The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 32


The moment became an awkward one,,, I could feel the heat and tension, I got nervous. After doing a quick calculation, I concluded on….

Me: Sweetheart, we’d talk about this some other time, its getting late already.

Mirabel: What?! No way!! We will talk about it today

Me: But its getting late

Mirabel: Yea, but its not yet bedtime..

Me: I really don’t like driving in the dark dear

Mirabel: Then let’s talk about yourself before it gets so dark

Me: Alright! U do the questioning

Mirabel: Good! Lets start by U telling me about your childhood, have u always been this cool?

Me: Mirabel?

Mirabel: Yes dear

Me: U know who i am now right?

Mirabel: Sure! Very well

Me: U know that i love u so much right?

Mirabel: Yes dear

Me: And u know that i will never do anything whatsoever to hurt u

Mirabel: Yes I know,,,, but what’s all this about dear?

Me: I just want to be sincere when telling u about my past and i hope it won’t change anything

Mirabel: Just tell me everything Ok?

Me: Ok

Mirabel: Ok i’m listening…

Me: I use to be a bad boy back then

Mirabel: Go on

Me: I grew up with my parents in a corrupt environment. Where many things happen

Mirabel: Things like?

Me: Stealing, smoking and drinking, fighting, bleepings, raping

Mirabel: Wait, what’s this bleepings?

Me: As in s£x

Mirabel: Oh… oh oh oh… Lola and Cynthia have discussed many times using that slang. Like ‘He wan kill me today with bleeping’ ‘The guy dey bleep die’ ‘Girl dem bleep u today?’ Geez! Those girls are really something. If i ask them what it means they will tell me that i’m still a girl

Me: Maybe they don’t want to corrupt your mind

Mirabel: But i’m not a kid

Me: Is this something u want to know about?

Mirabel: Not like that, its just that…. never mind, go on continue. Wait, u made mention of rape, u raped girls?

Me: I didn’t rape neither did i smoke

Mirabel: But u bleeped? I almost laughed ‘coz she sounded funny when she asked me that question.

Me: Yea

Mirabel: You did?!

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Ok go on

Me: I started drinking when i grew older but my parents didn’t know. My father always travelled from one state to another. My mother comes home late in the night from her store. That was why we got the freedom to do whatever we like and go wherever we want.

Mirabel: Hhmmmm….

Me: Me and my friends learnt bad things from the big guys by that time. I was in primary 3 when i knew about s£x from the big guys. They even sent us to buy condoms for them. Sometimes, its the naked girl that will collect the condoms from us

Mirabel: Naked girl?

Me: Yea, the girlfriend of the bros that sent us

Mirabel: How naked?

Me: Mirabel…?

Mirabel: Just tell me

Me: Well I can show you,,,

Miracle: just tell me na

Me: sometimes she comes out wearing bra and pant, some other time she wears only pant and most times she might wear the guy’s shirt without any panty

Mirabel: Continue…

Me: Me and my friend(s) out of curiosity would try to look at what they were doing…

Mirabel: And?

Me: We saw them doing it

Mirabel: Bleeping?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: I see…

Me: That’s how we started touching girls during hide and seek game in the night.

Mirabel: Woah

Me: From hide and seek game to s£x game when i got to primary 4 till I got to jss 2 as we moved from the area to another environment.

The new environment was far better compared to the previous one.

Mirabel: Thats good

Me: But….

Mirabel: But what?

Me: I became the mentor of the boys around there

Mirabel: Geez!! Victor!!!

Me: I’m sorry dear but its the truth

Mirabel: How did u became their mentor?

Me: I thought them what i knew, help them to get girls and all sort of things

Mirabel: Bleeping i guess,,, but i don’t want to hear all that anymore. Tell me about your past relationships

Me: Ok. I had my first girlfriend when I was in primary 5. I didn’t know anything about break up and heartbreak by then so we just stopped seeing each other for no good reason.

Mirabel: Maybe u broke her heart

Me: I really dunno about that

Mirabel: What’s her name?

Me: A.B which is Abiola

Mirabel: Ok o… who next?

Me: That would be uhmmm… I can’t remember her name

Mirabel: How long did u date her?

Me: Not up to 3 weeks

Mirabel: Ok that was all childish thing. Tell about your relationship from where u were in jss 2,,,, before that, tell me how many girls u have dated?

Me: Before i got to jss 2?

Mirabel: Yes

Me: Four

Mirabel: Tell me the truth!

Me: Ermm… like seven of them

Mirabel: Is that the truth?

Me: Yes dear

Mirabel: What are their names?

Me: Is that necessary?

Mirabel: Its not but i want to hear it

Me: Alright,,, A.B, Precious, Mercy, Faith, Salome and Ramotu

Mirabel: U mentioned six

Me: Yea, I forgot the name of the second girl

Mirabel: U bleeped all of them?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Oh my gosh! Victor!!

Me: I’m sorry dear

Mirabel: How could U?!! ☆☆☆



  1. Tnks bruv for ur stories…..i wonder how you can be dis creative….may God bless your handiwork