The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 24


Sometimes, I dunno why some people don’t know when to show up and when to leave. As for me, I describe irritating moments as an act of stupidity.

I disowned my semi-friends ‘coz of their stupidity, now this girl wants me to hate her. Who else if not Lola…

Lola: Hey guys,,, woah… something smells nice here (oh my gosh jumping/running towards us) I’m so so hungry, this look good, Mirabel U remain the best. (Fetching the untouched food for herself) I thought it was only me but Mirabel seems uncomfortable with her presence.

Lola: U guys aren’t eating, or maybe you’re not hungry,,, me I’m very hungry o… (rushing the food into her mouth)

Mirabel: Lola what’s the meaning of this?!

Lola: Is there a meaning for eating food? Shebi una no dey hungry na

Now the worst thing she did that got me furious,,, was when she grabbed my or our hollandia yoghurt, burst it open then popped it into her wide mouth. My face that moment was so obvious for Mirabel to notice.

Mirabel stood up, rushed inside, spent about 11 minutes before returning back dressed.

Mirabel: Victor lets go (grabbing her car keys)

Me: What? Where??

Mirabel: Just come with me (walking towards the exit door)

How can I leave this food that my mind has blessed? Its aroma alone has already consumed everything in my tummy making me to have konji for food.

I decided to join her, and I hope she got something good or even better.

Lola: Where U guys going to? I dunno who she was asking ‘coz Mirabel was out already, and I could strangle her to death that moment

I got out, I saw Mirabel leaning on her car, she threw the car keys on me saying…

Mirabel: U drive (she got into the passenger’s seat after doing that) I don’t need any one or anything to tell me that I’m taking her out for dinner. While driving, I stopped by a store to get a big seized hollandia yoghurt for our dinner.

We got there after many minutes of driving and gisting. We walked hand in hand into the restaurant and took our seats.

Mirabel: How did U know about coming to the restaurant?

Me: I didn’t know, I just brought U out for dinner

Mirabel: Really…? Without asking me??

Me: Did U tell where we were going to when U told me to follow U? **Laughs**.

Mirabel: Hhmmm… seems U got answers for every question

Me: **Smiled** We ordered for,,,, Una know na, with our yoghurt, we ate until she stopped eating but that didn’t stop me too… I continued cancelling the delicious meal

Mirabel: I apologize for my friend Victor, she’s just like that. I think I really need to talk to her seriously

Me: U don’t need to apologize to me, after all she’s also my friend, I understand such.

Mirabel: Are U sure you’re cool about it?

Me: Yea,,, sure

Mirabel: I saw the look on your face the other time, I was scared that U were going to punch her **laughing**

Me: **laughed** Don’t mind me jare, I just need to get use to her

Mirabel: Remember your friends also disturbed our moment the other day but U didn’t do anything about it or even apologized to me,,,, It really got me mad

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Me: Oh… That day eh… first, they’re not really my friends. I call them my semi-friends ‘coz I dunno much about them, and ‘coz I needed friends then.

Mirabel: I see… how are they doing now?

Me: Well ermmm… to tell U the truth, I dunno

Mirabel: What do U mean by U dunno are they not your friends anymore?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: What happened?

Me: I ended our friendship that very day that our moment was disrupted by them. They got me really angry

Mirabel: U went that far? I thought U didn’t mind and that made me feel like U didn’t like me…

Me: I’m really sorry about that baby, its in the past dear… we’re a couple now and I won’t want anybody, the past, or anything whatsoever to come between us.

Mirabel: Thanks love

Me: And I meant every word I said
Mirabel: I know dear ‘coz I trust U,,, and I love U. But, there are some things U need to know

Me: Forget about it dear, let’s face the future and forget about the past. I know its about your exes but it doesn’t matter now

Mirabel: Its not about that, its about us

Me: What about us?

Mirabel: Don’t U think that, we need to know about each other more? like our families, where we came from, hobbies,,, U know stuffs like that… aren’t U even curious about knowing me??

Me: Of course I want to know U, I just wanted to take it slow,,, step by step

Mirabel: Okay… so who are U Victor?

Me: Well,,, I’m the Son of James Patrick Abuh from Edo state but my momma from Kogi. The only male out of three children actually, I was born and bread here in Abuja. My father is a Chartered accountant, while my momma manages her business store. That will do for now, U shall know more about me as time goes by. So,,,, what about U?

Mirabel: Well, using your format,,, I am the daughter of Donald Collins Abioye and Margaret both from Osun state the only fema….

Me: What’s all this about? Be serious na, I didn’t joke when I told U about myself

Mirabel: **sad face** I’m not joking dear,,,, I’m what U’re think

Me: What?! (Stood up)

Mirabel: Please dear we’re in the public don’t get angry with me I never wanted to keep it from U

Me: But U never told me, U never mentioned it to me!

Mirabel: Yes na ‘coz U never asked about me and it never came up. Please dear many people dunno about my identity, I brought this topic up to let U know about me ‘coz I love U and U deserve to know who I am

Me: Oh My God! Are U for real?!! ☆☆☆

To Be Continued.