The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 27


This sounds good but its not a good idea for me. There should be some kind of boundary between us. I can’t just be waking up every morning to see my girlfriend; in her own house for that matter. We need to miss each other a little bit

Me: Uhmmm Mirabel,,, that’s not a good idea. We don’t have to live together

Mirabel: Buh we’d get to be together. I’d be under your arms at all times. I would cook for U and we’d eat together,,,, I want us to be like that; isn’t it great?

Me: Yea, its great for married couples not single lovers like us

Mirabel: Then how should we do it? What do U think?? ‘Coz I’m not taking the car back… besides, it was never mine

Me: I’d need a change of environment to a more secure place.

Mirabel: Got any place in mind?

Me: Not really,,, buh I’d work on it

Mirabel: Alright, lemme know when U find one

Me: No no no… I’d make it a surprise

Mirabel: Really…? **Smiling**

Me: Yea, I’d just give U the address to meet me there

Mirabel: I see… you’ve revealed alot already. Let’s see how it goes

Me: Sure

She prepared noodles which we ate. I thanked her very well for the car continuously which got her irritated. She told me to stop or she’d leave angrily which I complied. She stayed for a while before I bade her goodbye.

She called me minutes later to announce her arrival. One thing about me is that,,, I can’t stay in one place, on my own without thinking, without ideas and some kind of imaginations running through my head.

I grabbed a big seized yoghurt from my little fridge, bounce my body on the bed to do something natural about me. I sip my yoghurt while thinking like some people in distress or heartbreak who drink alcohol to cool off their mind.

This thing that Beatrice is bringing, she should just understand and stay-off. I will just spell the “NO” out for her if she try ‘am. She’s not even that pretty,,, She’s got a bangin’ body though.

Lola, her bizzy body is now irritating me. Mirabel and Cynthia said she’s like that but I don’t think I can get used to such stupidity.

And that stupid bodyguard of Mirabel’s. He’s really annoying, imagine bodyguard forming boss because he’s guarding the President’s daughter. So what! If he has seen the President face to face!! Its not easy sha and its an honour buh and so f√ckin’ what?! Is the President not human?

I’m dating his daughter, the guard needs to know that. I am dating the daughter of the number one citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and she loves me like mad. I love her too though buh I must confess that hers is more greater like 60/40%. ★Where is our relationship leading to? ★What kind of challenge am I going to face in the course of our relationship? ★What about rivals? Should I be scared about this?? ★Would I be able to fight for our love? ★Would our relationship get to the President’s notice?

I really can’t imagine having a future with Mirabel. I have never been afraid of trouble buh this situation could be different because Big man Big trouble. Chai!

She turned down bigger guys to be with me. What if the guys won’t give up and try to attack me or even try to get me out of the way. Then I hope what I see in hollywood don’t get to be different from my case. I should be the hero not the deadman. I don’t really know if I’d be able to fight for our love,,,

I hate nonsense. Her friends and family might try to discriminate me… and I pretty much don’t welcome insults. I can’t tell what the reaction of her father would be… all I can think of is how it normally happens. That is, he would do anything just for me to forget about his daughter. Well, how can success come without challenges??

☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆

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I’ve been thinking about girls not thinking about my family Chai! They are doing great sha, I heard from them two days back. I will call them later. My yoghurt has finished, end of thinking! So,,, what do I do now?

Its been a while since I played my video game, so I played it till later in the evening. Mind U, me I enjoy playing alone… there I can cheat computer as I like, I love google.

I called my people as I had planned earlier, we talked normal things and all that. They even asked why I haven’t been asking them for money. Parents sha! If U ask, they will say U ask too much that you are eating up their money. If U don’t ask, another problem… they would become suspicious maybe you have joined the cult group or other illegal acts. They concluded on sending me some money next week. I called my uncle and the following conversation ensued.

Me: Good evening sir

Uncle: Hhmmm…. The Tortoise does not go to the market just to pay it a visit

Me: I don’t understand sir

Uncle: U don’t need to,,, U see… I am about going for a meeting right now and I am running late. So just tell me the amount lemme wire it to your account immediately. My family is really something else,,, Chai! How I wish it was the time I needed money most.

Me: Actually, I’m fine sir

Uncle: I’m not in the mood for your corner-corner sense… just tell me

Me: I’m serious sir. I just call to hear from U that’s all

Uncle: U should know by now that U can’t deceive me,,, before U were; I was.
Me: But sir…

Uncle: My friend! Shut up!! And tell me how much U need!!! See me see trouble oh… ahhh!

Me: Sir ermmm…

Uncle: You are not serious, U think I have time for shyness? **Hangs up** I was like wow! I’m being pressured to be given money? What is going on??

Before I could calm my nerve, an alert just tuned my phone. I checked it out,,, wow… is this man for real? He credited my account with some smiling figures. A text message from him popped up… It read…

“Don’t call me next time if U don’t have the boldness to ask from me. I don’t have time for pleasantries U know that”.
I was just short of words but surprised. What a great Uncle, but I don’t like how he raised his voice. He’s cool though, really cool I then sent him a thank U text.


I couldn’t feel hunger, I was so happy. I went out to get some hot suya and ate it for the night with a cold yoghurt. I called Mirabel as well for good night poems before I retired to bed feeling happy. Not happy just because of the money sent to me, but because of how things seems to be set for me. I Love My Life!


Now its a week remaining to our Exams, I have been studying with my girlfriend Mirabel and with my pal Promise sometimes; They learnt what I know especially Accounting while I learnt what they knew especially Statistics. While Lola and Cynthia the party girls won’t stay around to study, runs girls and their papa get money.

I found a cool place to live in but I’m yet to make it official,,, like paying for it before moving in. Meanwhile, my parents also credited my account as they had promised with cool figures.

Mirabel invited me to a place I don’t really know, she gave me the address of the place where I’d meet her. I went with the car,,, I mean to say my car to the place. But I stopped on the street to ask questions about the address. I got there and found her standing in front of a gate. I parked in front of her and came down to meet her…

Me: Hey love,,, what are we doing here?

Mirabel: Come, follow me lets go in. She dragged me by the hand into the opened gate. The place looks cool and well kept.

Me: **Whispering** Who lives here?

Mirabel: No one yet

Me: Then what are we doing here? Is it one of your father’s?

Mirabel: Uhmmm… not really

Me: Whose house is it?

Mirabel: Well, its for my Aunt’s husband. They got married last year and got sponsored by my father to take care of his business in Korea.

Me: Wow,,,, that’s cool

Mirabel: They left it under my care, for me to live in and go to school from here but I couldn’t stay ‘Coz it would be boring for me

Me: U could’ve invited your friends to stay with you

Mirabel: I don’t like the idea of living with friends thats why Lola and Cynthia stay in one lodge and I stay on my own

Me: I see…

Mirabel: So I hid the keys of the house in our home

Me: Aso rock?

Mirabel: Yea, I went there 4 days ago to get them so I’d get it cleaned up in time…. So U’d live here

Me: What? Not again

Mirabel: Surprised?? **laughs** Shey U wanted to surprise me right? Who surprised Who now??

Chai! This girl!!