The President’s Daughter and I Season 1 Episode 28



Seriously, this is really something. I need to decide fast on the offer. What negative thing can happen if I accept? Nothing I could think of. What negative thing can happen if I don’t accept? Many things such as: Mirabel will feel sad, she will get disappointed if I should turn down her offer, She worked really hard to get the place cleaned up just to please me. And I will spend alot of money to get my own house, and to furnish it to my taste.

Me: Mirabel uhmmm…

Mirabel: What?

Me: U see uhmmm… don’t U think that ermmm… U know,,,, it doesn’t seem right

Mirabel: Why so?

Me: Its your Aunt’s matrimonial home, I think its not right to keep your boyfriend here

Mirabel: I won’t call it their matrimonial home ‘coz they never lived here married.

Me: How’s that?

Mirabel: My Aunt’s husband lived here as a bachelor. They were never here as a married couple not even spending the night here together…

Me: Ok. Buh what if they should come back soon?

Mirabel: U worry too much Victor. Let me take care of that. Besides they won’t be here any sooner.

Me: Great! Wow!! This is awesome!!! I accept it my love,,, this is really Cool

Mirabel: U like it?

Me: Are U kidding? This is great! I love it!!

Mirabel: Glad U like it. Come lemme show U around

Me: Thanks Love

Mirabel: Anything for U

She toured me around the vicinity hand in hand telling me this and that. There were flowering garden in the environment, a gym, 4 bedrooms, a big sitting room and lots of home appliances such as: a big plasma TV, home theatre, big fridge filled with groceries, a CWAY and much more.

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I was so exited that I demonstrated my appreciation on her. We kissed and romanced from chair to chair in the sitting room for many minutes almost an hour. On leaving the place…

Me: Everything seems to be complete here, what do I do with my stuffs?

Mirabel: I dunno. U decide since you’re good in decision-making

Me: I want to hear your own opinion first, I might use it

Mirabel: For me, just give them out

Me: Huh?

Mirabel: Give them out (not joking)

Me: I think I will decide what to do with them

Mirabel: Whatever Mr. Decider

Me: Iffa catch U

Mirabel: Oya na

She starts running through the garden, I ran after her. She wasn’t a good runner though, I just intentionally slowed down. She ran towards the house there I closed up on her. She hanged on the wall, holding her head begging me to forgive her.

Her sweet screaming took my mind else where. I start touching her play-play asking her if she’d try me again which she answers no every time I ask. Buh the love play-play increased the size of little vame buh I didn’t complain Lol.

I freed her buh she starts making mouth again **that kind thing na** This time I catch her right arm, bend it from her back which made her to scream out and as well, bring forth her a$$ colliding it with little vame’s territory,,,, that kind feeling eh. The more I bend her hand, the closer her a$$ towards vame’s territory until I finally freed her ‘coz little vame couldn’t take it no more.

Mirabel: Break my hand and see who would prepare fried rice for U

Me: That’s why I didn’t broke it

Mirabel: Hhmmm… didn’t know U play like this

Me: I only play with my girlfriend like that

Mirabel: Was that why an invincible leg of yours struggled to get visible?

Me: I dunno what you’re talking about….. come on, lets go jare

Mirabel: **Laughs**

Chai! She felt it… From there we bade ourselves goodbye then departed the area.


I moved into the house two days later, I sold the stuffs in my former house which got me more money. I even sold out the room to a student from the hostel. I sold some things to him on discount such as: bed & pillows and ward rope. I gave him my cooking utensils for free.

We started our exams the following week, I did very well ‘coz I jack very hard with little or no distraction.

Mirabel, Promise and I created a reading session. We read together, teach each other, ask each other questions as revisions. With the company of those two brilliant girls, reading won’t be a problem.

We wrote three exams in two weeks, enough time to study and do whatever. The exams didn’t stop me from seeing Mirabel though.

We visit each other, she sleeps in my place buh I don’t sleep at her place. I loved my new environment, no noise, suitable for reading, I can watch movies as I like,,, I got D.S.T.V, I could play music as loud as I want using my home theatre and as well, play my P.S (video game) peacefully and easily with cheats though.

My fridge,,, oh my… Too much yoghurts, chicken, eggs, milk and so on… I don’t lack them.

I expanded my ward rope, added some shoes and accessories. Even those Mirabel’s bodyguards gave me my respect as Mirabel always come with them when coming to visit me. Lemme tell U what happened…

But on the next episode… ☆☆☆