The President’s Daughter And I Season Episode 31


The day seems to be going awkwardly ‘coz I feel very much uncomfortable seating with this girls especially Lola. She kept winking at me on any chance she get. She sometimes throw me an annoying kiss that really got me irritated.

Cynthia: What’s on fire Mirabel? Its taking quite long I’m really starving.

Mirabel: Don’t even think about it. I’m cooking for my boyfriend.

Lola: Make we hear word jare! Na only U get boyfriend? Bring food abegi

Mirabel: If I burst your head eh… no try me o

Lola: See who wan burst person head.  This bunger fish I go pieces u like paper give your boyfriend. Cynthia came back from the kitchen with a plate of food in her hand. She’s been in the kitchen during the argument. On seeing her, Lola rushed towards the kitchen while Mirabel ran after her. Lola came back after 4 minutes with a plate of food. Mirabel later came back with a tray of food containing beans and plantain with hollandia yoghurt for me and her. We ate while they gist


That same day, after eating. I was left alone with Mirabel as Cynthia stylishly dragged Lola out. There we got to know more about ourselves by questions and answers.

Me: So how long have u been friends with Cynthia and Lola?

Mirabel: Since when we were young. Their father and my father have been friends for a very long time. Even before I was born. That’s how we became friends.

Cynthia’s father is now a minister under my father. That’s errmm…. minister of transport. While Lola’s father is the speaker in the house of assembly.

Me: Woah… that’s great

Mirabel: That’s how it is

Me: Yea,,, Ok how was your life like during your childhood?

Mirabel: Uhmmm not that bad… buh I wasn’t that happy

Me: Why?

Mirabel: I don’t have freedom. I lack the freedom of doing what I want. I couldn’t even make my own decisions. If not for the fact that Lola and Cynthia’s fathers are my dad’s good friends … I wouldn’t have had any friends at all.

Me: Serious?

Mirabel: Yea. I was so restricted in activities that every kid would love to do. My Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me. Most especially my Mom ‘coz my Dad was always traveling from one business trip to another. My Dad only provides the money while my Mom took charge of the house.

Me: Woah…

Mirabel: I so much envied Cynthia and Lola back then, ‘coz they always get what they want especially Lola. If Lola don’t have what she wants is like she’s going to die. And you know, no one wants to die,,,, so she’ll do anything to get what she want. She could even go as far as threatening her parents and go extra miles.

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yea! It was even from her that I got the nerve to convince my parents to let me school here. My siblings all school abroad. My parents were so proud of me as i chose to study here. They now trust me more than ever and even respect my decisions.

Me: Lola must be very tough

Mirabel: Yea she is. But she only go crazy when she’s desperate… normally,,, she’s really cool and fun to be with.

Me: Oh is that so…?

Mirabel: Yeap

Me: U said that u envied them back then,,, what about now?

Mirabel: Well,,, I’m used to how my parents raised me. I don’t like going out especially at night. I also don’t like making friends ‘coz of the influence and for my safety as the president’s daughter.

Me: Hhmmm… I’m impressed

Mirabel: I got to understand why my parents was like that. I realized that, it was the best for me. I didn’t want to disappoint them or betray their trust that was why I chose to study here at home so they’d keep their eye on me. That’s why I got bodyguards

Me: You are really smart sweetheart,,, I love your lifestyle.

Mirabel: Thanks honey… I’m soooo happy about my life and everyone involve in it…. even u my love

Me: I love u

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Mirabel: I love u too **We kissed**

Me: Now tell me, how do u feel being the president’s daughter?

Mirabel: Well, seriously i really dunno. I dunno about politics and i don’t care about it or maybe not yet. People don’t really know me as the president’s daughter only few does. I love my dad and my mom for who they are. I sometimes forget that my father is actually the president. But I get proud of him whenever i remembered.

Me: Okay… tell me about your personal life

Mirabel: Like?

Me: Ever had a boyfriend?

Mirabel: Yea,,, heartbreaks… don’t wanna talk about it

Chai! Heartbreaks na plural oh… seems she’s not even a virgin.

Me: But I want to know more about u and your past life

Mirabel: It’s really not important Victor,,, lets not talk about it pleaseeee?

Me: Its okay if u don’t want to. Its not like i’m going to force u.

Mirabel: Don’t be like that honey. Are u mad at me?

Me: I don’t need to be mad at u… its ok if u don’t want to talk about it

Mirabel: I’m not convinced that you’re ok with it

Me: What else do u want me to do?

Mirabel: Alright fine,,, I will tell u.

Me: No need,,, just forget about it **iffa hear**

Mirabel: Its ok sweetheart i’m fine with it now.

Me: Ok o… if u say so. But its still fine by me if u don’t want to

Mirabel: I want to,,, I will tell u everything

Me: Ok go ahead I’m all ears

Mirabel: Uhhmmm… lemme start like this. I first had a boyfriend when I was in jss 2. His name was Amos my classmate. He broke up with me ‘coz I refused to have s£x with him which I don’t want to do. He then left me for another girl. That was my first heartbreak. I cried for weeks.

My second boyfriend was Wale. We started dating when I was in ss 1. I broke up with him ‘coz he cheated on me with Lola on the day of my sixteenth birthday. I was even ready and happy to give him my pride that night.

Me: U caught them having s£x?

Mirabel: I caught them kissing and romancing. They were even moaning geez! So disgusting

Me: But ermmm….

Mirabel: Why I’m still friends with Lola?

Me: Yea, and u didn’t forgive the guy

Mirabel: Lola begged me for days before I finally forgave her. She is my best friend and I also see her as a sister. Wale protest to explain everything but there was nothing there to explain after I caught him red-handed. I couldn’t trust him anymore that’s why I had to forget about him and moved on.

Me: Hhmmm… Maybe it was Lola that seduced him oh… Chai! All what I’ve been hearing is really scaring me. So,,, she would break up with me if she see Lola and I? Without explaining??

Mirabel: I got into a relationship with Marcus after wooing me for months. I gave him a chance when he wouldn’t give up and I later fell in love with him.

He was really madly in love with me. I avoided him, embarrassed him, insulted him and all. But he didn’t give up on me. Our relationship was very short. He left after two weeks of our official relationship. His father forced him against his will to study in the U.K

Me: U mean u guys didn’t break up officially?

Mirabel: Yea,,, I didn’t hear from him ever since he left. Its clear that its over right?

Me: U should’ve break up with him na

Mirabel: Yeah… but I didn’t get to communicate with him.

Me: Hhmmm…. what if he shows up now?

Mirabel: Nothing will happen again… I don’t love him anymore. Besides, he won’t be showing up for a long time

Me: How did u know that?

Mirabel: I heard he got jailed for doing drugs and other charges attached to his sentence.

Me: He is a bad guy?

Mirabel: I didn’t know him as a bad guy… it could be as a result of anger for being forced to study abroad.

Me: OK o… so who became your next?

Mirabel: **blushing** You my love

Me: Oh… does that mean you’re still intact? **Smiling**

Mirabel: Yes my love **smiling seductively**

Me: Woah… that’s great

Mirabel: Yep. Alright enough of talking about me. Now tell me about your past relationship. I wish she added plenty “s” to the relationship so it will be relationshipsssssssss.

So where do I start from? Would she be cool about my true past? Should I even tell her the whole truth? Because I did alot back then. What’s your advice guys? What do you have to say??

To Be Continued.