Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 8


“What is going on in here, the whole world will hear what? asked Ruby’s mother.

Fred became smart about it, he knew if he doesn’t do something, he could be in trouble and probably lose Ruby for good. He thought fast and acted really quick to clear any suspicion.

“Erm, can you believe Ruby told Efe that we have broken up. She even intend telling the whole world about it. That is if I want to be verbative thats what she said.” Fred said.

“Did my daughter really say that? Ruby’s mother asked.

“Yes, that’s what Efe was just telling me.” Fred said

“Efe, is that true? Ruby’s mother asked her.

Efe played along very well and answered her “Yes Madam, she did”

Ruby’s mother felt embrassed for what Efe told her. She never wanted her daughter to confide in a maid.

“I’m really sorry about this, Fred. You know how Ruby is, I don’t even know why she should be confiding in Efe instead of me.”

Fred felt relieved knowing very well that he had succeeded in manipulating Ruby’s mother, however his concerned more was how to deal with the Efe’s pregnancy issue secretely by any  possible means.

“Fred, I have a visitor so I will have to leave you and besides, have you seen Ruby around” She asked.

“Madam, she went out not long ago in a rush” Efe answered.

“Anyway Fred, kindly let her call me on phone when she comes.” Ruby’s mother said.

That was really strange, why does she want Ruby to call on phone when actually they lived in the same house. Fred thought of it, but brushed it off quickly since he had more  important matters to deal with, especially the pregnancy.

Back at Nana’s house, he had invited Ruby in to sit so they could talk. Ruby’s concentration however was on Adzo, she was very particular in knowing why Adzo left the house. Adzo then had no option than to spill the beans.

“It was your mum Ruby” Adzo said.

“My Mum? What has she done? Did she throw you out of the house? Ruby asked anxiously.

Nana on the other just sat there quiet and listened to the two ladies while they talked to each other.  From their conversation, he got to know that Adzo was actually living with Ruby all along. For some reason he was hurt and disappointed that Adzo had lied to him.

Ruby was anxious than ever, her mother was the last person she thought Adzo would have mention but she was wrong,  her mother was the reason Adzo left without telling her.

“Ruby, your mother accused me of a having a hand in your father’s death” Adzo said.

“Why will my mother accuse you in the first place” Ruby asked.

Nana who was still seated there realized that their conversation was really getting personal, so he had no option than to excuse himself.  They didn’t even notice that he had already excused them. all their attention was on the issue they were both discussing.

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“Ruby, she claim i poisoned him the night before the wedding” Adzo said.

Ruby looked confused and didn’t understand what Adzo was trying to say.

“Can you come out clear, did you even had an encounter with my father” Ruby asked.

“Hmm, Ruby, I’m a victim of circumstance. The night before he passed away, I was with him at the kitchen, apparently he was having difficulties in sleeping. Even though I recommended garlic solution to him, I only ended up giving him a glass of water to drink. According to your mum, Efe was the one who told her everything, she claim she saw me putting something in the water for your dad.”  Adzo said.

Ruby never suspected Adzo for having a hand in her father’s death. She had already seen the autopsy and know the cause of her father’s death. However, she became very furious for what her mother had told Adzo and was ready to confront her.

When Ruby is angry, she is a total different person all together.

“Adzo, you are not the cause of my fathers death.stay here, I will be right back” Ruby said and left Nana’s place very angry and mad without even saying goodbye to Nana.

Nana saw her leaving, but she ignored him after he had called her back several times. Nana quickly rushed to the sitting room where Adzo was sitting to find out what may have caused Ruby’s outburst.

“What just happened here? Nana asked.

“mm, I think it’s best if you don’t know. But don’t worry, she will be back” Adzo said.

Fred and Efe remained in the kitchen after Ruby’s mother had left them. Fred however suggested that Efe, should try and abort the baby for their own interest. Efe was not ready to let go just like, she on the other hand also demanded 2000GHC from Fred before she proceeds on with termination of the pregnancy.

It was in the middle of the conversation when Ruby out of nowhere barged into the kitchen.

“what are you doing here Fred? Ruby asked.

Fred had never seen such anger in her eyes before, he even thought Ruby’s anger was as a result of the break up little did he know that, it was something worse than that. Before Fred could speak up, Ruby came out with another question, this time, the was directed to Efe.

“Where is my mother” Ruby asked.

“if she is not at the sitting room, then she will be in her bedroom” Efe answered.

She immediately went to the sitting but only saw Aziz who was comfortably sitting and watching Television for the first time.

She ignored him and went straight to her mother’s room only to find Mr. Abdul comfortably sitting on her mother’s matrimonial bed, holding hands with her.

To be continued.