The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 2


We walked around the beach, with two not-strange people following us, a man and a lady. Hand in hand with her, we laughed, constant hugging, kisses and all. We were so happy together. We left the beach to get some ice cream from there to the movies, we watched a romantic movie while my hand was around her neck and her head on my shoulder what a romantic night for us.

We started walking on the street not sure of where we were going but i noticed those two are still following us, i don’t understand why but we felt save. They were also acting romantic when they think we arent looking. We stopped for a moment, i held her waist while she faced me then we looked each other in the eyes, her face was blurry, i didn’t know why.

Me: Baby

Girl: Yes…

Me: You know i love u so much

Girl: I know dear

Me: I will never do anything to hurt u

Girl: I know

Me: And i will always stand by u no  matter what

Girl: Alright Victor whats wrong? is it about my father??

Me: No dear, i just need to be sure that u trust me

Girl: I trust u and i love u We shared a passionate kiss

Me: Ermm… sweetheart

Girl: Yes dear

Me: That money i asked of, when am i getting it?

Girl: I told u not to worry She brings out her phone, did what i dunno. next thing i heard was my phone alert. I opened the message, what i saw shoked me… Your account has been credited with #4,000,000 I was so happy i rushed to her with kisses, just then i heard sirens coming to our side with about seven cars including range rover i always admire.

Some hefty men came out and beat the hell out me.

Man: How many times will i warn you to stay away from my daughter?

Girl: Dad i love him

Man: Shut up! you, take her into the car! I looked as she was been dragged into the vehicle.

Man: I won’t be this nice next time He said then left me there in the dark. Then i heard a loud noise from the background… I woke up with a slight headache and discovered its my phone that’s been ringing and i’ve been dreaming all this while. 4 missed calls from my mum, i checked the time 7:48am Oopss!! Can’t call her now I’m already late for school.

I did a quick bath, put on my clothes, picked up my bag equipped with the necessaries and rushed out as fast as i could. The lecturer has already shut the door when i got there, oh no! Attendance is really important for me, besides i don’t want to miss any lectures. Well, i met four students that also came late but were there before me, three guys and a girl (not attributed in any form).

Guy 1: This man go wicked o… just him first lecture na’im he dey lock door

Guy2: See how him be, carry head like fly-over

Me: Guys make we stand for window beg ‘am or mak him just see us

Girl: Abi o We went to the window begging with gestures using our hands. He would look at us and look away instantly. We continued like that until he announced that we would enter on one condition, that each of us would answer a question before entering his class. We agreed, so he called us to the door post where we’d answer him. He was about to ask the first question before three elegant looking people arrived. d–n! I could feel the aura of their presence, it was breathtaking.

Two ladies and a gentle man actually but one of the ladies looks more younger like a teen, they must be very rich. The teen girl spoke directly to the lecturer.

Teen girl: Morning Lecturer

Lecturer: You know you’re supposed to be here earlier

Teen girl: Yea, i know. Can i go in? like now??

Lecturer: Alright, you all should come in. Thank you sir in chorused from we that was there before.

Teen girl: Alright guys gat to go for class or you’d follow me in as well?

Lady/Man: No miss

Teen girl: This should be the last time you guys will ever call me that!!

Lady/Man: Yes Mirabel The other two must be her bodyguards (WTF! Who tha hell is she?)

To Be Continued