,,,, it got mind on its own and its alive because of the available frequency

Mirabel: So I’m the frequency?

Me: Yes of course, its not my fault that its nodding like that. I can only control it as its master but can’t stop it from nodding to available frequency. Its like that, so can we talk now?

Mirabel: Alright, what is it that u want to tell me about ?

Me: Its about your’ fr……

**Knocks on the door twice then came in without waiting for permission**

Lola: I need to take a shower, sorry i had to wear this, can’t find anything else to put on **walks into the bathroom**

She was wearing my shirt. I was stunned and speechless so was Mirabel.

She finally came out after spending almost 30 minutes in the bathroom. She laid on the floor

Lola: Goodnight guys,,,, woah the floor is so cool

I thought Mirabel was going to get angry and react, but she actually looks as if she wanted to laugh while i was burning inside of me

Before i could say ‘Mi’ the door opened without knocking

Cynthia: (Sleepy) So all of u camped here and left me all alone in the parlor,,,, msteeeww **She also laid on floor side by side with Lola**

Mirabel started laughing out,,, I looked at her with an angry face.