The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 1


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Finally i can relax after finishing the stressful registration process and begin as a regular student. The only thing remaining is getting my I.D card which i know would be in my possession in a week from now.

It’s the second Thursday of the schools resumption, @ around 7am the school is crowded with different people from different part of Nigeria moving from one place to another for one thing or the other.

I went to a nearby store and get myself something to eat, then roam around my new school, so full of pride that i’m in the University. I was about turning to the other side of a building before i bumped into someone.

Girl: Heyy…

Me: Sorry… d–n (picking up her papers)

Girl: No i’m sorry i wasn’t myself

Me: Oh (handing over her papers)

Girl: Thank you

Me: Alright. I’m Victor by the way

Girl: Ok, i really have to go

Me: Where are u rushing to?

Girl: My house, i forgot my passport Photo to use for my I.D card

Me: U can take a quick passport there (Pointing at a photographer)

Girl: I know, i just don’t have money with me

Me: *smiles* Lets go

On our way going, that’s when i checked her out. Her dressing was normal though but her features were visible (u know what i mean) she’s pretty not beautiful sha… i guess her fair complexion made her look pretty.

We got there, she took the photo, got the passports in 14 minutes (and they say 2mins passport) i paid then we walked to the I.D card office, she joined the small queue of four people. It got to her turn, she gave them one passport and the necessary info, we left there then the following conversation ensued.

Me: So… whats the name?

Girl: I’m Esther

Me: Hhmm… nice name

Esther: Thanks

Me: What tribe?

Esther: Ijaw

Me: I see

Esther: What about u?

Me: I’m Igala

Esther: Igala?

Me: Yep, anything??

Esther: Nooo… not really

Me: Which course are u studying?

Esther: Computer Sci.

Me: I like the course too, i can’t do it ‘Coz I’m an artist

Esther: Eeyah…

Me: Sad thing, its all good

Esther: What’s ur discipline?

Me: Sorry?

Esther: I said what’s ur discipline?

Me: As in?

Esther: Ur course

Me: Oh (Chai i don fall my hands, no be me and her they start 100L together? girls can form. Maybe her friends don orient her) Bus.Admin

Esther: Hhmm

Me: What?

Esther: Nothing, just feeling hungry (I was like so???)

Me: Ok then, nice meeting u

Esther: Nice meeting u too

Me: Mind if i have ur digits

Esther: What?

Me: Ur digits

Esther: As how?

Me: (yes, i don revenge) I meant ur phone number

Esther: Alright, but i don’t i know it off-hand, u give me urs lemme flash u

Me: Ok, 070*****47 She flashed me then i saved her number.

We left for our different ways. I went to my new house abi room sef which i’m yet to make it look fab. I stay Off-camp and intend to live alone. I relaxed on my small bed and evaluate Esther in my head to know how to go with her.

I know that she needs money from guys, she’s not the loving type, she can cheat or leave a guy for another ‘coz of money, she she uhmm… not sure yet. I concluded that, she’s not worth loving by me, spend less and get more from her, not date her but have a fling with her and leave her when i’m done with her ASAP.

I’m not a bad guy to be sincere, infact nobody sees me that way ‘coz i’m really cool and do things secretly. I barely tell my closest friends what i do. I earn trust from people ‘coz of my gentleness.

I went to the bank withdrew some money and went to purchased stuffs for my room, it took me to Saturday before i got everything in order. Now i got a nice room to my satisfaction, anything else would be additional.

Monday came so fast as i hurried to class for my first lecture. I got in 20mins before the lecturer arrived. He came in, greets us, told us his name which is Morgan Okoro then he did some introduction of the course then left. Noise aroused in the class as they share pleasantries and introduce themselves to each other. I just left and get something to eat and waited around for the next lecturer.

After an hour of waiting, the lecturer didn’t show up i head home straight. I wasn’t feeling hungry so i just relaxed on my bed. One thinking led to another then i decided to call Esther but she didn’t pick up after two trials. I started thinking about my life, who i want to become, what i want to achieve then i realized that my life doesn’t conform as a player, i want to be real, nice as everyone thinks and get a real girl. I concluded on staying away from Esther as she doesn’t fit my standards. The day ended and the next became the beginning of something great!

To Be Continued…