“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode Six 6


From the date on the autopsy, the report came 3 days ago, which meant that her mother was hiding it away from her.

After Ruby hanged up on Fred, he felt more guilty than ever and got soo desperate.you can just  imagine.  At this point in time, he was not ready to sacrifice either Ruby or his ex Baaba, he wanted to keep them all to himself. There was no doubt that he still had feelings for Baaba, but what he felt for Ruby was yet to be figured out.

Fred felt the need to be with Ruby at this moment yet Baaba as usual, was literally along the way preventing him from leaving her presence and house.

“Get away from the door Baaba” Fred commanded

“You are not going anywhere gentleman” said Baaba.

“Look, I really don’t want to hurt you, just get away from the door before I do something I will regret.” Fred cautioned her.

Baaba was never ready to move an inch away from the door; she was ready to face whatever actions Fred might take against her.  Besides she was even used to it, that has been their usual daily bread with their relationship. They fight, quarrel and make up and this was no news to her.

“For the last time Baaba, get away from the door” Fred said again.

That fell on the deaf ears of Baaba, she stood akimbo and was not ready to let Fred by pass her for any reason.

Fred didn’t stop; he then angrily pushed her away from the door and walked out. Baaba kept calling him several times as he was leaving but Fred completely ignored her. She had no idea whether he will be back or not.

Meanwhile, Nana had driven Adzo to the center of the city where a lot of people went about their duties. That was the safest place at that moment. However, Nana was still determined to find out Adzo’s mission at the spot where they met because obviously she looked like a stranger at that place too.

Nana packed his car at the car park of the commercial environment and while they were still in the vehicle, he intended to find out more about Adzo.

“So Adzo, would you tell me what you were doing back there too? He asked.

Adzo kept  mute, she didn’t know if it was right for her to tell Nana about what she was going through. She didn’t trust him as much as she trusted Ruby right from the very moment they met.  Besides shes now dealing with a male.

All her life, she grew up being maltreated and disrespected by men. They used her and did with her whatever they wished. She had that dark side of her past still hidden in her pure innocent heart.  The torment she went under Mr.Abdul and Aziz, not forgetting her pregnancy.

To add up, She saw what Fred had done to Ruby at the moment when she needed him most in her life and felt that all men were practically the same likewise Nana. Therefore, she was not ready to confide in him.

“I lost my way around when I came to visit my sister; I have been here for 3 days now still looking for her” She lied. 

Nana knew Adzo was really hiding something from him from the way she looked very nervous in answering him.
However, Nana kept his calm and just followed along.

“So are you lodging in a guest house or something” He asked.

Adzo slowly shook her head interpreting a negative answer.

“Don’t tell me you have been leaving among them all this while? Nana who was looking surprised asked.

“Well that’s my story” Adzo said.

“Don’t you have the contact of your sister or anything” Nana asked.

“ I just don’t know her whereabout” Adzo kept telling an obvious lie.

“Look, I leave alone in a three bedroom apartment, you can stay with me till you find your sister, I just can’t leave you here like this” He said.

Adzo didn’t say a word, Nana just drove her off and headed straight to his house.

Like he rightly said, the house was a three bedroom finished house with a well-designed gated wall.

He showed Adzo to her room where she will be staying.

“Feel at home, you will be safe here” Nana said.

“Thank you very much” Adzo said while looking around.

Nana took a quick glance at his watch. It seems he had an appointment.

“Damn, I really have to go now, like I said, feel at home, I will be back soon” He said and quickly rushed out to his car and drove off.

Ruby was in the state of shock as the autopsy revealed that his father had been exposed to a poisonous substance and was feeding on it for the past three months. This was a clear indicator that her beloved father was murdered but as to who ever did it, it was a complete mystery.

Ruby didn’t understand why her mother had to hide the autopsy result from her; she also thought it wise to dance to the tune of music her mother was playing. Maybe she had her own good reasons.

Her heart got broken as she read the report, she actually wept. Who could have had something against his father, he was a good person. She thought.

Ruby left the autopsy report the way it was and went into the compound. This was the moment she needed someone to talk to.  The only person she could think of was Adzo but she was nowhere to be found. Fred on the hand could even worsen her situation.

Without saying a word to anyone, she went back inside, picked up her mum’s car keys and drove off to a destination only known to her. All this time, Mr Abdul was engaged in a confidential conversation with Ruby’s mother. It was only a matter of time that will reveal the mystery around their visit.

Meanwhile, Adzo waited patiently for Nana to return. It has been almost an hour since he left. She then used that moment to familiarize herself with her new environment.

Suddenly she heard the sound of a vehicle entering into the compound, Nana had return. Adzo got out to meet him and to her surprise Nana was with a young child who seem to be at the age of six.

The child really looked a lot like Nana. The child was dressed in a school uniform and was eating ice cream.

As soon as Nana saw Adzo, he took the child by the hand and said

“Nhyi, go and say hello to Aunty” Nana said.

The child quickly ran and embraced Adzo. Right from the first sight, the child had already grown fond of Adzo.

“Adzo, this is my daughter, Nhyira” Nana said.

Adzo was surprised when Nana said that to her “Where is her mother? She curiously asked.

“Hmm, that’s a long story, I will tell you later in the day.” Nana said.

“So you’re married? Adzo asked again. Somehow, she wanted know everything about Nana and his daughter right that moment for reasons best known to her.

Nana laughed upon hearing that question, notwithstanding, he still answered her.

“No, I’m a single parent. I’m not married either. Apparently, for some reason Nhyira is the reason I’m still single” Nana said.

“How? Adzo asked.

“hmm, the loved didn’t love me back just because I had a daughter” Nana said.

“I see” Adzo said while looking straight into Nana’s eyes.  She wanted to ask more questions but their conversation got interrupted by a loud knock on the main gate leading to the compound.

“Who could that be, I’m not expecting anyone too” Nana said.

He then shouted to the hearing of the person who was knocking the gate.

“Come in, It’s not locked.”

The gate opened from the  outside and right in front of Adzo and Nana, there came in Ruby.

To be continued tomorrow. Will be off tonight.




  1. I have been following your story line is really greally and interesting. I think you should start acting with them. I can’t wait to know what’s gonna happen in the next episode7,season 2. Well done.